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Story:That's Why I Love You! Chapter: That's Why I Love You!



Before I go start, can I just say that I'm so happy that I came upon this fanfiction and saw this was a Hinny fanfiction!?! I really adore and ship Hinny but yeah, anyway, moving on to the review!


Harry being nervous about proposing for Ginny is something I could imagine happening even though I'm also sure that he doesn't need to be since I'm certain no matter what she'll accept but I can slightly understand the nerves and what he's going through.I also love how this is taking place in Paris and I already like the sound of this wizarding restaurant in Paris since the part about the twinkly lights and the courtyard with the beautiful garden sounds pretty sweet and I can see why Harry wants to propose for her there and it makes sense that it's in the city of romance. Aww she even fixes his tie which is so cute!



I wonder what food they ate though since I don't think it was mentioned although I'm happy their course meal turned out pretty well for them and it's great that he and Harry seemed to spend time with each other chatting away about their lives as well as their dreams.



Ahh poor Harry wanted to propose to her and couldn't properly to her and I can also kind of understand the struggle that he was going through with trying to propose to her since it's such an important moment for him too. Oh my gosh, I laughed when Ginny was able to figure out that Harry was trying to engage to her and told him about it. She knows him so well, I love it!  The way she explains how she knows him so well was also funny but sweet to read. Awww.


I love that he's trying to propose her and then she announces that after he struggled to that she announces that she's pregnant and I honestly felt super happy for them when she did and I'm so happy that Harry's happy too haha. But seriously I love Hinny and so whenever I read stories about them I can't help but gush and just fangirl and I really think this is a really cute but short story about them.


"No other moment could be perfect."



I definitely agree with that line so much. Ahh Harry and Ginny are so lucky to have one another.  Seriously they do. I really enjoyed this and it was a lighthearted read! All in all, this was really good one shot with Hinny and definitely enjoyed it! Great job!



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