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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2019 02:21 AM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 11

Poison?!?! I thought there was no poison? Aren’t you done being mean to Wash??


Captain Tightpants was always the most hilarious nickname for Mal. I’m so glad that has made a  reappearance XD

And the special hell, haha. I love all the nods to the series in this chapter so far.


You have River’s rambling dialogue down perfectly. I know this has to mean something, because  sometimes she does have insight mixed in with the nonsense, and I can’t figure it out XD But it does have  a distinctly ominous feel to it. Especially the ending with “and then there were none”. I definitely see  some reference to poison there, with the rhyme about venomous snakes, and I wonder how much River  knows, if the “hands of blue” people have anything to do with Moriarty The Tape Recorder Bad Guy. Either the guy has something to do with those people, or River will figure it out anyway. I know for a fact  she can outsmart Tape Recorder Moriarty.


And with that I’m all caught up again! I hope you have more chapters up your sleeve, because this story is  as intriguing as ever and I would love to read more of it. Wonderful writing <3

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2019 02:19 AM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 10

Speaking of how you write such wonderful character interactions, Mal and Inara here are perfect! I don’t  know how you manage to do such perfect characterization of every single person every time. And I think  it especially shows here because, tbh, sometimes on the show this particular relationship was a little  unconvincing? Not all the time. Just that both of them keep their true emotions so deep down and put a lot  into maintaining an appearance, and we only ever really see them arguing and so the times when they’re  displaying care/concern about each other seem to come out of nowhere. So much is unsaid. So it’s  especially nice to have insight into Inara’s mind here as it complements the depth that we know is in this 
friendship but we don’t really get to see as much on the show.


The conversation between Wash and Mal is so perfect too. You have such a good grasp of what each  character brings out in the others.


I vaguely remember something you told me ages ago about the reason Wash has all those scars but I no  longer remember it so when this does show up in the story I will be surprised again :P


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2019 02:17 AM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 9


Hey, Jill! I’m back!

You write Zoe and Wash together so perfectly, the way they interact and care for each other. Ha, and the  way she doesn’t even question Wash’s explanation of why the dinosaur is there XD I can see this scene so  clearly as if it were an episode of the show, and I’m convinced that this fic is indeed a lost episode.


Bahahaha, I did call it in the review for the last chapter that Wash was going to think he was recovered enough to drive the ship long before Simon thought he was, but like… I didn’t predict that it would only  take him ONE HOUR to think that XD I’m glad he was convinced otherwise though! It really is a  testament to how injured he is, though, that he is so easily convinced not to stop Mal from driving.


Of course all the dinosaurs have names XD


Comfy flannel makes everything better.


Ilove that Zoe talks to the dinosaur at the end (very solemnly of course). I don’t know why, it’s just a  really cute moment.

I really liked this chapter! Great work <3

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 03:44 AM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 8

Jill! It has been far too long since I’ve read this story, so I’m really glad the magical menagerie reviewing  event reminded me to check back in on it and catch up! I’ve missed it – and your wonderful writing!


Poor Wash. At least things seem to be on their way to getting better now – he’s back on the ship,  recovering, no one is missing, and yeah they still do have a big mystery to solve but everyone is safe, and  that’s not necessarily that common of a thing for the crew, all things considered :P But, I do feel bad for  Wash that it’ll be two months before he’s completely healed! (Well, Simon says that, but I have a feeling  Wash will think differently and will want to go back to work before Simon agrees he can :P )


You wrote everyone’s reactions so well, to finding out how Wash was doing and getting started on  important ship business. It would be Jayne who’s first to get away from worrying and start making plans.  Even if he was a little upset. I saw that. 


