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Story:Dobby's Christmas Gift Chapter: Chapter 1

Hello, I'm here for the winter wonderland event. 


 When I read the summary of the story, I thought you meant Dobby was giving the Malfoys an actual Christmas present. Which confused me a bit because I didn't think he'd harbour any sort of positive emotions towards people who tormented and enslaved him. But I thought maybe you were going to have some logic to why Dobby would be doing that. Until, of course, the last moment when you surprised me. I usually don't like characters who hold grudges or are bitter, but knowing that Dobby's end is at that Manor, and being able to imagine how horrid the Malfoys were to him, I can totally sympathise with him and even encourage his sentiments towards them. Especially since he decided not to let them burn in the end. That might have been a touch too cruel. 


 I'm actually going around the archive looking for stories about house elves doing things other than working for wizards, so I'm glad I came upon yours. It really is great and I found your characterisation of Dobby and your description of Narcissa's demeanour spot on. So very well done! :D

Author's Response:

I always had a vision of Dobby both hating and missing his former masters. I think he might miss Narcissa, who would have been mostly indifferent to him, but he would have hated Lucius for his cruel treatment. I really thought for such a short piece that this had a good tension of will he/won't he let the manor burn. Dobby's too kind-hearted to hold a grudge hard enough to kill. 


Thanks again for the nice reviews and I especially like these reviews on my older stories.

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