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Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 17 Dec 2017 03:33 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Watchmaker Chapter: Silas Dickinson, Watchmaker

Eep I can’t believe there’s a story of yours without any reviews =S I hope it’s gotten something on another site


omg I wrote about (a very different) Dorcas Wellbeloved in Faces Behind the Frogs XD


Ugh this is so good. You writing historical is always excellent. Your descriptions are amazing. The romance is subtle and charming. Ugh I’m such a fan.


I really enjoyed the whole watchmaker idea. It was a clever cover, as were the flyers, and I liked how you tied in the themes of clocks and time.


I would love to see this story developed with more chapters. There is so much we didn’t see that I am so curious about - Lavinia and Dorcas working together, Lavinia learning what special things she can bring to this kind of work, their relationship growing closer, the experiences of different women who stayed there…. I genuinely got super bummed when you started fast forwarding in time and I had to miss those things!


Random little thing, but your choice of words about Dorcas flapping her hands makes it sound like an autism stim, though I don’t think that’s what you intended.


This story is so excellent, and I am glad I got to read it =)



Author's Response:

Sam! <3 Ah, you're too sweet.  I don't think this is actually posted on the other site?  It was one of those frenzied attempts at writing for the maze, unfortunately :P


I'm so pleased you enjoyed this story, and liked the romance in it - that was kind of unintended when I started writing, but who am I to deny Lavinia and Dorcas when they just insist on it, hey?  :P I really would have liked to expand on this and not skip through those periods in time to explore their relationship and the lives of the women there more, but time constraints got the better of me.  Maybe I'll have to go back to this and try and work on it?


Thank you so much for the lovely review! 

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