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Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 10:26 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Perfectly Pansy Chapter: A Proper Pureblood Witch

Hey, I'm here to review for Team Bronze! :)


I really hated Pansy in the books (as did pretty much everyone else, I think), but this story caught my eye both because I was really curious to read your interpretation of her and because I think that tackling Pansy Parkinson and second person narration all at once deserves some serious kudos.


I was not disappointed.


I loved your prose; the alliteration was a really nice touch. The general tenor of the story was a little compulsive, and the alliteration added to that without overdoing it.


I also liked the way you handled Pansy's character. She's clearly not a very good person, and I didn't feel particularly sympathetic toward her, but she also didn't feel like a caricature. I thought that you walked the line between caricature of a villain and sugar coating her very well.


One of the moments that stuck out to me the most was in the first section: Daphne looks the most passable - you will place yourself next to her. That says so much about Pansy's attachment to status and how much her self- worth is wrapped up in her appearance - especially since you follow it up with the letter from her mother and her assumption that her appearance is stopping Draco from noticing her. It's really sad, but depressingly realistic.


Tiny nitpick:


I felt like the confrontation with the Trio was a tiny bit overdone - Pansy herself was fine, but their reactions seemed a bit off to me. Hermione didn't really say anything at all, and Ron's temper in particular seemed to rise strangely quickly, even for him; if Pansy had insulted someone, sure, but she only took a few points from Harry and alluded to danger outside of Hogwarts. It just didn't seem worth actually threatening to jinx/hex/curse/whatever her. Neither of those things were exactly news, and it's not even like she threatened him.


Overall, though, I really enjoyed this. Excellent job!


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