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Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2017 11:45 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Sobering Thought Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey there! 


Long time, no review! Traveling has been keeping me massively busy, but I had a lazy afternoon and thought I'd stop in and catch up on a bit of reading! So here I am! 


I picked this story because I always love reading stories about the house elves! Dobby is one of my favorite characters and one of the hardest deaths in the series, so I was curious to see if Winky would take it as harshly as I did. She certainly didn't seem to care for Dobby when he was alive.


Ahhh. She definitely does seem upset by the news. She tries hard to brush it off like she didn't care for him, but you can tell internally she's struggling with it. Dobby really was the only person who tried to help her in terms of elves and now that he's gone, she probably feels his absence. 


I'm glad that Pothos was there to help keep Winky distracted. The drinking was definitely not good for her. Now that she's sobering up, I think she'll realize just how bad all of the death eaters truly are. Though the Crouches were her family, I doubt that they were terribly good to her....and maybe this will provide her some perspective. 


I like that in the end she decides to avenge Dobby's death. I knew that deep down she must've actually cared for him. I thought the scene with her and Kreacher at the end was particularly fitting. It had a nice sense of finality..the two of them standing there, basically telling Dobby that he can rest in peace now. 


Lovely writing as always! You truly come up with some of the most clever concepts. 


All the hugs,


Author's Response:

Ah, now this deck I remember the inspiration for. It was that I thought and still do that there was no way that Molly defeats Bellatrix one on one, especially when angry about her attacking Ginny: in reality stress causes mistakes in these situations, not 'rage helps win.' I wanted there to be some distratction for Molly to take advantage of and I thought about the house-elves. This story worked backwards for me.


Also, I always wondered what became of Winky after Dobby's death, since he was the one who really seemed to care for her. I think the other elves would have been like you see here, and trying to help, but not really knowing what to do. I also think that Minerva would have stepped in earlier if she'd been aware of the situation.


Dobby's death really struck me hard, even more than Fred's, and I've written about him a few times.


Pothos was a good task-master, someone who knows the therapeutic value of work, especially as applies to a house elf. It took a while for her to gain the perspective as you said. SPEW forever!

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