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Story:Where I End and You Begin Chapter: Where I End and You Begin

Hi there! :) So while I never really read many of the books (though I know the plot) and I'm not actually entirely caught up on the tv show, Shadowhunters has always been one of those worlds which I liked reading fic about, yk? So I was so happy to find that you'd written a fic for them on here :D 


I loved the way that you framed Alec's realisation that Jace will always be there for him, but that maybe Jace's perfection isn't something he wants or should want to have for himself, over such a small, almost trivial thing. There was something great and incredibly realistic about it coming out almost nothing, yk? How Alec peeks inside Jace's room and sees, well, essentially still just a spare room. A ring and a red carpet and a bed; everything else white and plain and severe. It's a really kind of vivid image of how much Jace lost when he was young - and how little, really, he had. And I love that Alec, at the end, kinda gets that. So what if Jace can do a leap perfectly? Alec has family - imperfect family - but family nonetheless, and he has a home and things that mean stuff to him, and all those other things which matter. 


I love how Alec had to tell Jace he went into his room. It's so like him - rule-abiding, serious, having-to-mature-so-fast - to lie and then feel he had to put it right again. Alec has a serious justice-bent streak in him and I love that it goes all the way back to him as a kid :P 


That line Jace said to Alec - 'it's your house, you can do wherever you want', and then 'it's fine, it's just a bedroom' - made me surprisingly sad for him? Because yea, sure, it's just a bedroom, but it's a room in a house for him and Jace doesn't seem quite to get that yet - that it's his and that means he can say people can't go in, that people will respect that and obey it and understand it. That it's space just for him, and it's not really Alec's any more (or even his parents) because they've given it to Jace. And it says so much in those two lines about how he was raised and how little he was his own person - and it made me think that that's probably a huge part of his affection for the Lightwoods, because for the first time, he wasn't meant to be something or someone - he was just Jace, and that was okay, yk? And that's a devastatingly sad thing to think :/ 


This was such a good story though and I loved reading it :) 


Laura xx

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