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Story:The Shenanigans of Lily Luna Potter Chapter: The New Muggle Studies Professor

I'm amazed that you manage to keep your chapters consistently funny, like it's almost effortlessly done. I hope you continue with these! I love reading these little snippets of the lives of Lily and Rose.


First of all, I think Rose's sudden profession as a Hogwarts teacher suits her really well. It also highlighted the age difference between the Rose and Lily -- ultimately, Rose is the older, taller, and (much, much) wiser one. I love how she told nobody except for her parents just because she was too self-conscious and embarrassed. That honestly sounds exactly like something I would do, postpone telling something until it's inevitable.


Secondly, it was hilarious how, despite the fact that Lily knows full well that phones explode around magic, SHE STILL BROUGHT IT ALONG WITH HER. What a Lily thing to do. And that she tried to pass off the destroyed phone as an equivalent exchange for a lie told by Roxanne? Comedy gold.


(Also, I love Lily's friends. The game they were playing sounded familiar, but I always knew it as Egyptian Rat Screw. Speed had a different set of rules, from what I remember, but there are so many variations of each game that I don't really know. :P)

Author's Response:

I should really be studying for my midterm but responding to your reviews is much more fun so here I am procrastinating but I can't stop myself, I really can't.


I'm glad that you find these so funny, honestly some parts of all my chapters took some real effort to get through and to pump out words just because on God I could not make myself write and my inspiration was being stubborn and wouldn't give me anything to work with. I do something similar to Rose, like I wanna spread my good news with others because I'm proud, but I also don't like having attention on me for too long or having too much of it focused on me and I can't take a compliment.


I've played Egyptian Rat Screw as well (I think I wrote this around the time me and my friends were obsessed with card games and ignored all of our classes for like a month because we couldn't stop playing card games) but the way I had Speed explained to me was there was a pile of 5 cards on the left and right and the rest of the deck would be in your hands (or you'd hold 5 in your hand and then pick up from your deck accordingly) and each person would flip one card over from one of the piles at the same time and then you'd have to like slap your cards down fast. And Egyptian Rat Screw was basically the same thing minus the five cards. This is bringing back memories.


As always, thank you so much for your review!

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Story:The Shenanigans of Lily Luna Potter Chapter: Monkeying Around

There were so many golden lines in this chapter! I just want to point out some of my absolute favorites that really made me laugh (though, honestly, I could just quote the whole chapter and be perfectly fine with it, haha):


1. "And when I say everyone, I do mean everyone." This was just an unexpectedly comedic addition into an already hilarious paragraph. I was smiling like a loon when I read this line. Lily being so surprised by the screeching sound of the tires that she let go of the steering wheel to cover her ears is so funny. How do you come up with stuff like this?


2. "They drove around in circles for about a minute because it never occurred to Lily to take her foot off of the gas pedal and Harry was too busy trying to keep everyone in the car alive(...)" I'm so surprised that Lily hasn't accidentally killed someone yet. It's honestly a miracle. Just the vivid image that this sentence brings is enough to lighten any mood.


3. "We all agreed that monkey seemed perfectly well trained at the time." Your Lily does the funniest things. Not only is she obsessed with Muggle things, she also tries to take in strange pets, and is a general klutz. I love this.

Author's Response:

This honestly had me grinning from ear to ear.

Unfortunately I'm going to be bringing this story to a close for now because I just don't have the motivation or the inspiration to keep it going (and keep it as entertaining as it was in the first couple of chapters) although I'm hoping that eventually some day I might come back and edit it into a proper story. I'm honestly so glad that you found it so funny and entertaining, it honestly means the world to me. The ability to make someone laugh just from reading my story is my ultimate goal and I'm always so happy when I manage to achieve it.


Thank you so much for reviewing I really appreciate it.

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Story:The Shenanigans of Lily Luna Potter Chapter: Maniac

Cute! Lily Luna Potter sounds like an adorable character in your story. Her fascination with Muggle items despite having no knowledge whatsoever on the matter of mechanics and such is super cute. And I love that, despite the fact that she usually breaks all her devices, Harry keeps allowing her more items to play with. (I wonder what Ginny has to say about all of this?)


I must say, I've always wondered about why most wizards and witches don't seem to care too much about Muggle items. J.K. Rowling presented to us a world of wizards, and I suppose to us normal Muggles (lol) the Wizarding World sounds a lot cooler to us. But shouldn't wizards and witches be curious about the group of people who managed to fly without magic? I just feel like J.K. Rowling missed out on a huge opportunity.


Sorry for my rant! All that was meant to say, I support Lily II's endeavors in exploring the Muggle world. I love that you wrote in her attempts at learning Internet slang, and her attempts at learning how to drive. This line was so funny: "Harry was cursing himself for giving in to Lily's puppy dog eyes while Rose said the words to her prayer even faster."


I'll be reading and reviewing further!

Author's Response:

It's been a hot minute since I've replied to any reviews but I'm back at it again, trying to catch up on responses. Sorry for taking so long.


I think Lily's so positive and happy and eager to learn that I really don't think Harry or Ginny could say no to her wishes for very long. Yes she gets into trouble all of the time and yes she breaks whatever they buy her but at least it's because she's trying to figure out how they work and out of sheer curiosity than because she's careless.


Honestly, you would think they'd be interested because the science behind how we do all of these things is absolutely fascinating, but we know that wizards are very behind in terms of a lot of things, especially society, and as such usually conservative people, if anything I'd say they looked down on muggles for being different from them (and there was all that blood prejudice going on during the whole series and all). I'm so glad that you found it entertaining, that's really what I was aiming for thank you so much for leaving a review!

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Story:The Shenanigans of Lily Luna Potter Chapter: Maniac



Aw, Lily's particular taste for all things Muggle is a sweet little nod to Arthur and I'm pretty excited that I will be able to see a little bit more of that in this little piece, here, as it is quite an interesting little fixation (though, after being raised in the wizarding world, Muggle fascination seems only natural). 


Oh, yes, I'd imagine that Arthur is absolutely thrilled to have someone who loves Muggle things as much as he does. I'd bet they would never cease to find something to talk about.


I love that, though everyone accepts her obsession, they let Rose be the one to be sucked into all of Lily's crazy ideas. I find it hilarious that Harry refused to give her anything Muggle because she would confine herself and tear whatever it is she got apart and (poorly) attempt to put it back together again. 


Oh my goodness -- yes, I can't imagine that Lily with all the powers of the internet would be any good for anyone! Furthermore, Lily behind the wheel of a vehicle is absolute insane, but I can totally see her able to sway Harry's opinion, being the only daughter and such.


This was adorable! 



Author's Response:

I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond to your review but I'm at it right now.

I figured at least one person had to take after Arthur Weasley in the muggle department and I don't think I've seen a story with Lily being obssessed with muggle objects and culture and decided to give it a try. I think the other cousins would have been too young or too old to be able to follow Lily around and make sure that she didn't accidentally like die while she was exploring muggle culture to the fullest. Rose was probably the closest person in age, and I like to think that they were very close friends that it just seemed natural for Rose to be the one to run after Lily.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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