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Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 09:19 PM · [Report This]
Story:House Elf Party Chapter: House Elf Party

Hello there!

I'm so happy I found a house elf story that I actually liked, haha! I'm pretty awful when it comes to the elves, and I'm so happy this story was different. I'm a huge fan of Kreacher (who isn't, after the frying pan incident with Mundungus?), but I could never stand Dobby, and that's colored all the house elf stories I've read. So, congratulations on breaking that mold!

This was such a sweet little story. I liked that it was so fluffy. Post-war really needs moments like this. I liked that you showed Winky in a new light, how changed she was after the war. And I loved that you showed the care and attention the elves put into the meal for the victors. They'd all been through so much, but sometimes you really just need something good to eat and a moment with friends. So this was really sweet.

Your characterization of the elves was really nice. A tiny bit of constructive criticism might be that I would have liked to see more descriptions of the kitchens themselves: Were they damaged at all during the battle? Did some of the elves have to sit out of the food preparations because they were injured? Was the food still there or did some elves have to go out and get supplies? Etc.

Overall, though, this was so sweet and a really nice read. Thank you for writing it!


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