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Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 10 Nov 2018 07:34 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Opals and Fire Chapter: Cuckoo

Hey Sian! 


I'm here to drop off a review for the November 2018 Gryffindor Red vs Gold Review Battle. Apologies once again for the atrociously long gap between my last review and now. I feel like this is sadly becoming a theme in my reviews.


This was brilliant. I suppose that's no surprise really as all of your writing is brilliant. (Seriously, where do you get so much talent from?) But this is exceptionally so. 


It's very hard to write madness in a convincing or understandable way. I thought you did a lovely job here of conveying that feeling. Katie can feel herself slipping under becuase of the curse...and the struggle for her to find her way back to the light it sort of terrifying. You really brought it to life.


I thought the detail about seeing her loved ones and friends all mutated was particularly terrifying. Imagine trying to take comfort in something only to find it horribly wrong. I'm glad that when she woke her parents were there and okay. That must've been a bit of comfort at least.


The way you used repetition in this was really smart. You did it just enough to give the right effect without it becoming annoying or contrived. I say this like it's a surprise, but really, I'd expect nothing less from you. 


I did have one odd thought while reading this. Is this what it's like inside of Neville's mum and dad's heads too? Do you suppose they experience it in the same way or would their spell damage be different? I'd be very interested to see how you would write them as well.


As always, lovely writing. I swear you just keep getting better and better. Can you share some of your talent with me? 


Good work! 



Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 01:01 AM · [Report This]
Story:Opals and Fire Chapter: Cuckoo

transferred from HPFF

Hello Sian! I'm here to free Sam from jail for CTF. =)

Oh! This is a Katie story! I LOVE Katie Bell, she's one of my favorite characters to read about and she's so rarely written. Yay for this fic! :D

hmmm, although this is not exactly what I expected. But that is okay. I'm all in for weird and slightly morbid! ;)

The moment when Katie is possessed by the necklace is a truly fascinating choice for a missing moment piece. I mean, this might be the most creative canon moment I've ever seen captured in fic. I think it is. 

The way you wrote it, I feel so sorry for Katie because this is legitimately terrifying. I was actually scared at the beginning. The way you describe the hallucinations and everything being deadly and bizarre... ugh. It's brilliant, actually! I mean, you truly capture the feeling of insanity. And within that spiral, and linger shard of sanity that is almost worse because it has her panicking over her own mental state. "Cuckoo" and etc. I think that's extremely clever and well captured.

I was so proud of her for fighting her way out. What a strong, amazing gryffindor she is! *cheers* *hugs katie* 
It's interesting that you mentioned Harry's stag in her visions as she emerges. Are you perhaps a seekerbell shipper? 

Regardless, this was super well written, just like everything you write is. Seriously, I don't know how you do it. This piece is so dark and terror-ridden, but you've managed to write it in a way that is still beautiful.

Amazing work!

xoxo Renee

Author's Response:

Hi Renee!


This is definitely a slightly weird story :P For some reason, I've had the idea for a story exploring Katie's mind in this moment (and the time after it) for years, from quite early on when I was writing fic.  It was so interesting to write and quite different to some of the other stories I've written, but I'm so pleased that you thought I managed to describe the hallucinations and the feeling (and fear) of insanity effectively in this piece.  Some of the word choices I really had to deliberate over, but I'm so pleased that you thought I captured her mental state well.  


Writing her fighting out of it was one of my favourite things!  I can't say I really ship Seekerbell, but I kind of see Harry as one of her good friends with how long they've known each other, and I wanted a little tie-in to canon since we don't know much about Katie otherwise.  I'm so pleased you enjoyed this, and thank you for the lovely review!

Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 07 May 2017 05:52 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Opals and Fire Chapter: Cuckoo

Transferred from HPFF


Hufflepuff CtF Review

Wow, I feel like every time I come back for a round you have a new story up! Which is great for both you and us =) I cannot imagine how you can leave so many reviews and still be productive enough to post multiple new stories! *bows down*

This is a really interesting part of the books to make into a one shot of. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it, as it seems like we saw that moment clearly enough, but you are so right that although we saw it through Harry’s eyes we cannot feel it, and reading back over the original passage I see it there was a focus on things Katie could see and feel that nobody else could, so I think it’s a good idea to tell it from Katie’s perspective, and you’ve done it with such a powerful voice.

At the “down, down, down” part I was honestly uncertain if Katie was still experiencing the direct effects that Harry witnessed, or if it was after the worst was supposedly over. I like this uncertainty, because Katie herself doesn’t fully understand what is happening.

Wow. Everything about how you describe how the familiar faces look changed to Katie is breathtakingly disturbing and riveting.

There’s a really interesting balance between Katie seeing totally out of control, but then at times having very strongly formed thoughts, particularly about her aversion to being “crazy.”

I adore the paragraph beginning “You are Katie Bell.”

I really like that you let Katie fight herself out of this. I had just seen it as something horrible that had happened to her and eventually ended, but I really like the dimensions you added my giving her agency here, even when she had so little power.

I’m really glad you were able to post this while we still had a match against you so I got to read it!


Author's Response:

Hi Sam!


Ah, this kind of made me feel guilty about the distinct lack of writing since coming back to fic last year - maybe my muse and motivation will cooperate at some point soon and I'll have some new chapters up for the next time we have a reviewing competition.  Because naturally there'll be another next year (not that I'm thinking in advance, or anything :P)


For some reason, I've actually had the idea for this story for years - since I first really got into writing fic, which is about six years ago now.  This moment has always intrigued me and it was so interesting to finally get the chance to play around with the moments when she's cursed and see it from Katie's perspective.  I'm flattered that you think I told this with a powerful voice, too.  The uncertainty and ambiguity in some parts of this, like the "down, down, down" part, was definitely intended.  I wanted to communicate some of Katie's confusion to the reader, because at this point she doesn't really know what's happening or what's real, so I'm so pleased that was conveyed properly.


Katie was such a fascinating character to explore here, and I'm really pleased you enjoyed this story - thank you for the lovely review!

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