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Name: manno-malfoy (Signed) · Date: 18 Dec 2017 07:32 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Reverie Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi, I'm still her for the winter wonderland event.


 Since I really enjoyed your other story about Luna yesterday, I lunged at the opportunity to read this one that is centered just around Luna and Rolf before the kids came along (although if I caught Luna's drift correctly, they're coming soon-ish?) I really enjoyed how romantic and Christmassy this was. Even though Rolf wasn't there most of the time, we got to take a gander in Luna's mind, go down memory lane with her and travel down the timeline of their relationship and all the adventures they've had together to lead up to this moment. 


 I love that Luna tries to restrain herself until Rolf comes home; it's so unlike her to contain her curiousity, but I suppose love can make you do strange things. And more importantly, I love how easygoing they are, just hopping around from place to place, and giving each other simple but sentimental/significant gifts. It's exactly how I'd like to imagine these two, and I'm glad to see someone on here writing about them and doing it so beautifully. Luna is one of my absolute favourite characters (my Ravenclaw bias will always shine through), so I thoroughly enjoyed such a beautiful and accurate respresentation of her.

Author's Response:

This is one of my favorite stories that I've written, as I think it perfectly captures Rolf and Luna. You are correct that they are expecting soon!


I wrote this to force myself to write better description and sensory input which is often a weak point for me, and I think I mostly succeeded. Rolf's gift was meant to provoke the senses and stimulate memory which are often related to smell/sight/touch. Zephira being involved also felt very Luna to me, and I felt that she also added to the story.

So glad you enjoyed my Luna stories. She's my favorite character to write and my OTP of Harry/Luna will shine forever, even though it died in canon before it ever started. (Wah, wah).



Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 10 Sep 2017 04:11 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Reverie Chapter: Chapter 1

*HPFT MAGIC Review! "Review a Fluff Story"*


Carl! Hello! So I saw that this was Luna/Rolf and I immediately knew I had to stop by and read this. 


I honestly can say that I have never related more to a character than I did to Luna in this. I am TERRIBLE when it comes to surprises and gifts and things like that.  I was always the type of kid who found their Christmas presents weeks before and opened them. So when she was sitting there with that gift taunting her, I was like, "I feel ya, girl. I feel ya." She showed way more restraint than I ever did though hahaha. 


I really loved reliving Luna's memories with her. It was such a sweet little montage of her life after the series ended. And I ADORED that it was Hagrid who introduced Luna and Rolf. That little bit about the knowing look on his face, and Luna figuring he was playing match maker was so cute. I could almost see the smirk on Hagrid, knowing that they would hit it off. 


It wss a nice touch, adding how Luna received Fantastic Beasts when she was a child, and already being a fan of Newt's before she even met Rolf. With her love of magical creatures, I could definitely see that being true. I also really liked how you included the little mention of Dean in her memories, because I feel like most people don't really write him into Luna's life. And I always had the headcanon that they would have remained really close after what they went through together. The part with Harry kissing her cheek and telling her that her mother was there with her on her wedding day was super sweet, too. 


Im assuming that Luna being sick "again" is a nod to her possibly being pregnant with the twins? 


You write the behaviors of cats so, so well! I've definitely dealt with my own messing with the presents under the tree. And the tree itself haha. 


Rolf and Luna were so cute! I loved how he knew that she so badly wanted to open the gift while he was gone. And then the actual gift itself! Gah! So sweet and thoughtful! And then the memory summoning charm totally explained why she was pensive during the entire piece. It all came full circle. So lovely! 


This was such a great piece. Your writing is always a pleasure to read, and I'm so glad I decided to stop here and take a peek. Great job on this! I truly enjoyed it a lot! 


Lots of love, 


Author's Response:

Thanks so much for reviewing this old story of mine. I must admit that it is one of my favorite stories that I have ever written. I wrote it to challenge myself to use more description and sensory perception in my stories, and when I was writing it, the present tense in it just seemed to make the senses even more intense.


Luna being sick is definitely a nod to her being pregnant.


As you probably know, my OTP is Harry/Luna, but I had that OTP before I knew about Luna and Rolf, and once I found about about Rolf, I thought he was a perfect choice for her. Glad you enjoyed Hagrid being matchmaker and Luna realizing that was exactly what he was doing. Even though Luna once said Hagrid was 'a joke' I still think they might bond some over their mutual love of creatures and I could see them being friends when Luna was an adult.

I really wanted Rolf to have hand-made something special for her that involved all their time together, and I thought the sculpture with memory-triggering charms was clever, and I'm glad you enjoyed it, too.


Thanks again for the very nice review and it was a pleasure to find it here.

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