I love that Zoe and Inara will be the interim pilots. Also a little worried for them because as they say it’s  pretty different between flying a shuttle and the Serenity, but they’ll get the hang of it eventually…  sorta…


I really liked that scene with Wash and River, too. You write her enigmatic statements so well, how she  will alternate so quickly between something so obscure and strange, to something so calculated (omg the  angle of projecction… hahaha!), and the little glimpses of caring and understanding. It was so sweet that  she brought one of his dinosaurs to the infirmary, like he’d never have asked for that, but it was really  thoughtful all the same. I think the best part of this exchange was when Wash notes that he doesn’t have  to pretend with River, which rang really true to me. I think cause she’d just know regardless of whether or  not he hid the reaction to pain – or else she wouldn’t notice either way. With River it kind of depends on 
the day I guess :P


Your characterization of everyone is once again perfect. I’m looking forward to reading more of this!

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 08:48 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 11

Okay, so you didn't leave me hainging too terribly with the eind of what is written thus far.  Seriously brilliant work thus far love.  I adore the scene with River there at the end you got her done so well.  I also love how foreboding her words are becuase that is what they usually are.

Anyway, I cannot wait until the next chapter I am hoping there will be at least one more this year as the last update was March of last year.  This fiction was a great read and I cannot wait to know more.  Until then I'll have to let my imagination run wild while I hope for more content from you.

Honestly you know how to play with heart strings and yet you play the 'verse of Firefly out so stinking well.  I mean I STILL cannot get over how amazing that is!  Thank you for such a wonderful treat to read!  Like seriously I haven't had this much fun while at work in a long while.  I enjoyed this more than many of the books I've read while at work.

This review is for Magical Menagerie by the way.

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 07:29 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 10

And the action returns!  Ug I knew they weren't done with that poison.  I trust Simon like the day is long but I knew that there was something more that they weren't out of the woods yet with Wash.  Pony-tail as I'm calling him has something more in store I just knew it.

Gah why do you do this to me?  I know you are going to leave me dyind at the end of the last available chapter and I'm terrified and yet I'm giong to keep reading becuase I've got to know, got to get to the end of the story.  This is just far too good!

You are also playing with Inara and Mal well too they are are like the ultimate slow burn in my books.  I was also very amused with your use of 'might could do' it is such a souther thing to say but fits 100% with the characters and the setting of Serenity.  It made me smile of all the odd things to make a person smile eh?

Also this review is also for the Magical Menagerie.

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 06:06 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 9

And now it's time for the warm fuzzies but not quite like the way Jayne put in in an earlier chapter.  I cannot express how much I love Zoe and Wash and how wonderful they are together.  You have written their love for eachother so well.  It just makes me happy and warm inside.  

I did like how Wash was worried about the ship as Mal was taking off.  I know how much he prides the Serenity.  They all do but particularly, Wash, Kaylee and Mal.  

I also loved how Wash wanted his other dinos and also stated that Steggy likes to make trouble that was so sweet and so Wash and it made me smile as Zoe played a long some even though Wash was asleep.  It has got to be hard when your beloved is laid up like Wash is.  Can't wait to see what more you have in store for me. The story continues to be fabulous as alsways.

Also incase you were wondering why the onslaught of reviews this one and the ones prior are all for the Magical Menagerie. 

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 05:50 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 8

Yep, I'm still here and I'm still reading.  You are going through all the paces and I love the scene with River and Wash it was very endearing and I love how River is thoughtful as she is.  Just wonderful and your work on her 'crazy talk' is great.  I know you have purpose to her words when she speaks them as she always had purpose even though we the audience nor those on the ship always understood.  

I am eager to see what will come of the characters in the coming months as Wash heals and what they will managed to do and how they are going to get out of their current perdicament.  There is still so much yet to uncover and deal with and it just it has my mind teeming.  I love this story so much and I'm so glad to be giving you reviews now on your later chapters.  I can tell you while this chapter was not as action paced it was well written and not boring for a potentially 'boring bit' of the story.  It also is a nice slow down after the heart pounding and riviting chapters that have let up to this point.  Fabulous work!

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 05:09 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 7

Okay love when I thought I couldn't be impressed any more there you go off making me impressed even more all over again.  Not only do you handle the characters well and the univere well and make me feel like I'm watching an episode of the show, you handle the emotions well.  You have got everyone's feelings and emotions in response to what has happened so perfect. 

