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Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 15 Jul 2019 09:11 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 1.

Hey meg!

this story has become a favourite of mine! You capture the difficulties of a young and new teacher extremely well!  Hermione’s temper and her desire to be respected and show others their deserved respect is very well portrayed here.  I love how she was adamant on showing Severus that she is neither afraid of him nor is she in a lesser position than him. how she has decidedly begun calling Snape Severus as a way of showing that is perfect.

i love how you portray Severus Snape as well, he is so very snide and terse.  Very quick to anger but also can be so sweet and you bring that out extremely well. Your ability to capture these two in moments of heated conversation is very well thought out and articulated. How she is just too tired at the end of a long day to continue fighting with him because she normally would and yet this little surrender brings a softness out of him.  His little quirks of his eye brow or his smirks are so very Severus and sexy as well. How he can be amused by her frustration and her temper, shows me how he seems to actually enjoys her personality and doesn’t find her as insufferable as he says. 

I just love that Neville is back and that he and Hermione have formed a bond. That to me is a favourite part because in a sense Teacher are in a way trapped at Hogwarts and it is quite difficult I can imagine for her to see her two best friends because of where she works means she lives at the castle. I also love Neville as a character. I find him amusing and charming and so very kind. And you portray that well in the few instances he is in this chapter. 

Great writing as always! Xo


Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 03:12 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 8.

Hello, Queen -- I'm here for our swap! 


So, I absolutely love that they're friends -- and it's completely sweet and pure. They're finding something in each other that I think they both desperately need -- a companion, someone hey can talk to, and someone they can laugh and joke with. Every time I envision Severus and Hermione picnicking and laughing, there's something spectacularly amazing about it that warms my heart. Severus Snape is just a serious, melencholic character, so when he's shown in this sort of light, it's pretty breathtaking.


Plus, Hermione being so enamored with him, even if he wants to be "strictly friends" makes my heart completely melt. The pair of them make such an amazing duo that it's hard to see them NOT together -- though, I get that they're both stubborn as all hellfire, and that they will have plenty of ups and down and all-arounds before they officially settle down for good. I mean, I'm expecting that they'll wind up together in the end anyway -- who knows, though, you could be out to break all our hearts ;) .


But that's why I love when she stops reading, just to watch him work. There's something both innocent and sultry about her feelings, and I love that she can see the man that he is instead of the mistakes he made in his childhood/teenage years. The worst part is is that he's so hard on himself because of those mistakes, because he can't take them back -- but he's done so much to attempt to make up for them...he devoted his life to making up for them. I mean, I don't have to tell you this -- you already know. But I love all the little gestures that indicate that he does have feelings, because, of course, he can't come right out and say it, like pulling her chair our and small touches. 


With all that being said, I still want to throw them in a room together until they work out their emotions. 


But in this chapter, I don't have to, because things get spicy :D. I was expecting a surprise, but not THIS surprise! Her nervousness is really adorable, and I love how desperate they both are for this -- I mean, it's clearly been buildig for a long while now, so it makes sense that there's a certain level of desperation between them (and that there's nothing else between them ;) haha). And, can I tell you, that this might be one of my favorite lines ever, "He wasn't just feeling her, he was worshipping every inch of her." Ahhhh, I love these two so much together! I'm certain that he hasn't felt the way he's feeling in a very long time, and that she hasn't either, so everything is especially intense...as if it were new, and that's exciting. 


And the kicker at the end is when he asks her to sleep over after. MY HEART. (Though you have forwarned me that the next couple chapters might break my heart a bit ;_; .  At least we get a taste of the Snamione goodness (:P you're a tease, I hope you know).


Anyway, amazing chapter! Thanks so much for the swap!



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 04:30 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 10.
Eeeeeeek oh mistress I loved this chapter so much! I'm here for team silver from the EvS Battle
Oh, my goodness I just loved this, how you tied it together with the prologue was just perfect! I love that ever the stubborn man that Severus was he finally realized she didn't just have a crush and he couldn't keep walking away. He already knew how he felt, and I hated the way he kept pulling away but that was a very severus thing to do. He was in his own way trying to protect her. I was waiting for her to cry when everything was finally okay. She had finally gotten back with the man she loved. And he had promised her forever. That alone is pretty darn romantic for a guy who says he doesn’t do romance.
I just so enjoy how you write smut. You do it so well! And make up sex is always the best.

