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Story:Awkward Silence Bram Chapter: Awkward Silence Bram

Bram is so relatable, I 100% relate to the thing about awkward silences in front of your crush, or when you're just able to give them a huge smile when they say hi to you but no words come out. You can really feel the discomfort in the beginning when he kind of just stands there watching Simon and like, it's such an awkward position to be in when you're trying to get your crush to notice you and want to seem witty and clever and not have sweat on you from soccer practice, but you freeze up. Poor guy :(


Awwww! I love the idea that Simon was the person who inspired Bram to put that post up in the first place, even if somewhat indirectly. I doubt he'd have done it if Simon hadn't said that the tumblr was "freaking addicting". :P


And he's so right - it really is liberating to be able to post personal stuff on the internet because of its anonymity. Isn't that what we all do as fanfiction writers? Most of us have never met one another, and for me (and I imagine so many more of us) our stories are very personal to us. Anyway, I love this story of how the tumblr post came about. Wonderful writing as usual ♥

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