I have been gushing lots about your story here and I still don't feel like I've said enough of how much I have been enjoying this read.  Your story has made me excited and reminded my of my love for this fandom.  I don't know if I'll go seeking out more Firefly fanfics out there in the world but I certainly will be reading others of yours - I know I saw at least one other one on your AP.  

Honestly love, amazing job absolutely brilliant.

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:44 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 6

One tastly little morsel.  That is al you give me.  I am so happy to have it and yet annoyed that I don't have more.  (the sign of a good writer) We got a reason but not all of it and we still don't know who.  You are playing with my emotions here and of course poor Wash, obviously his life will be saved but the hanging in the balance thing always gets my heart racing faster because the characters don't know what's going to happen and I always feel with the characters.

So how many times have I told you how spot on you are and how brilliant this story is?  I know I've certainly lost count and I honestly can't wait to reccomend this story to people but first I have to read.  I want to know more, need to know more.  Once I'm done reading what you have then I'll go off singing your praises in spaces other than just these reviews.

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:30 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 5

Cliff hanger!  How could you?  Ug.  I am so glad there is another chapter that I can click into.  I think I would have died if I had to wait for the next chapter we are finally getting to the answer of some of the mystery something I've been waiting for since the first chapter (I think Wash was chapter 1 - things get confusing when there is a prologue).  

Still this was another brilliant chapter and I am so inlove with this story.  I aodored your slight commedic moment when Mal thinks he knows exactly what is going on and then things don't go quite according to plan.  It is so nostalgic of the show and movie.  I wouldn't have thought twice if they got in without a hitch but I'm so glad there was an issue as there usually is.  Way to go for taking the time to write that in.  Again you have got Firefly down pat.  I am in awe of your skills here and can't wait for the next chapter!

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:00 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 4

Woo! Mal on a war path!  I love it.  I honestly love Mal and I don't know if there are enough ways to express how much I am loving this story.  You are painting an interesting story here and I am so glad a jumped in and buckled up for the ride.  I didn't even pay attention to if this story is complete or not when I jumped in.  Just know you might have a fan occasionally poking you for updates if you haven't finished the story. Or at least someone who is excited to find an update.

I mean seriously love, you have got these characters and the story pacing down perfct and the only think I hate about revewing your story at the present is the fact that it makes me stop between chapters instead of quickly clickign the 'next' button.  Still I am happy to leave reviews they are so important and honestly make me feel good so I got to return the favor to another writer and let them know how much their writing is loved.

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 03:44 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 3

Oh!  So it was tar and feathering.  Typically that kills a man so that was my mistake.  This was so gripping the situation.  Of course, we are no closer to finding out the mystery but that I'm sure will come in due time.  Until then I'm enjoying your exploration of the characters and how you are handling the situations as they come.  

Everything in this story thus far is quite believeable and I keep going 'one more chapter', 'one more chapter'.  I keep thinking I'll get to a spot where I'll want to stop for a spell before coming back later but I keep going becuase the story is just that good.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for me in the next chapter.

I love how you are handling River and Jayne they are not easy characters to write in my opinion either.  Honestly you are getting yourself a fan girl when it comes to this story I lie not.  So good!

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 03:10 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 2

Hey love, I know I keep talking about the voices of characters but seriously you have got the characters down cold.  It just makes my heart happy.  I honestly feel like I'm watching an episode once again.  It has been so long since I've watched any of the show even though I own the one season that exists.  I think you like everyone else agrees that Firefly was taken down before it had a chance and wrongfully so.  There's just something magic about sci-fi and western meeting together.

I cannot wait to see what is next and why this was done to Wash, I'm just realing that theoretically Wash was tar and feathered.  Of course true tar and feathering kills a person with how hot the tar is but still you are doing a good job and I love the dynamic you are building here. Ug I want to know more, I just can't get to it fast enough.  

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 02:33 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 1

Ooo!  And the plot tickens.  I love how you've gone back to give me a bit more of what happened to Wash what got him into the perdicament that he got into.  I am so curious as to what is going to happen.  I know of course that Wash is going to be rescued but the journey to that point in time is half the fun of reading. 


