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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 18 Dec 2017 07:25 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Cold Black Rage Chapter: Chapter 1



This sounded kind of terrifying, so I naturally had to check it out. Seeing Romilda Vane in a crazed, stabby killer kind of way instead of what I had originally seen her (a crazed, lovesick teen) is pretty epic. I really love the specifications surrounding her anger in this (cold instead of hot, black envy instead of green) as it really works to make this feel more sinister. The level of her psychosis--to the point where she believes Ginny is only doing things (sports, friends, etc.) in order to be closer to Harry, as if Ginny has built her life around him--is pretty frightening. And, of course, that psychosis is brought even further as Romilda contemplates killing Ginny because then Harry could be hers, even going as far as to curse Neville for information about where Ginny lived. Between her lack of control of her emotions and her inability to think clearly because of them she's clearly dangerous (as if I couldn't tell already), and trying to break into somebody's flat to clean if for them is crazy enough, only now she's meant to kill Ginny because in Romilda's mind, Ginny is the only reason she and Harry aren't together. And so, it seems only natural to wrap up such a dark piece with Romilda actually going through with it and killing Ginny.


So this was dark and terrifying and I loved every second of it!



Author's Response:

I wrote this very long time ago and it's not one of my favorite pieces, but I enjoyed writing it. I needed to write something very different at the time and this fit the bill.  My view of Romilda has softened over the years, and I no longer think she's a stabby killer, but she makes a good character to do this sort of stalker character study on.


It's often the case that these stalkers believe that their prey is asking for it or that they did something to deserve it. I remember this was for a challenge that you had to use color to describe something and I knew that I wanted her jealousy to be a black rage instead of just a green-eyed monster as it's usually portrayed.

Glad you loved it and thank you so much for the nice review.

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