I absolutely loved the line ”He may not have been what most woman would have found attractive, but to Hermione there was no one who made her blood burn the way he could.”
This line was so well written. So true. I got butterflies in my belly u swear. She loved him for who he was And that’s all that matters

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 04:28 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 7.
Oh My Beautiful Mistress
Sweet Severus. He's so thick headed and looks at himself so poorly. His nervous ticks are so cute and his inability to allow himself to have even the smallest happiness just shows how truly good he is. He feels so much guilt, so much pain. You really write an amazing character out of Severus. You embody him completely, his mannerisms, his tone, mood, quirks and emotional turmoils (inside)
So well written.
My heart is still breaking for poor Hermione

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 04:27 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 6.
Oh, my goal now is starting to get worried about Hermione. Just how thin has she gotten? Is she eating?
The poor girl is just so kitten after him and he's so resolved in keeping her from him that he cannot entertain the idea of them together. It's truly heartbreaking. I rather enjoy the bit about how petting the Thestrals is comforting because there are whole floors in hospitals all over the world where they dedicate patient rehabilitation and treatment to the petting of animals. I think that the Thestrals are quite cute in an absurdly ugly sort of way.

Oh my goal how embarrassed she feels, I would be too if my boss was trying to help me feel better a bit being in love with such a dufus. Poor Hermione she is just having the roughest time right now.
Keep writing just keep writing writing writing
You are so good so what should you do just WRIIIIIIIITE LALALALALA

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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 4.
Hey pretty lady!!
I’ve said it before and I’ll sumay it again. Neville never got the screen time he deserved and for being one of the trios close friends he doesn’t get enough recognition for that. I love how you brought him into this story and not just as a character who is there but not important. He plays a vital role in this chapter and shows himself to be a true friend. I hope that Hermione will recognize and appreciate him for that and not keep him at a distance anymore especially how they are coworkers.

Severus's words stung even me, he was so harsh and I cannot fathom how he could be so cruel even after four months of them growing closer but realistically he would be the most difficult person to get close to especially as a man. He has been through too much, done too much to allow himself to be close to someone especially someone he genuinely cares for.

My heart aches for her though. I think a rejection is something many people can relate to and her obvious decline is so troubling to me. She deserves to be happy after everything she went through

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 04:22 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 3.

Hey babe!

Oh my gosh that kiss!!! I am so sad for Hermione :( her family gone, being away from the only family she had left and then feeling so much for severus and then being brushed off as if she was disgusting to him. That is so sad. And she was so broken after. Shes sad at Christmas and then to get a broken heart too. I was sure there was something going in there but he was pulling her away and she got the wrong idea that's kind of funny lol Great writing I’m really enjoying this story!! LB

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 04:21 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 2.
Team silver Evs Battle review
Ah, I just love this story, Meg! I honestly think Hermione would make an excellent teacher. She's so smart and so kind. She would be. A fantastic teacher of many different subjects.
Hermione's difficult with her students brought something truly sweet it of severus here and I was so happy that he was even so kind as to do the kids detentions. Though I too am curious what exactly he did that could have had them in line so easily.

The way you touched on Severus’ occlumency and how Hermione could feel him touching the walls around her.mind was brilliant!
I love the way you write sexual tension. There was definitely something going on between them here and they didn't even know what. I'm really excited to continue with this story 🙌🏻❤️

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 04:17 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Prologue
Hey beautiful!
This completely captured me immediately! Why is she there what does she want?

I love how she is watching his silhouette through the window, enamoured by him. I am so curious what brought on this rash decision to go to his home and not only knock on his door in the night but burst into his home too. This was well written, engaging and totally gas left me not wanting but NEEDING more.
Great job

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 29 Apr 2019 02:16 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 7.

HEY QUEEN! <3 I'm here for our swap & for April's EvS. 


I wasn't sure where to go with the review! I kept having to check to see where I've reviewed previously -- so I hope this one is okay! ^.^


I'm so used to Dumbledore meddling, it only seems natural for McGonagall to meddle as a Headmistress as well -- and it's perfectly fitting for her. I'm also a thousand percent certain that she DID meddle with the Hermione-Snape thing when she spoke with him, just as she did with Hermione. I love how stubborn the pair of them are...they make me want to shake them and hug them at the same time, so frustrating (but in a good way). 


