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Story:House Elf Cup Event #3: Hat Checkers Chapter: Hat Checkers

Beth! This was so, so wonderful! I was skimming through stories on the archives, trying to find something light and happy and good after a not so great couple of days at work, and this was exactly what I needed!


Even though I haven't read a lot of stories centred around Dobby, this is exactly how I see him-trying his hardest to make working at Hogwarts fun, to give the house elves something enjoyable to do, to make connections so the other house elves can feel the joy he has in being a free elf. Jo-Jo is his perfect companion as well because she's excitable-she loves what Dobby shows her and how fun his ideas can be. She kind of spurs him on, as every time she got excited about a rule Dobby made up for Hat Checkers, he'd come up with something more complex or exciting or ridiculous just to get a better response. Pretty sure Jo-Jo's enthusiasm helped the other house elves give Hat Checkers a chance, as Dobby seems like the kind who could get suspicious looks about how ‘fun' some of his game ideas are XD


Overall though, this was a super fun read. I love Dobby and Jo-Jo, I love how he uses the hats from SPEW for Hat Checkers and I love how all of the house elves get in and the idea and are having a blast playing the game.  I may now need to go searching for more of these stories, because it's just wonderful!


Lovely story!



Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2017 03:22 AM · [Report This]
Story:House Elf Cup Event #3: Hat Checkers Chapter: Hat Checkers

Aw, Beth, that was so sweet. I love stories about Dobby, especially when he's still alive hahaha. I've seen a bunch of angsty stories about Dobby's death, and while I"m not denying it was completely heroic, it does give you a bit of a downer afterwards. Dobby's was one of the few deaths I cried over when I read the books.


But this. I must seek out more of your House Elf Cup stories because this was hilarious. I'm assuming Dobby was making up the rules on the fly, as he went along? The blasting of the hats and the tickling rule were inspired, I'm not gonna lie. I can just imagine a bunch of house elves tickling each other in the basement of the castle where the Philosphers Stone challenges were placed. It would probably be loud enough to spill out into the rest of the castle!


I also liked that Dobby used SPEW hats for the checkers. That was inspired, and also puts a definite date on this series of events. Clearly Hermione had two lots of wool she was using and the hats were either one or the other. Also the fact Dobby was wearing them all was so unbelievably sweet. I know he did from canon, but it was a realy cute little inclusion in this.


Great work, Beth. I'll have to come back to read more. :)


cheers Mel

Name: Rhaenyra (Signed) · Date: 09 May 2017 12:29 AM · [Report This]
Story:House Elf Cup Event #3: Hat Checkers Chapter: Hat Checkers

I just had to complete the trifecta.  It is a good thing that they are done now and not too long, otherwise this could have totally killed my entire evening.


I have to say that I think that this is my favourite task.  It is clear that Dobby is trying to add things as he goes, which is hilarious.  It is something that children do and Dobby has all the innocence of a child, so it seems completely natural coming from him even if he is Merlin knows how old.  It also reminded me of Chandler making up a game as he went in FRIENDS, which is great.


The Tickle rule and "Skip-to-my-Lou rule" making Jo-Jo so excited was absolutely adorable.  "This game was sounding better all the time" struck me as hilarious for some reason.  The ending paragraph somehow managed to tie in a bunch of points from a fluffy story together.  The ever-increasing rules and noise making it an unsuitable task was both surprising and actually quite smart.


I enjoyed this little mini-series greatly and I definitely needed a laugh today, so thank you for that. :)

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