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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Dec 2017 06:51 AM · [Report This]
Story:Fifty Shades Chapter: Fifty Shades

Omg Bram thinks about checking the spelling on his note as he's tying it to Simon's locker. This is so hilarious because Bram would totally have already checked the spelling on it like 4 times during and after writing it, and the fact that he does so again, in case any of the words like changed on their own or anything, it cracks me up. XD


'You’re turning seventeen in two days and you look like you just got a B on an English exam' - ahahaha omg, this also cracked me up. I love that that's the first thing he thinks of when he needs a definition of 'sad face'. They are nerds and I love them.


Bram's mom seems so great. Cake for breakfast is totally a legit thing because chocolate aka cacao is a bean so it's a vegetable. And eggs are in cake and they're good for you and also a breakfast item.


Ahahah yesss I'm so glad Bram found out how ridiculous Simon was about the t-shirt XD He had it for so long and didn't see the note - and poor Bram, after he finally summoned up the courage to leave the shirt there in the first place and then didn't get a response or see Simon wearing the shirt, he must have been internally panicking about that for so long. I'm glad he found out through the grapevine that Simon had his phone taken away and was just cuddling with the shirt too much to read the note :P Another great story, Julie! ♥

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