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Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 01 Aug 2017 07:24 PM · [Report This]
Story:Hufflelump Chapter: Hufflelump

Julie! <3


So I know that I promised I was going to review every single Simon fic you posted, and you can still hold me to that, but I'm just a bit behind on the reviewing thing after JulNo (I have read everything so far though!).  I love love loved this!


Ah I don't even know what to say except this makes me grin like an idiot because you write these two so well and they're just so cute together.  I've had a rubbish day today and this still managed to put a smile on my face, so thank you for that <3


Really, I couldn't not love this, could I?  I mean, your writing + Simon + HP references = perfection.


I'm just as unimpressed as Simon that Abby hasn't read the Harry Potter books or seen the films.  What has she been doing with her time??  (Although the fact that there were so many spoilers out already just makes me feel old, ugh.)  I'm glad that Simon takes his responsibilities as a friend so seriously and made sure that she had the opportunity for a proper education.


Nick playing the opening notes of Hedwig's Theme was great, too - like even though him and Leah always tease Simon about his Harry Potter obsession, he's not got away without knowing something about the fandom.  Well done, Nick!


I loved all the little references to the books in this (both Simon Vs and the HP books), like the fact that Simon had a thing for Goblet of Fire Daniel Radcliffe, and that Bram knows that - all the details which just show how well they know each other now and how far their relationship has progressed from where we see it at the end of the book.  They're just so adorable and comfortable with each other, and it's really lovely to read and see them at this point in their relationship.


The discussion about Hogwarts houses, and which house Abby is in <3 Let's face it, we've all had these conversations about our favourite characters in different fandoms, and our friends, and it was great to see Simon so focused on the discussion and Bram knowing enough to humour him and discuss it with him.  Although I'm undecided on whether Abby's actually a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff now, and I'm going with a solid Gryffinpuff (like me, yay!) for her at the moment.  And Bram is definitely a Ravenclaw!


The ending was really cute, too - I love the way that they're still so attracted to each other and make the most of the time they have alone like any other teenagers, but that we get to see a really rounded version of their relationship here.  This was just so cute and fluffy and lovely, thank you!


Sian :)

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