Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 16 Dec 2017 05:56 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Fundamental Misunderstanding Chapter: A Fundamental Misunderstanding

Hello again!

Oh my gosh, Brendon. You are so lovely. As per usual, I love the dynamic you have with Brendon as a character. He's got this very firm "responsible older brother" vibe, but it's not over the top. Something I loved about this story in particular was the fact that Brendon makes it clear that he trusts Astoria's judgment. He's not going to tell her what to do, which happens so often with male/female character dynamics. She's an adult and a smart woman and he knows she can make her own choices, which I love. The fact that he doesn't try to protect her or parent her was great.

Scared Draco was so endearing. It's rare to see him cowed, so I liked that he was hesitant in this conversation with Brendon, but I also liked that he didn't "ask for permission" to date Astoria or anything. She can make her own choices and doesn't need her brother weighing in. I also liked that he hates Daphne for what she did to Astoria. That is so wonderful, because it shows how much he cares about Astoria and how important her happiness and safety is to him.

Writing-wise, this was great as always. The one typing error I noticed was in the first line ("I was just finishing a letter just after three on a Monday afternoon") with the repetition of "just."

Other than that, this was wonderful. I like that this series gives us peeks into the different characters' lives and interactions from their points of view. And, as always, I'll read on! (HOW CAN I BE ALMOST DONE WITH WHAT YOU'VE WRITTEN FOR THE GREENGRASSES???)


Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 06:41 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Fundamental Misunderstanding Chapter: A Fundamental Misunderstanding

This was a really cute story.  I love the dynamic that is displayed here between Draco and Brendon.  I like how you also wrote about a brother who trusts his sister rather than wanting to kill any person who wants to date his little sister, though I do love how he decided to screw with Draco about it.  It was quite amusing.


While this is part of a series I love how this is also stand-alone alluding to a story beyond this one and yet self-contained. It gave a lot of depth and richness that sometimes can be lacking in a single one shot.  Not to say that the ones lacking a story beyond the one presented are bad but including it creates extra depth and flavor and I liked that. 


Also while this was a humor piece I love how you weaved in some poignant moments as well such as the imperious curse that was cast on Astoria and how there was a Slytherin that went back into the castle and fought in the battle (unless you sort Astoria into another house).  Still, it is cute how she teases Draco for having been on the wrong side of the fight - it makes their relationship balanced and cute.


I think my favorite part was the end with the unspoken remark about kissing being involved or Astoria being prettier than Brendon.  That makes me smile and was a perfect light ending to the story particularly after that moment of depth.  Overall wonderful work Beezie!

Name: manno-malfoy (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2017 10:22 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:A Fundamental Misunderstanding Chapter: A Fundamental Misunderstanding

Yay! A story from Brendon's point of view. We've only ever seen him in glimpses, and only from Astoria's point of view. And while I think Astoria understands Brendon very well, it's always nice to get inside a character's head and have them speak for themselves. Brendon, so far, is pretty much The Perfect Brother. I'd love to see other stories where we dig deeper into his life and see what kind of faults he has because no one is that perfect, no? That aside, I think Astoria is incredibly lucky to have someone who not only cares for her that much, but also respects her and her judgment. 


 I think what we also get to learn in this story is how much Brendon underestimated Astoria (even of only sightly). I mean, of course, he knows that she's strong and capable, and on that account he took her to the Final Battle. But apparently, he hadn't known how she'd been getting better, and how vulnerable she was willing to be around Draco. Although willingness isn't a characteristic that one can easily attribute to Astoria. But I suppose Brendon was well aware of that, and that's how he knew that Astoria probably cared about Malfoy so much, if she was telling him such serious and even painful truths about her life. 


In any case, this was certainly enjoyable. It's nice to see Draco, and in some sense, even Astoria from another angle. And it's always a pleasure to see the Greengrasses get Draco's knickers in a twist. He certainly makes it very easy and therefore fairly enjoyable. 

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