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Story:Let Not the Silence Break Chapter: Let Not the Silence Break

For the HPFT winter wonderland fort building! (Family theme)


Okay. So based on the summary and the banner I've got a big box of tissues right next to me just in case. I'm hoping the AU tag on this means you're bringing Fred back to life but I can never tell. Anyway, here goes.


First of all, wow. This was... not what I expected. I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this. How did they get there? Why is someone doing this to the twins? How could you be so mean to them as the author?? That aside - this is an incredibly powerful story. It just grabbed me in and I was emotionally invested in it immediately. The way you tell this story in silence is truly incredible. Every emotion and silent struggle and trauma they go through is just magnified by the other twin and by the fact that they are suffering in silence, and how each one is putting himself at greater risk just to make things easier for the other one in whatever way they can. What a horrible thing to have to go through, to watch your twin die.


<i>And when have they ever needed words</I>-- This is very true. They understand each other without words. But at the same time - when do they ever not use words? I can't imagine them without words. I know they don't <I>need</I> them, but their wit and jokes and everything is such an essential part of who they are. It's cruel to do this to them, you know?!


He might survive, but he won't live. -- OUCH


And in the end - well, what I think happened, Fred kind of lost some of who he was with this explosion of magic older than time, but he didn't die and neither did George. And in exchange for George's life, the silence is permanent. They are not who they were before, but they are both alive. It's honestly such an interesting ending, and with a story this powerful and emotional and with so much depth of feeling, the explosive and somewhat ambiguous end feels quite fitting. It's perfect.


You're right, this is absolutely the darkest thing I've read by you. But it's also an amazing piece of writing. Your writing style here is enviable, each sentence so profoundly crafted. How do you write so well?!?!?! This is an amazing piece and you should be proud of it.


I NEED TO READ A STORY ABOUT DOGS NOW. Or kittens. Or rainbows. Gaaaaaah

Author's Response:

Oh, this review was so unexpected! I had no idea you hadn't read this story before. Thank you, for such a wonderful surprise!

Yeah, those tissues are probably wise for this story...it's really pretty dark.

And yes, I was awful, wasn't I. I really don't...know how they got there, or why, or why I did this to them. It just came to me as a moment in time and I had to write it. If you wanna think up a way they ended up there, go for it. But, it just needed to get out of my system. 

I'm so glad you think it's powerful though! It hit me rather powerfully, but I'm never quite sure if that carries across to readers. 

I don't know what to say to all your comments there, except thank you. That's exactly what I was trying to convey and to know you picked up on all of that...it means so much. And yes, the horror of being helpless, and silent, and watching your twin brother die, that's what got me in the heart when trying to write this story.

Your point about them always USING words is to true...they might not need them, but they do enjoy them. And it's sad that has been stripped from them. And yes, I'm cruel. People tell me this all the time in reviews. I've decided it must be true. :(

I like your interpretation. Here's what I was thinking as I wrote this. You don't access power like that without having to give something in return. Balance, and all that stuff. So, because George means more to him than anything, he accepts silence in exchange for George's life. Plus, he dove deep into darker stuff - it kinda changed him. George, made no such deal, but he's loyal to his brother, and gonna stick with him in this new adventure because that's who they are. 

I don't really write that well. I'm so far down the "writes really good" list it's not funny, but I love you for saying it anyway. Thank you so much! 

I have a kitten story...but it's not finished. Maybe I should? (hugs) Thanks again!

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