AHH YES, I was so excited with Severus pulling up a chair to spend time with Hermione! I mean, yeah, he's looking over her exams, but honestly that's about the closest he's going to get to a plea to spend time with her. And, aww, I can see how Hermione (for like a half a second) would want to let his quip about her being too easy on her FIRST YEAR student's slide because he called her by her name after months of really not speaking and moving backwards in their relationship. However, I love more that she impressed him with the entire fear of a name thing (not only because she's totally right, but) because I feel like that's one of the best ways to get Severus' attention -- to impress him with intellect. 


And then he's teasing her and I CANNOT with these two. I can't help but love them (and it's all your fault, I'll have you know). And it's so sweet that he's nervous and uncomfortable around her. He actually apologised to her which is TREMENDOUS for someone like Severus Snape (like it's something that needs to be written down in the history books stats). While I appreciate that he values their friendship, I have to beg to differ...I totally think that he's the man for her (as does she ;) ).  I mean, maybe after some time being friends he'll realize that they can in fact be more than friends, but this is one of those times that his stubborness makes me want to shake him.


I mean, I can totally see why he thinks so, and why he's so guarded. He hasn't had the best streak in the past when it came to friends, and then the one person who was his best friend and who he was desperately in love with (Lily) married the dude who bullied him & perpetually made his life a living nightmare. It's such a strange moment in the Severus - Lily friendship that I still haven't quite been able to wrap my head around (even though I get that Lily had pulled away from there friendship by then, so she'd already sort of destroyed him anyway. Why not marry his worst enemy at that point right?) Um, sorry, I'm terribly off point. I'm not bitter or anything. 


My point is, that I can see why he's so guarded, but I can also see Hermione's frustrations because she knows how SHE'S feeling and they are true and with the best intentions. Plus, I get how it can be hard to see someone you care about (deeply care about -- Hermione is is LURVE) not be able to forgive himself for mistakes that spiralled out of control, based on decisions he made while he's a teenager (and we've had this discussion before, but teenagers do stupid ish). 


Anyway, this was fantastic, as usual (not that I doubted it would be -- you are the Queen of Everything and all that)/


<3 -Wifey

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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 10.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! Back to what is sadly the last chapter of this story. And to find out if Hermione and Snape ever figure things out or if they just continue on in madness for eternity.


And finally we've arrived at why Hermione was standing outside in the rain, perving out as Severus changed into his pajamas. She's in love with him. And she'll be damned if he isn't going to admit that he's in love with her too.


I'm glad that she read him the riot act. He's been absolutely absurd about the entire thing...as if she isn't capable of deciding what she wants or needs. It's interesting that he seems to really change that tune once she admits that she's in love with him. It's like he can't believe it at first.


It's sweet that he finally admits that he's in love with her too. And the err...scene that follows. *fans self off* This is how I know it's fanfiction. Cause no guy ever just does that and is like "yeah, all good, have a nap honey" But way to live the dream Hermione. lol


All in all, this was a frustrating story, but like enjoyably frustrating. Like I wanted to strangle Snape, but I'm glad it ended where it did.


Good job! Once this review event is over, poke me and remind me to get back to Saving Severus Snape will you?


Also, stay safe in the crazy winter storm please.




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 9.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! Trouble in paradise or blissful love? I'm going to guess trouble in paradise because this wouldn't be a Snamione without it. Maybe he's going to have some morning after regrets from losing control?


Oh no! Here we go again. How many times do they have to have the same argument? Seriously, he just never gives up with his self-hatred does he? I mean, if anyone knows what he's done, it's Hermione. She knows about his memories of Lily, his betrayal, and all that he did to save Harry and end the war. You'd think he could maybe just let go for a little bit and accept that she can know that and still care for him, but no he insists on going on and on about how he's not right for her. Obviously, she can make that decision for herself.


And now he's ended this relationship after only a couple of weeks. So what, he just gets to shag her like crazy for a few weeks and then decide he isn't right for her again? Maybe he should've suck firm to that decision before he was banishing robes and banging her on the floor of the potion's classroom. What a git.


Obviously, you can see I'm pretty emotionally invested in this story right about now. I pretty much want to strangle Snape and smack some sense into Hermione at this point. Please, tell me the next chapter isn't going to make me crazy.


