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Story:Caution: You're Extremely Hot Chapter: Caution: You're Extremely Hot

So is now a good time to admit that this is the first coffee shop AU fic that I've ever read?


I feel like that makes me a bad fic reader or something, but still, I have now been introduced to them and can definitely say that I loved this one!


I loved the way that you managed to capture the essence of the book in this and largely follow the same plot, and yet completely transplant the characters to a university setting and have them getting to know each other all over again.  I kind of love the idea that Bram and Simon would end up together in any universe that they're in (call me a romantic :P).


This was such a classic case of Simon logic, and I think that showed how he puts everything together in the book the way that he does - I mean, if Cal wanted to give Simon his number, why not just bring over the drink and hand it to him without a coded message?  But I love the fact that all of Bram's coworkers basically made him give Simon his number, because he was getting too distracted at work when Simon was around.


The texting as a replacement for emails worked really well, and I can definitely imagine that happening - the fact that Bram wasn't the one to give Simon the phone number completely confusing him into thinking it's Cal.  All of the confusion over Bram's identity was really well written, and mirrored the book so well.


I wanted to give Bram a hug when he realised that Simon thought he had been texting Cal all this time, and the smile dropped from his face - that was so upsetting, and I kind of wanted to shout at Simon to pay attention, but I'm glad it all worked out in the end.


The note about the Oreos :P ah that made me laugh so much, that is definitely something that Bram would do for Simon.  I kind of want to see a whole college AU novel about them, now...


Sian :)

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