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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 17 Dec 2017 05:35 PM · [Report This]
Story:Felix Chapter: Chapter 1
Hey, dear!

Understandably, Draco would want the Felix Felicis to help him complete what Voldemort had asked of him. I can't even begin to imagine the pressure and petrifying fear that consumed him during this time--I'm sure that the liquid luck seemed like a small light of hope in the utter darkness he was facing. It must have been extremely frustrating for Draco to watch Harry win, especially given that Harry'd been so terrible at Potions up until that time and the jealousy that I'm sure Draco felt towards him. Draco should have hit Crabbe--that...that was uncalled for! ;)

Wonderful little drabble!


Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 10 Dec 2017 09:52 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Felix Chapter: Chapter 1

This was sort of a funny fic, but it had a dark sort of humor, so I felt a little guilty for laughing? I think you did a really good job accurately capturing Draco's frustrations and helping us see it from his point of view—his sentiments about how he was the one who neeed luck, not Harry, made me sympathize with him. I like how you set up how impossible the task he was given really was, especially with the line about how he needed Felix Felicis "and then some". That was sort of what made me laugh—but then made me feel bad for laughing because it's so true. 


Well done! :) 

Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 10 Dec 2017 09:01 AM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Felix Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey Mel! 


Dropping by to leave you a bit of review love! 


I really liked that you chose to write about this particular moment in canon. I can imagine it must've been infuriating for Draco to need that liquid luck so badly and not be able to win it.  I remember how desperate he seemed as time progressed in Half Blood Prince and I can imagine this didn't help the situation. 


Of course it would make it more infuriating that it was Harry who won it. I'd imagine he'd expect Hermione to win it, but not Harry. I think that was a surprise for everyone and I remember that rubbing Hermione wrong too. 


THe bit at the end was so funny. Really a beautiful piece of irony made even funnier by the fact that Crabbe doesn't realize what he's said. 


Good work as always! 



Name: manno-malfoy (Signed) · Date: 10 Dec 2017 08:19 AM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Felix Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey, I'm here for the winter wonderland event. 

It's amazing how you managed to portray Draco perfectly in such a small piece of work in which he barely speaks. The bitterness shines through, but I think also the fear, and more importantly, the ignorance that leads him to believe that he is the only one suffering by shouldering a huge responsibility (although given the situation then, to be fair, Draco was in over his head), and therefore the one most in need of bottled luck. 


I suppose I still manage to sympathise with him even if I don't excuse him. And I like stories that help give us a bit of a look into the other side of the story. 

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2017 11:34 AM · [Report This]
Story:Felix Chapter: Chapter 1

Mel!  It's about time I gave some of the many maze stories you wrote some love!


I really liked the way that you characterised Draco here.  I thought you captured his character really well in this moment in time, and we get to see Draco's perspective, and his frustration and desperation far more in this than we do in the books, even though this was a short piece.


I loved the fact that you took that one moment when Harry notices Draco eyeing the Felix Felicis reward in the potions class and turned it into a full story.  Of course Draco would want it to use it to help get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts and to kill Dumbledore.  He's getting desperate at this point, and even though it's a pun of sorts, he's right in that a living death would be preferable to Voldemort's punishment if he doesn't succeed.


Is it bad that I actually felt kind of bad for Draco being thwarted and beaten to the post by Harry, yet again?  No wonder he hates the guy, really - he won't even let him win the Liquid Luck he needs to kill the headmaster :P


I totally didn't expect that sly comment from Crabbe at the end of this chapter, and it was great seeing some humour and wit from him that we don't normally see - it's a really different side to his character!


Sian :)

Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 02 Dec 2017 06:43 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Felix Chapter: Chapter 1

omg it’s been far too long since I’ve read Half Blood Prince - I cannot remember whether or not it was cannon that Draco was trying to get Felix Felicis.


Hehe, at least in grave circumstances Draco still has an appreciation for unintended puns? XD I appreciate that.


I find it really interesting that draco believed he needs liquid luck in order to complete his mission, but when we look at what happened, he really didn’t need it. His plan worked perfectly, getting the death eaters into Hogwarts right up to pointing his wand at an unarmed Dumbledore. But then he couldn’t make the choice to kill Dumbledore. No amount of luck would have changed that.Unless maybe Dumbledore slipped on a banana peel off the edge of the tower or something.


It never occurred to me that people might not know where Gryffindor Tower was.


omg Crabbe. omg.


Good story! You did a great job of mixing Draco’s desperation with surprising bits of humor.



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