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Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 16 Sep 2017 09:26 PM · [Report This]
Story:Cat Fight Club Chapter: Fight Fight Fight


This is Renacerá from the forums (previously DarkRose/DracoFerret11 on HPFF!), here to review for you for the MAGIC House Cup activity! This time's challenge is to write a rhyming review, so I apologize if this sounds ridiculous, but I promise it's sincere! Here we go!

A fight club of more than one cat:
Now where's the story in that?
Well, I'll say that I, for one, loved this!
It's funny and wasn't a miss!

McGonagall's character was flawless.
The kitties weren't hurt and fought clawless.
At times I laughed out loud,
and think that you def should be proud.

My own kitty, Gumbo, loves napping,
or else maybe he'd win by trapping
the other cats under his belly
which is weighty and wiggles like jelly.

So, as for advice, I have one thing.
It's minor, but to you help may bring:
The last line of the story says "severely,"
then two words later says, "severely."

Overall, I found joy in this story.
I'm so happy that it wasn't gory.
I love cats more than I can say,
So this honestly made my day.

Phew! Well, I hope that was a helpful (and somewhat entertaining) review! I really do think this story was both funny and very cute. Your characterization, though humorous, was believable, and the description of the Room of Requirement, as decked out for kitties, was wonderful! So vivid, and I know that Gumbo would have loved to hang out in there. The story was great. It's very unique; I enjoyed it a lot; and I'm glad I found it. Thanks again!


Author's Response:

Oh, I'm going to go fix the double severely thing right now. I hate being redundant and repetitive and repetitive and redundant. Thanks for this nice review. I saw the tumblr post about this and knew I had to write the story, as I love kitties and love writing about them.


I really like the poetry and the review. I showed it to my wife and she got a kick out of it, too.

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