Good job!




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 8.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! I'm here to see how the "Friendship" is going and to beg you to please let this charade end soon. I need some Snamione action in my life. (I feel like that's a sentence I never thought I'd say. lol)


This starts out pretty platonic. It's nice that at least they've learned how to be nice to each other. I imagine that they'd have some pretty interesting conversations and I definitely could see him having a dry sense of humor. It's nice that they keep each other company while grading tests or preparing papers.


Oh snap. That just took a left turn. Well, damn. I'm at a bit of a loss for words. That was hot and I'm so glad it finally happened. I was worried I was going to get to the end of the story and they'd still be plugging along at this torturous platonic relationship. But this does leave me wondering how Hermione ends up in the rain, like a creeper, staring up at him as he undresses.


I have to give you major kudos for writing that bit of smut there. I have such a hard time writing convincing sex scenes, so I'm impressed with how well you did it. It was very hot (again, not something I ever thought I'd say in relation to Snape). I was definitely cheering Hermione on like 'Yeah girl. Get some."


I'm glad that he also didn't panic afterwards and asked her to stay the night.


Good job! I'm going to need to cool off for a minute before I head to the next chapter.




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 7.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! Back for some more Snamione madness. If we ever get to the Snamione part. Ahem Ahem.


Well, Snape sure took his sweet time, eh? I feel like it does not take weeks to process that he's being a complete git. I think maybe it took him weeks to come to terms with how to apologize and how to make it clear to Hermione that he doesn't want to cross the lines of friendship.


I like the bit about the looking over the test. The way you tied in Dumbledore's quotes was lovely. Nice little throwback to canon.


You know what? I think instead of arguing and questioning him and trying to make him see light, Hermione should just say "Yeah. Ok. You aren't right for me." and go snog Neville instead. Maybe that would wake him up a bit. Seriously, he is the most stubborn man ever.


This story has been a good read and simultaneously makes me want to yank my hair out. The two of them are so frustrating.


Good job! I'm headed over to the next chapter now. Kind of bummed that I'm slowly running out of chapters, but also excited to see how this all finally resolves itself.




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 6.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! I'm past the halfway point in this story and the two of them are worse than ever. What is this? Where are the hot snog sessions? Ha.


Yikes. It sounds like that conversation was brutal. I can't imagine it was pleasant for either party. It would've been rough for Hermione to hear, but I also imagine it would've been tough for Snape to say considering he's falling for her. Dumbledore had it right when he promised to never tell anyone about the best part of Snape. He's damned determined to make everyone think he's a miserable, cruel git.


I have to say that I'm not digging this Hermione who is miserably pining away over Snape. Like even when Ron was snogging Lavender all over the place, she still managed to eat and pretend like she was okay most of the time. This mopey nonsense has to stop. I'm glad McGonagall called her out on it. At this point, I should think it would be pretty obvious to most of the staff that she's grown affectionate of Snape and is getting burned in the process.


I love the idea of McGonagall trying to play matchmaker though. It's pretty amusing. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she has that conversation with Snape. I can't imagine it would be particularly pleasant.


Good job! Once again, I'm headed off to the next chapter! I need to know what happens next. Please, tell me there's at least the hint of a snog session.




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 5.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! Back for another chapter!


Oh dear! That was an insanely hot dream. I don't personally find Snape that attractive, but even still...I might need a cold glass of water after that. The yanking her up by her hair was a nice touch. And I'd have to imagine that Hermione always had a classroom and/or library fantasy. lol


Oh Hagrid. You poor, sweet, innocent, gentle man you. He always says the most awkward things at the most awkward time. Yes, Hermione, elaborate on why you're so flushed.


 I like the idea of Hermione out hanging out with the thestrals. Animals can be so therapuetic and it gives her some time to really think about what she wants to do with her feelings. I'd love to see baby thestrals.


Uh oh. She's doing it! She's going to talk to him. I imagine he's going to be a git and be really rude to her, but maybe I'm wrong. I think he wants to push her away though.


Good job! Another good chapter! I'll be back for more ASAP




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 4.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! You already know I had to come find out if Snape and Hermione started knocking boots. Whoops. Did I Say that? I mean I had to find out if they were able to deal with the kiss or they resorted to passive aggressiveness to hide their true feelings.