You did a really nice job of slipping in a bit of Mandarin into your story already with the dong ma?  I was wondering if  you were going to do that any.  That I think is the most challenging part of writing in the Firefly 'verse.  In a lot of ways it's what keeps me from even contemplating writing stories for the show even though I loved the show.  Though I imagine Mal's voice can be difficult to attain.


I really love how you had Wash's personality oozing out even though he didn't speak much.  You work here is fabulous.  If you couldn't already tell I'm certainly going to jump into the next chapter!

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 02:11 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Prologue

Oh my goodness this was a really good start to the story.  Aside from your suport group story which was a mash of lots of genres I've only ever read one Firefly fan fic and that was a Doctor Who/Firefly Crossover.  So this is my first ever true just Firefly story and already I love it!

Seriously you've got Mal's voice and tone down perfectly I could hear his voice every time he spoke.  It is not often that I hear the voice in my head so massive kudos to you. 

Also, you are not alone in knowing all the planets in the 'verse so if you hadn't said anything about making up a planet I would have believed it to be part of the universe you did a nice job naming the planet they are on to fit into the 'verse. 

Your descriptions are wonderful too. I really enjoyed starting this fic and I am excited to get to the next chapter.  One small CC I have is you might want to capitalize Mule I think it is a proper term in regards to their vehicle and it helps those not familiar with the verse to key in quicker that the mule is a land vehicle rather than a type of donkey.  Otherwise fabulous work!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 11 Dec 2017 06:59 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 7

Ok. I'm glad Simon doesn't think there's been any poisoning. This is very good news. But where is Jayne? Why haven't you mentioned him? Did he not come back yet? TAPE RECORDER BAD GUY HAS JAYNE. MAYDAY.


I love the way you described Zoe and Wash's relationship here - your explanation of why she was drawn to him and how he balances her out and fills in the cracks, is just so perfect. They are kind of an odd couple, in a way, how they're so opposite and Wash is such a clown whose "work desk" is covered in toys whereas Zoe is so serious and handles all these difficult, dangerous situations all the time, but like, that's kind of why they work - they need that balance, and I like the way you pointed that out. Also I love the line about how Zoe knows Wash can handle all these difficult things she has to face in her work, but she doesnt want him to have to. <3 I love those two. Sidenote, because I know the #1 thing you need is more plunnies (:P) have you ever thought about writing a post-Serenity fic where you bring Wash back to life? And Book? Because that'd really be the best thing ever and I know you'd be the person to do it. But I digress.


Speaking of Book, though, I really loved that scene at the end witht Zoe and Book. I know I've said this before but the way you are able to write every single character so well is absolutely impressive. You give each of them a  voice that's distinct from one another and translates so perfectly into what we see from the characters on the show. All of their speech patterns, habits, everything, you've picked up on all of it and it's all in here and it just makes the story come to life like a real episode of the show. And what fanfiction adds to that is the abilty to see what the characters are thinking - reading Zoe's thoughts and how she kind of holds in all this emotion until she's by herself and in Wash's pilot chair really fits with her character, and being inside her head adds another dimension to a character who's already well defined.


It's late and I think I might just e rambling instead of making sense :P, but this was a great chapter. Thanks for reminding me to get back to the story :) I' really enjoyed this chapter!

Author's Response:

Jayne is there - I just...um...forgot to mention him.  Really.  He's fine.  That's an author's error that I didn't say anything earlier.  I never thought people would assume something had happened to him.


Like I said - it took me a while to figure that out.  At first I didn't get it.  But now I really love it - this relationship between two people that shouldn't work, but does because THEY WANT IT TO.  


Writing a Post fic?  I've thought about it, but honestly, probably won't ever do it.  I have a friend who wrote what I consider the ultimate fix-it fic, and I'm not sure I could ever think of it any other way.  My solution at this point is usually to just pretend it didn't happen rather than try to fix it.


Again with the blushing - you gotta stop this.  I'm gonna have a big head!  


Thanks so much!  I love your reviews!  Maybe they will help me figure out and finish this story.

