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Story:Something Like That Chapter: Something Like That

I KNEW THAT WAS A “THE HATE U GIVE” REFERENCE. I KNEW IT. AND THEN WHEN I READ THE AUTHOR’S NOTE THAT CONFIRMED IT I PRETTY MUCH SCREAMED IN MY SEAT. I love that book (I think I’ve mentioned this to you before, maybe? I’ve definitely talked about it a lot haha), and it’s one of my favorites, and at first I was just like “wait a second that’s just a happy coincidence that Julie used those names, isn’t it” before I decided it couldn’t have been. But omg I love the fact that Bram is related to Starr. I love that so much. Two of my favorite characters from two very different but equally important books? Y E S.


And the fact that Starr was the first person on Bram’s mother’s side of the family that he came out to? I love it. Also the fact that Bram knew Starr was hiding a secret boyfriend?? AMAZING. Can you write a more in-depth crossover sometime? I would kill to read it omg, I love crossovers so freaking much. And one between “The Hate U Give” and “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” would make me die from happiness, pretty much.




Oh my god, this was the absolute cutest thing I’ve read in such a long time. The fact that the two of them skipped lunch for two days, providing enough teasing fuel for their friends, is both hilarious and adorable. Pretty much every scene featuring Simon and Bram was filled with so much fluffiness and cuteness, from the soccer parts (lol at Bram’s friend’s teasing) to the phone conversation (Martin can go rot, even if I do feel a little sorry for him) was adorable.


I loved this. I love everything you write. <3





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