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Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 15 Aug 2018 02:21 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Easter Lily Chapter: Easter Lily

Hi Beth! Here with another review for Quodpot (Match 3). 


Beth, this fic has turned my heart into one of those eggs; it's exploding now with joy and bubbles and UGH. SO MUCH HAPPINESS. It was a really brilliant decision to set this in Easter, which is supposed to be a time for rejuvenation; it makes complete sense that James would want to rejuvenate Lily too, when they've been forced to stay inside with so much darkness haunting their every waking moment. Even though things didn't go exactly as planned, every moment felt delightful—happy and sweet and fun. Baby!Harry is the cutest and you wrote him so well. Adult Sirius is also hilarious and you've written him so well too—I think you really nailed all their characterizations: James earnestly trying to make Lily happy, Sirius coming up with Very Bad Ideas, Remus being the voice of reason. 


The final scene with James and Lily in the meadow was the sweetest. My heart is literally bursting with joy now. I know that the meadow was meant to give Lily a taste of the outside so she'd be happy, but honestly, I think what probably made her happiest was having a peaceful moment alone with James, without having to worry about Harry—where she could feel really young again and rejuvenated. I felt rejuvenated after reading this, and I'm going to be so happy for the rest of the day, I'm sure. 


This was really delightful. Thank you for sharing <3

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