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 11 Dec 2017 06:17 AM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 6

Turns out I had a lot more chapters to catch up on :P Also I just remembered that I promised you a banner for this like, three months ago. I will get on that soonish. :P


I know that you told me some details of this fic when I met you, but fortunately for you my memory is a sieve and I have forgotten, which means I get to be shocked about all of these plot twists all over again. XD So, let's just say that I have no idea who this man is who left the tape. But one of the first things he said on the tape ( I suppose I should give a little apology to Zoë for the manner in which I returned her spouse, but then again, my mama always taught me it ain't polite to say things ya don't mean.) honestly sounds a lot like something Mal would say, and it got me to thinking that Mal and this unseen tape-recording bad guy are reasonably well matched in terms of outsmarting each other. I have to give Unseen Bad Guy some credit, even though he's a despicable human being and he hurt Wash (which I will not forigve him for), but he is a brilliant strategist and knows exactly how to get to Mal. I mean, he's even telling Mal his strategy, as he knows it will just irritate Mal even more. I have to appreciate a Bad Guy who will tell his whole strategy to their enemy because they're just so confident that it will work. And so far... it is.


But... he poisoned Wash! Not okay! They wasted a lot of time listening to that tape... all part of Unseen Bad Guy's strategy to delay them as long as possible, I assume.


Okay, but I have a nervous feeling about the end. I know it's important to get back to Wash as soon as possible, and yes Jayne can take care of himself, but.... . . . . . THERE IS LITERALLY A GUY TRYING TO ATTACK YOUR CREW AND YOU JUST WNET INTO HIS LAIR AND RAN OUT AND YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALL THERE. And because I know you'd not let them get away easy. I bet you can feel my distrustful side eye all the way from here. Be nice to these characters please :P


Great chapter!

Author's Response:

Hey no worries!  I know what life is like!  The fact that you are reading this story makes me so happy. :)


Someday, if you want this story to be finished, however, you're gonna have to help me plot...LOL.


I do like what you are thinking - that they sound kind of the same, and are rather well matched.  I do remember that being important, back when I was writing this.  I shall have to sit down and re-examin what this means...


And it does mean a lot that you like my Bad Guy - even though it's been so long he doesn't really feel like MY bad guy anymore.  If you know what I mean.


Don't worry, Jayne is fine.  He's a big boy - can take care of himself.  hehehe.  But I'm touched you worried about him.


Thanks again!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 30 Aug 2017 07:46 PM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 5

Aw. I love the little sentimentality we see here when Zoe gets Wash's Hawaiian shirt to bring back for him because it's his favorite, even though it's really not important to their mission there. That's really sweet. :)


And the progression of 'let's sneak in quiet-like' to 'let's just explode that gorram door' is so very Firefly. It's so easy to visualize. Perfect. XD


Also, I'm very convinced they're walking into a trap, or at least something that was intended to be found. Don't put Vera away for a second, Jayne! I'm reallly wondering where everyone is... *bites nails*


Great chapter, as always!

Author's Response:

When I first watched this show, I really didn't see what made Zoe and Wash work.  It puzzled me.  But after watching this thing a half-dozen times, I see it now.  And I love to throw these little things in to show Zoe as a wife and a woman and not just a soldier.  It makes me love them even more.


That progression was fun!  It's fun to write characters who don't always care about the rules.  They blow things up and don't feel bad.  hehehe


Don't bite your nails!  You need those!  I promise it will be okay...mostly.


Thanks again!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Aug 2017 12:35 AM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 4

I'M BACK I'M BACK! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this story. Just didn't have internet for a while - you know how it is.


(first things first: I think chapters 4 and 5 are the same chapter (3)? or maybe my internet connection is acting up. Anyway, I don't think that was intentional so just letting you know.)


