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Story:Dudley and Lavender: A Love Story Chapter: Harry Returns Home

It was wise of Harry who didn’t say “yes, go ahead,” to Dudley. And I’m moved how Ron cared Lavender while their parting before going to Harry’s place for dinner. All conversations were full of care and affection each other.

Readers, including me enjoy how Harry bring up his children. It’s adorable to imagine how James and Albus were happy to welcome their dad and to be played with his magic. They don’t seem to quarrel sharing the same book, we can’t stop smiling at the scene.

It seems that the news, Dudley and Lavender coming was switched with Luna and Rolf coming, perhaps, Hermione misunderstood Ron’s message and told Ginny the wrong one?

Nobody can believe that Lavender could survive the war, which might cast shadow in their future. I wonder what exactly happened to Brown family after the war. J.K.Rowling didn’t tell about her future after that, so we can make up any story around her. I guess a sad story might come soon. Or will you prepare a happy ending?

I enjoyed Potter’s cooking scene. Harry helps Ginny a lot in the kitchen. I like it very much. Ginny is mischievous like her twin brothers, for she still bantered her husband using Dean.     


Author's Response:

Kenny, thanks for the review here and I'm sorry it took me so long to respond.


Ginny had run into Luna and Rolf and thought that was who Harry had talked to as well. Harry thought someone had told her about Lavender and Dudley. They were both surprised by each other's news. I had to canonically write their kids.

Harry is definitely wary of Dudley and his motives. He doesn't believe that people can really fundamentally change and he wants to be careful giving or appearing to give his blessing. Strangely, I have written several scenes of Harry and Ginny working together in the kitchen...I think it is something that humanizes both of them and shows the way they interact.

Rowling originally said that Lavender died, then that was taken off her biography, so now it's more up in the air. She's one of the few canon characters that we really just don't know about. I promise I do have a reason that Dudley and Lavender got together.

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Story:Dudley and Lavender: A Love Story Chapter: Dudley Returns

I really love how you describe Auror Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, the duo. I laughed from the start when I spotted this, “"Why do they always run?  Don't they know that once we put a Tracking Charm on them, that they can't get away?"

I enjoyed reading how they worked and came back to their office in the first half.


 And then, Harry’s cousin and Lavender who had been supposed to be dead since the Battle of Hogwarts, entered, the timing is well prepared and I enjoyed it as well.

 It’s shocking to know that Lavender lost her legs, as my impression about her was from the film, Greyback attacked her neck, not legs. And we can’t stop blessing the new couple, Dudley and Lavender since we know their history related with Harry and Ron. It’s pleasing to read Harry’s family and Ron’s family getting flourish from their talks. Readers instinctively wish that happiness will visit the new couple as well as Potters and Weasleys.

I wonder how Lavender was found by Dudley. Dudley grew up to work in British Army. I’m curious how he got the job and how they met each other. In the future, they will face various difficulty which lies between Muggle world and magical world. For now, Dudley doesn’t seem to feel any obstacles for their marriage. I wondered if his parents accepted their decision easily.  



Author's Response:

Greyback did attack her body, but in the book it was implied that she fell from the astronomy tower (or the balcony where she'd been with Trelawney) and that's how she lost her legs. They will really have issues in their marriage, including as you say, acceptance from Dudley's parents.


This story is one I keep meaning to go back to and rewrite, but new projects take up my time. Sad, because I know exactly how it goes.

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