Ah. Surprise, surprise. Snape doesn't want to talk about the kiss at all. I figured he wouldn't. I think he's starting to feel something for Hermione and as he says at the end of this chapter, he's almost double her age, an old and broken man. He thinks he's saving her from him by being rude. Little does he know that now Hermione is going to feel like she needs to fix him.


Neville is just so adorable. Of course, he would pick up on Hermione's crush. I like how he explained that herbology has made him very detail oriented. It makes sense. And because of that, it makes sense that he'd know what's up with Hermione.


And cue Snape being a jerk. Again, I get that he's trying to protect Hermione from his own baggage, but I feel like she has her own baggage and is kind of broken...so maybe he should stop worrying about being the one to break her. Does that even make sense? I think if she wants to have any chance with him she's going to have a lot of wall breaking to do.


Good job! As with all of your stories, I'm definitely wraped up in it. I'm off to the next chapter now to see where you go next.




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 3.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! Back to get in another chapter!


Wow. In case Hermione's life wasn't rough enough, you just had to go and make it that much rougher? Seriously? Her parents died in a fire, possibly caused by the Death Eaters? Are you trying to absolutely kill my heart here?


I think it's a bit sad that Hermione didn't go to the Burrow for Christmas. Even if she is starting to feel a little something for Snape, Harry, Ron, and the Weasleys are her family and she should be with them. I'm sure Molly was super bummed that she wasn't there.


Oh dear. Mistletoe. It figures that the two of them would get caught underneath it together. It's kind of funny actually if you think about it. I think they're both being a bit ridiculous about the kiss though. I mean they could just give each other a quick kiss and get it over with instead of insulting each other.


Snape's reaction looks like anger, but I have a feeling it's not. I think he's upset at Hermione's reaction and trying to hide his budding feelings for her. In fact, I'm off to the next chapter to find out right now!


Good job!




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 2.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! Like I said, I intend to review this entire story, so it should be no suprise that I'm here again!


Ooh. I'm glad that Hermione and Snape have managed to reach an amicable place. It's tough to not get along with your co-workers. I imagine it's much more pleasant now that he isn't constantly goading her into a fight.


I like that he offered to pickup her detentions. I imagine he managed to scare them into being more respectful. That seems to have made her life so much easier.


Yikes. Those nightmares sound awful. It's sad to think that all of these years later, Hermione would still be suffering such vivid dreams.


I had a feeling that as soon as Hermione woke up and started wandering that she was going to run into Snape. This was a really interesting interaction. You can sort of see the feelings shifting between them. Snape giving her the dreamless sleep potion was thoughtful and something that I imagine they could both commiserate over.


Hot damn. Look at that sexual tension.


Good job! I'm headed over to the next chapter now!




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 1.

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! I told you to expect more reviews, so here they come. I just had a quick break for lunch and now I'm ready to burn through the chapters of this story.


Ooh. Flashback time. I had wondered if you were going to give some back story to how Hermione ended up soaked in the rain, perving out on Snape.


Alright, so both Hermione and Neville went to work at Hogwarts post-war. I could see why it might be very difficult for Hermione to teach at that age. I'd imagine she'd be frustrated by the students getting so distracted by her fame and close realtionships with Harry and Ron. I mean, who could blame them though? It would be pretty exciting to hear about it all first hand.


Yeah, Snape is being a jerk. Let the woman vent. Aww. Hagrid bless him, he's the sweetest. You nailed his accent, by the way. His speech pattern is a difficult one to write, so kudos for that!


Just like Snape to be creeping around in the dark hallways, scaring people. Does he ever sleep? At least, he's attempting to be civil to Hermione. Sort of. I like that he mentioned his own age when he started teaching. I could imagine it would've been incredibly difficult to teach students who'd been there while the Marauders bullied him.


And then they start bickering again. How will they ever survive the year together?


Good job! I'm off to chapter 2 now!




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Prologue

Hey there!


I'm here with a review for the Magical Menagerie Review Event as well as the Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review event for January 2019! I couldn't drop by your author's page without checking out one of your Snamione's, so here I am. You still remain one of the few people who can write stories about Snape/Hermione that I actually enjoy.