But now onto the actual review! Once again, this is really great. You get into the minds of these characters so well - it's like I'm reading the screenplay for a lost episode. In particular, Mal - everything from the way he talks to the way he thinks about his crew, you've really gotten into his head and can write him so perfectly, even the really subtle nuances of things like how he asked Wash to tell him what happened and was friendly about it but it really wasn't a request. And how he knows and recognizes the abilities of each of his crew members and is very protective of them. AND, Wash trying to hide the fact that the person who hurt him did so to get to Mal because he knows how Mal will react. like, the interplay between the characters is just so well done. I know I gush about this on every review I leave for you, but that's just because it's so true.


And yet, they beat the tar outta ya -- Haha... I feel like he could have had better word choice. Tar? :P


Okay. I'm so ready for Zoe and Mal and Jayne to get their revenge. (well, for Jayne maybe it's not as much revenge as a chance to beat up a bad guy, but either way, the three of them have some hard work to do.) Also, I feel bad for Wash, who just after he's finished getting beat up and tar and feathered and then had to sit through having it all peeled off, now he has to sit and worry that something similarly awful is going to happen to his wife. Poor guy. :-/ He deserves a vacation after all this.


Great chapter!

Author's Response:

I worry about you when you don't have internet.  It usually means you are off doing things that threaten your toes or arms and legs, or other things.  You gotta stay safe out there in that world, please!


Hopefully I got the chapter glitch fixed, but if it's still there, let me know.


And I can't tell you enough how much it means that you like this story, and think I'm doing a good job with the characters!  And Mal is the hardest one - so I'm totally blushing here!  And I don't know what to say to this praise.  I'm blushing.


Yeah, that was probably a poor word choice - tar...  But, we know they aren't subtle, so I guess we'll forgive them.


I'm afraid the beating up of bad guys won't happen for a bit.  It's part of that mess I need to work out.  If you have any ideas, please tell me!


Thanks! Love your reviews!


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 11 Jul 2017 07:10 PM · [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Chapter 3

Poor Wash. What happened to him is just awful and it's so sad to see him suffering like that, because Kaylee's right - he's literally the most easygoing person on the crew and it's hard to imagine him getting on anyone's bad side. But of course, it's not him that they're after... and that makes me worry if anyone else is going to get hurt because clearly the attackers don't care who they hurt on their way to Mal.


Your character portrayals are stellar throughout. I really love the depth you pointed out to the friendship between Kaylee and Wash, which I don't remember being mentioned significantly in the show, but your spin on it makes a lot of sense.


Btw, I hope you've got more of this story up your sleeve - I really want to know what happens and this is such a great start! So glad I found this. :)

Author's Response:

I am rather mean to him here, aren't I.  He is too nice to be suffering.  


Yep.  They are after Mal.  And I used to know why.  I still kinda do, but I didn't take very good notes.  Gonna need to untangle this fic a bit to get it going again.  As for if others will get hurt....*evil grin*  I DO remember that part.


Again with the blushing!  Seriously, you are gonna give me a big head!  


I'm not sure the friendship between Wash and Kaylee is exactly canon, but I like to think it is.  They are both pashionate about the same thing.


I DO have some more of this.  I got up to 11 chapters before I got stopped.  I didn't finish putting them up here because no one was reading it and I figured it could wait until some other stuff went up.  BUT, if you're gonna read, I'd be happy to add them.


Thanks again!  You made my whole day!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 11 Jul 2017 06:24 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Crashing Through Chapter: Prologue



Oh no! Wash! Why is someone punching him? Stop! :(


She looked like an angel, if angels wore revolvers strapped to their thighs and terror-inducing scowls on their faces. -- this is perfection


This is a great prologue. I don't think it's weird that you made up your own planet -there's so many planets it makes perfect sense that the show didn't cover all of them. Also, you've got the dialogue and mannerisms of the characters down so perfectly - not that this is surprising, because I've learned by now that you're very talented at writing characters to a T - and so far this does feel like it could be a lost episode of the show. I can't wait to read on.

Author's Response:

Oh wow!  What an amazing surprise to get today!  I hope you know these totally made my day!


:D  You liked that description of Zoe?  Thanks!


And such compliments.  I'm blushing to my roots.  You are way too kind to me.  Thank you so much for reading!  I'm extactic to have someone onboard for this!  Maybe it will make me finish it!

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