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Story:As Fate Would Have It Chapter: Ma'am, your flight has been delayed

Hi! I'm here for the winter wonderland event!


 After taking my first long flight this year (prior to that I was never on a plane for longer than an hour), I can relate to everything Roxanne was going through. You've written it so well, describing all the cranky impatient travellers and their families and their children and their never-ending chattering. Oh dear God, was it tiresome. But all of that said, I have a soft spot (a bit of a guilty pleasure) for stories where you meet people while travelling. So this is why I was drawn to this story. 


Poor Roxy, in over her head in an airport. Even I get flustered in airports and I've travelled around countlessly. Ugh. And while I may fully understand the panic and the frustration Roxy must be going through, I'm also super excited for her. I've never had my fantasy of meeting someone stunning and interesting on a plane, so I guess I'm going to have to live that fantasy through Roxanne and keep my fingers crossed in the mean time.


I'd love to see how this will develop and where it will take Roxanne (besides home late for Christmas obviously.)

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Story:As Fate Would Have It Chapter: I Woke Up Like This

[She knew that she hadn't woken up for no reason, she didn't have to pee, so the only conclusion that she could come to was that she had slept her needed eight hours and her body was ready for the day.]


I love how Roxanne uses whether she needs to pee or not as a measurement for her sleeping hours. That's just so funny. I've also never heard of anyone doing that before, which makes it particularly quirky and amusing.


And I'm not Canadian (though I wish I could be, haha, but instead I'm stuck as your neighbor), but I love Tim Hortons with all my heart. It's honestly one of the highlights of every trip to Canada I make. I don't know how sad that is, but I just really love Tim Hortons. The iced capp is the best thing I've ever had in my life.


The scene with Roxanne attempting to figure out how Alyssa's phone worked really showed how wizards and witches are so behind on the times. Their spells can make things easier, and can attack more efficiently, I suppose, but nothing they do is particularly innovative. Muggles, if you think about it, are so much more advanced than the Wizarding World is, and I'm glad that Roxanne brought that up.


Also, these girls really know how to have fun. I'm so happy that they got together!

Author's Response:

To be honest, that's how I mark measurement for sleeping hours as well.


I drink so much coffee from Tims I might as well have an IV drip connected to my arm. Everyday when I get to uni the first thing I do is join the 3 km lineup at Tims for my daily fix. I don't even know why I like their coffee so much, it's admittedly pretty watery and yet??????? I love it with all my heart. It's only recently that I've had to cut back on going there everyday because they raised their coffee price by 3 cents (oh the travesty) and because my doctor told me to ease up on my caffeine intake (what a sad life I lead).


Roxanne trying to use Alyssa's phone honestly brought to mind when my own parents first got touch screen phones and I had to teach them how to use it and how confused they would get. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Story:As Fate Would Have It Chapter: 20 Questions and Cheat

Oh, I think I know the game Cheat! Except where I'm from, we call the game BS. But I'm pretty sure it's the same rules, since I followed along with what was going on pretty easily. It's interesting to see how different names can pop up for the same card game. (Personally, I like the name BS more. Fits the overall tone of the game better, hehe.)


I find it a little sad that Roxanne is spending time playing cards in an airport instead of with her family, but I'm also glad that she managed to find a few friends. Alyssa seems absolutely lovely, and I hope she and Roxanne get together by the end of next chapter! Also, the fact that Roxanne's family basically lights everything on fire some way or another is just really funny to me.


I hope Roxanne makes it home! And I hope she brings Alyssa with her, haha.

Author's Response:

I was gonna go for BS tbh but then I would've had to change the rating of the story and it just wasn't worth it for me so I stuck to Cheat (although up until I wrote this that was in fact the name that it had been introduced to me as). That game truly destroys friendships, it gets my blood pumping so much I turn red in the face you'd think I ran a marathon on something. I get so heated during and everyone ends up yelling at each other in the end all of the time I love it so much.


When you've got as many grandchildren running around the house as Molly and Arthur it would be a miracle if something didn't catch fire, and because they're the Weasley's, of course, something would catch on fire. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Story:As Fate Would Have It Chapter: Ma'am, your flight has been delayed

Your Roxanne is so freaking funny. Her speaking (or thinking) style is unique and hilarious, and the fact that she insists on staying in this predicament despite having the option to travel the magical way is honestly the funniest thing. This exchange between her and the lady had me cracking up:


["What's wrong with the weather?"

"Ma'am, there is a blizzard going on outside," the woman replied.

"Nonsense, it's just some light flurries," Roxanne said dismissively.]


Honestly, though, that would probably be me if I were in her situation. Like, I'm someone who regularly travels on a plane, and I still panic whenever unusual situations occur. I'm just trying to imagine being someone who's basically never interacted with the Muggle world, yet is being forced to place her trust on a giant metal bird thing.


Roxanne is gutsy. Seriously gutsy.


I'm really excited for her interactions with Alyssa in the next few chapters!


This story is really good. I'm going to go and review the other chapters now, haha.

Author's Response:

I would just like to say that that scene was heavily inspired by the Devil Wears Prada when Miranda is stuck in that hurricane and she goes "it's just drizzling" as lightning flashes in the background and trees are bent to the ground from the wind.


I was recently stranded in Germany for about a day this summer which was really inconvenient because we were in an area of Frankfurt where I don't even think there was anything nearby that we could've gone sight-seeing for and even though I knew they were going to put us in a hotel there was still this anxiety about being stranded for some reason?????? It probably had something to do with thinking our luggage was going to get lost or something.


Thank you so much for reviewing!

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