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Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2017 09:44 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Hortensia Milliphutt (1841 - 1849)

Omg I have to say, I love the portraits Hermione has contentious relationships much more than the civil ones. XD Yes, offend her eyes, Hermione!


Omg Milliphut sounds like the worst. A HAT ANGLE TYRANT? How did she stay in office for eight years? I’m cracking up and loving your creativity.


Yes, I’m sure the Wizengamot will get right onto the case of Hermione’s immodest ankles. XD


Seriously, Hermione has to deal with so much. If I was here I would clear out all the portraits and sit alone in a blank room, just to get some peace and quiet! How she gets any work done at this rate is beyond me. Lol I guess in that way every minister has it harder than the last, as they have one more portrait to deal with XD


Again, Hermione’s irreverent sass gives me life. It sounds like she deals with this kind of think from Milliphut a lot, not to mention ALL of the other portraits she has to deal with! She must have gotten quite skilled at witty responses XD


This story has single handedly convinced me never to become Minister of Magic.


This was such a hoot to read, and I love the creativity behind this entire collab!



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Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Josephina Flint (1819 - 1827)

Okay, so this chapter seems to be set earlier than some of the others, when Hermione was very new to office.


Man, I love Hermione so much. Her last line just filled me with pride for her.


Each of these chapters has shown Hermione taking different attitudes and forming different relationships with each portrait. She is respectful and kind as a base and treats them each as people, but in doing so she is not above treating them as people she doesn’t like XD


I don’t imagine the relationship between HErmione and this portrait smoothed out after that. I wonder if there had been other muggle born Ministers, or how other half bloods dealt with this portrait. I wonder if it would be possible to have the portrait removed, though that would probably be all disrespectful to history or something. Harumph. History is being disrespectful to Hermione.


Do silencing charms work on portraits? XD


Nice work!



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Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Grogan Stump (1811-1819)

These chapters are a wild ride, because I never know who I’m going to get! And I certainly don’t have enough obscure Potterverse knowledge to know who each of these characters are, and don’t have time to look it up because this is WAR! I mean snowball war.


I don’t know if it’s meant to be read that way, but I realize I’ve started to read this chapters as if they are in chronological order.


Protest floats sound like a very creative idea - using ghosts to protest? Lol I guess they’d be impossible to remove by force. I’m impressed that you came up with something like that, especially under a time crunch for writing this!


I like the relationship Hermione and Grogan have. I can see how they can get on each other’s nerves, and it makes me giggle that his portrait is the closest to her desk. Many opportunity for annoyance antics! Lol I wonder what would happen if Hermione tried to have his portrait moved XD I suddenly want a lot more of this dynamic.


This one was fun!



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Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Artemisia Lufkin (1798 - 1811)

Okay, back to you again! Now that I’ve seen a chapter from someone else in the collab, I see that the structure that you used for your chapters is uniquely your own, so I want to commend you personally on how creative I think it is.


For some reason the chapter summary for just this chapter displays as a dark gray that almost blends in with the black background.


A typo - in the summary you wrote “formes” instead of “former” (don’t worry - I remember how quickly we were writing and posting these!)


Oh wow, Lufkin’s situation is even more dramatic that Hermione’s, if her child has grown since the last time they saw each other, and may be walking before the next time! (unless that’s exaggeration, I don’t know) Do they live separately, or does Lufkin literally never make it hope when her kid’s awake?


This story is kind of bittersweet, how Hermione goes to a portrait for help in how to balance career and motherhood, and that portrait has no advice to give, and did probably a more poor job at the balance than Hermione.


Good job again!



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Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Porteous Knatchbull (1781 - 1789)

Oh, okay, so this chapter has a bit of a different structure than the first two, in which Vlja started with a summary of narration about Hermione choosing to talk to a portrait, and the body of the story as the portrait’s response. It feels very familiar to come back to typical narration + dialogue style in this chapter.


Oh, Hermione’s minister of magic! That makes sense. I was starting to wonder why she had so many portraits XD I like that she is always very courteous and respectful to them, taking time to talk to them like people.


Omg the last muggle minister broke the statute of secrecy? XD It’s apparently still in effect, so it seems like they found a way to clean up the mess from that, but that must have been crazy! Sounds like there’s definitely a fun story there. Well, after a crisis like that, I’m sure everyone will be very happy with the way Hermione runs things.


Nice job!



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Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Albert Boot (1747 1752)

Oh, I wonder if all of the story summaries are from Hermione’s point of view, or if we’ll see other people asking portraits things.


Welp, that was a very, erm, biased perspective on the goblin wars. But that’s exactly what primary sources are - you can’t really get objective facts from somebody who was personally invested in the conflict. I wonder what different responses Hermione would have gotten if she asked a goblin, and/or a more objective historian.


This collab is really interesting. I like the way we get a little bit of narration via the summary, then essentially a paragraph of dialogue, then nothing. Especially in this piece, it leaves a sense of uncertainty about what happened - we have no idea how Hermione responded to what the portrait said at all, and I find that really interesting.

Very nice job!



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Story:Portraitwise Chapter: Eldritch Diggory (1733 - 1747)

I know this collab was from the Maze event last year, but I never got a chance to take a close look at it! I am really pleased by the creativity of how you tied in the story summary with the portrait!


And ooph, that is one emotional story summary. I did not expect to feel so much from100 words, let alone an even shorter summary!


I like that Hermione sees a house elf suffering and does not pause at all to equate it to a human suffering of the same thing, when I imagine most people wouldn’t give the elf the consideration of that much humanity.


Small typo  in “They might no crave” no should be not. And I think maybe in “I will end quickly” you meant it instead of I.


This made me curious about how portraits work. Was this portrait of him before he contracted dragonpox, and he somehow has the knowledge of what happened later in his life, or is the portrait of later in his life?


Very interesting!



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