Wow. Way to be a perv, Hermione. Stading in the rain, staring up at the window, watching Snape undress for bed. Totally nothing creepy about that at all.


I could see why she might need to get her nerves up. This is a pretty shocking confession coming from her. He's obviously much older than she is and he was her professor, so I imagine he might not have any clue that she's about to blurt out that she fancies him.


I could also see why he'd be annoyed by her suddenly pounding on her door late at night. He must've been worried that it was some type of emergency. I mean, I doubt he'd have guessed why she was really there.


Good job! This was an intriguing start to the story! Of course, now I'm going to have to go read the rest of it. See you soon!




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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Prologue

Hi, I'm here to review for the Magical Menegerie 2019 (Gotta Catch them all, y'know. According to Deana that is!)

I love that you picked this one for a podfic. As a Snapione shipper myself, I'm always happy to read a well written one that keeps them both in character. They're both strong will characters to begin with, smart as well as intelligent.

It's just their age difference that can be a bit squiggy, but this Hermione seems old enough to pass by that squiggy (grey) area. I love that she was willing to go to him, even if she wasn't sure he would be happy to see her. Since this is the prologue, I'm not sure what is going on and why she would have questions. But it written beautifully enough that it's sucking me into continuing on.

That is the mark of true writer, and you have it, dear Meg.

I never knew that Hermione was a Peeping Tom (or Thomasina, in this cause) but it shows us the depth of her feeling for him, her Severus.

All in all, I love the beginning of this story in how well you set the descriptions. I look forward to the rest.


<3 juls


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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 1.

Hello again! This story seems to be moving on quite nicely. I wonder why Hermione was so reluctant to teach at Hogwarts? And why Defense Against the Dark Arts? I would assume if McGonagall was Headmistress now, she wouldn't be teaching Transfiguration... and that seems more to Hermione's tastes. But I am quite curious to see how she does in her position. It's awful that the kids won't listen to her, she is a war hero after all. She did plenty of things to help Harry succeed during the battle. I wonder what she'll do to set them straight and earn their respect.

It was a nice little moment with her and Snape though, almost having a civil conversation. I wonder what he must have thought of her taking the high road in the end? Also quite interesting to see him call her by her first name. I wonder if this is where her feelings for Severus begun, unbeknownst to her... I'm quite curious to read on. 

Great second chapter!


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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Prologue

Hey Meg!

Well this seems like a story that may be escalating quickly if this prologue says anything. First chapter in and she's already watching her once professor undress! I'm quite curious as to how this story will play out. And quite curious to know how we got to this point. What came before that Hermione has already developed feelings for him? Does he feel the same? Will Hermione tell him how she feels and how will this endeavor play out!? I'm very curious to read more!

Great start though!


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Story:Fortuitous Chapter: Chapter 6.



OH NO! Severus, no no no no -- no. He turned her down?! How could he? D: OUCH MY SHIP FEELS MEG MAKE IT STOP. Ugh, that was such a tough conversation -- poor Hermione. That must be both humiliating and hear-breaking. She's such a stubborn pain in the ass, I swear. I mean, you can't help but love him; it's just that he can be so frustrating -- like right now. God, if Hogwarts had a House where all the stubborn people went, they would have elected him King of the House. 


Exactly! He did all these sweet things to get close to her and obviously was starting to like her and as soon as she brings her feelings to the table he was like -- NOPE I'M OUT! Like she was beautiful, yet painful to watch for a prolonged period of time. This is so perfectly sweet that it adds to the frustration. Like, he's watching her! Someone just needs to slap some sense into that man... *deep breath* Okay. I'm cool. 


I can see how it would be strange to have someone like McGonagall, your former Professor at that, to sit you down for a chat. I'd be feeling very much like I'd done something wrong and just as nervous as Hermione. It must be such a strange concept to try to get used to. It's really sweet that she noticed that Hermione's not quite as well as she had been and that she's worried about her.


But it's downright hilarious that she knows its something to do with Severus and she asks Hermione to be patient with him, ahaha! Way to add to her humiliation :P. AND SEVERUS IS THERE TO TALK TO HER TO, RIGHT AFTER HERMIONE! I LOVE THIS. Minerva should start her own matchmaking business called MINNIE'S LOVE EMPORIUM. 


Anyway, I'm still frustrated by these two but I love, love, love it! <3



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