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Name: Theia (Signed) · Date: 24 Aug 2018 03:32 PM · [Report This]
Story:Becoming Heartless Chapter: Keyblade

Hi Kaitlin! It's been a while since I read something of yours and I thought I'd stop by your AP. :) 


The first thought that struck me after reading this fic was the ingenuity of that Story Title! I haven't played Kingdom Hearts so I went into this fic with a blank slate and that ending had me in shock, but then I realised the true meaning of the title and god, what a WHIRLWIND of emotions. You had me doubled up in laughter while feeling incredibly guilty about laughing after such a sad, powerful ending, and while being sad about said powerful ending. xD I never thought that it would refer to literally becoming heartless because he gave up his heartbeat for hers. BRILLIANT. 


I love how the entire fic is basically just one scene, but you've captured Sora's thoughts and emotions so wonderfully while building up to that ending. There was a sort of eerie, suspenseful air hanging over the first half, with the mentions of her heart beating against his own and about the keyblade's power. I'm guessing there's a connection to the canon plot of the game here but not having any kind of base to it, I was super enthralled by what was happening. I love that initially there were only hints to the keyblade's power - nothing suggestive of the way he saved Kairi - and his promise of finding a way to bring her back seemed like his journey was just about to begin.


And then BAM. What a twist. I was definitely not expecting it and it hit me with so many emotions. That he so willingly gave his own life to save Kairi's, that his final thought was of relief that he'd managed to... it was all so sad and beautiful and I loved every word of it. I especially love the bit describing how it felt when he used the knife, it was so vivid. The line "Coldness crept into his extremities, chasing the life from his flesh" was my favourite - it really added to the urgency of the situation and the feeling of surrendering his life. 


Aaah I've really missed your writing, Kaitlin. This was amazing and packed with so emotion for such a short read! Great work! 

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 17 Aug 2018 03:36 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Becoming Heartless Chapter: Keyblade

Quodpot Reveiw Match 3


Hi, me again. Thank you for dropping your thoughts on my stories.

Though I've never played "Kingdom Hearts", but I got interest, the Video Game Fanfiction Challenge sounds fun!


The beginning of the story sounds like a Fairy Tale. The protagonist, the princess hasn't woken up for months and the hero had nothing to wake her up. The spot you wrote must be the climax scene after Sora and Kairi travelled together facing various troubles in the game.


Oh, the weapon!, it is required for the Video Game story, of course. I wondered what is the keyblade though. It sounds so important in the game. I got curious to know. I wondered what clothes or knight armor Sora wore in the game. And Kairi might be cursed by the bad queen or somebody who ruled Kingdom Hearts? 


Oh, I thought Sora would  leave her alone to go on a journey to save her, but I didn't expect this, he plunged the weapon into his own chest! It's just like Harry Potter or Romeo and Juliet!


oh...so sad, the ending. I wished he would survive as well as Kairi like Harry Potter. But the one survived and the other died.


Does the game really end like this? Or your original idea? So sad...








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