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Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2017 08:23 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Pandora's Box Chapter: Shells and Shadows

Bonus Review from Lions-16

No other is harder than betraying friends. I could understand Jane’s agony very well. What a brutal period it was for young people during the Wizarding War. It made me think over the things, the similar matters must have happened in our RL, during the previous wars. People can’t trust each other, they try to cheat each other to survive, and Jane was also one of those. You described how the Healers had to get over many obstacles, traps to survive. How stressful for Jane. She can’t confide anybody about what she had been suffering.



It’s horrible, the scene when the Ministry officers tested each Healer’s wand to find out the answer to the mysterious death of Muggle-borns, or people affiliated with the Order or who helped Muggle-borns. I held a breath when Jane’s wand was examined by one of them. And I felt worried if she would be trapped by someone at that moment. I was relieved to know she could survive. I hope Dumbledore will give her a helping hand later. I suspect Ethel Meadows must have done something to Alan.



Old Greengrass seems to be a good person, but he can’t help Jane, too. I hope Remus will reach her sooner. I think only Remus can save her from the desperate state. I expect the miracle will happen in next chapters. :D And she will find his secret as well. :D (I tried writing a bright review, ‘coz this chapter is so intense!) To survive or let the good ones die, it’s the problem at that time. That’s what Jane had to face.

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Story:Pandora's Box Chapter: Loose Lips

Bonus Review from Lions-10 This chapter was carefully written from Jane's POV. She has two anxious things. Due to these annoying things, she hadn’t slept well. I felt for her. It was very hard to endure lack of sleep. You portrayed the dark times before Harry's generations were born very well.

Every time the owl carried a letter, the readers hold their breath, expecting something bad would happen to Jane. Personally I expected Lupin’s secret would be noticed by Jane a little by little, but it seems it's too early in this chapter. I reckon she knew vaguely about his noncommittal attitude and she will surely find out the true reason why he couldn't visit her every full moon night from his reply. Well, okay, I wait it will happen sooner or later. :D

You made up a plausible plot around the mystery that only Muggle-borns and people affiliated with the Order died and Dumbledore could only trust a junior Healer Jane. The mission is one of the reasons why she couldn't sleep well. What she couldn't get over the fragile relationship with Remus is the other reason of lack of sleep.

Among them, the letter from Lily is a bright side for her. Hmm, you set James Potter's parents very old, which is very understandable, we know a family tree of House of Black J.K.Rowling informed in the past.

The name, McKinnon makes us worried what will happen next. I hope Reagan will survive as well as Jane.

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2017 03:36 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Pandora's Box Chapter: Werewolf Night

Bonus Review from Lions-3!



I can understand what the war had broken some people, and made others stronger. After I visited Hiroshima, I had the similar feeling, both broken feeling and hope.



The patients had to suffer “spent three days screaming in agony and coughing up blood before he’d died”, it must have been a hell for him. Luckily we have methods to die in peace even cancer thanks to modern medical care.



I think it’s my first time to read Healer’s POV about Lycanthropy,yours is well written. It must be scary for those Healers in charge of the task every full moon.



It’s thrilling to read the story about Remus Lupin’s romance, you set the good start on it. It’s well planned with beginning from Jane’s POV as a Healer who has many experiences about Lycanthropy. I got psyched in the middle of the story. It’s so intense Remus couldn’t tell the truth to Jane. The secret of one’s boyfriend let the readers absorbed in the story. I’m trying the plot in my story, Cho Chang centric story, there are a lot I can learn from your story. :D



I’m sure you prepare the next, how she will find the truth about Remus. Tactical conversations between Remus and Jane are marvelous. Readers hold their breath waiting for the moment, his secret will be revealed by chance. The title is so meaningful. Does “Pandra’s Box” mean the secret of Remus or the other dark thing?



The last part is so weird. The Muggle-Borns and people who affiliated with the Order couldn’t recover at St.Mungo’s. There must be someone who tried assassinating them. So intriguing end of chapter.

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