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Story:Under the Willow Tree Chapter: Under the Willow Tree

Hi there! I'm back again for BvB :)


Yes, you're absolutely right: we do need some fluff every once in a while, and this was the perfect dose! Ron/Hermione fluff (especially post-battle) is shockingly difficult to come by, so I was pleased to spot this one. Though I don't write them much, I'll always have a special place in my heart for these two, being my first ship and all.


One thing I particularly enjoyed about this piece was that it was set a few weeks after the battle. To me, that makes sense for them. I don't think they would have really had much time immediately following the battle to actually discuss things (or been in the right mood). A while after, once the dust started to settle, is much more believeable and fitting for these two, seeing as they'd waited so darn long to begin with lol. You described the scene very well, and you struck the perfect balance of sweet, serious, and awkward. Characterzation was spot-on, especially Hermione getting all bothered and calling him "Ronald." :D 


I'm not sure if this was intentional on your part or not, but I really enjoyed the symbolism of them standing beneath a willow tree. Willows can symbolize many things, one of which is, of course sadness. Ron and Hermione are surrounded by the willow in this, which is a killer metaphor for the actual sadness in their lives at this time (aftermath of the war, the lives lost, etc.). Yet, they're still able to enjoy this moment of light in spite of everything. Anyway, I'm probably reading waaay too much into this lol. Sorry for going all English nerd on you; I just thought it was really beautiful. :) 




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