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Name: ReillyJade (Signed) · Date: 05 Feb 2018 02:21 AM · [Report This]
Story:Truth or Lies Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi! I’m here for your requested review. Sorry it’s so late. RL has been crazy!


You mentioned in your request that this doesn’t comply with info on Pottermore. In truth, I haven’t read that (*is bad fan :(*) so no worries there lol.


I love the way you have the “truth or lies” dilemma laced throughout this. It’s something that all parents face, particularly when having to address (or opt not to address) the tough stuff with the little ones. You asked if this came through in a meaningful way, and I definitely think it did. It’s obvious that Hope doesn’t want to lie to Remus, but knows she has to in some circumstances because he’s too young to handle or fully understand certain things. She does it to try to protect his innocence, and I think that’s a very powerful thing.


The ending just broke my heart! To me, one of the most compelling themes throughout the series is what happens when young people have to grow up too soon. We see it with teenagers dealing with things well beyond their years, but this takes it to a whole new level. Remus was four (I think?) when he was attacked by Fenrir. He basically lost his entire childhood, and here, we see him worrying about the emotional state of those around him. I’m not saying kids shouldn’t be conscious of other people’s feelings, but a four-year-old shouldn’t have to feel the need to lie to his mother about his well-being in an attempt to make her feel better. It’s so sad, and definitely shows what an impact this tragedy had on this little family.


And on top of that, he overhears his parents arguing about the whole situation. Kids at that age are likely to blame themselves for a lot, so it makes me even sadder to think of what comes after this. Do his parents keep fighting? Do they split? Does Remus spend years blaming himself for going out that night? Really, this all fits in with the Remus we know in canon (cautious, humble, and hard on himself), so that’s definitely brilliant on your part.


So, yeah… it’s okay. I didn’t need my heart, anyway. :p lol. Excellent job with this!





Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2018 10:58 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Truth or Lies Chapter: Chapter 1

I am. so very not okay. That last line broke me. I'm just sitting here, feeling...sad. Rose, I'm so sad right now, why did you do this to me. :(


Even before the actual story started, I was beginning to feel a little emotional, because that whole "truth or lies" poem really struck me. (I'm not sure if it's from somewhere, or if you wrote it, but if you wrote it, it's absolutely amazing omg.) It immediately reminded me of all the difficult problems that parents have to deal with, and how they sometimes lie to their children so that their children can smile and be happy.


You wrote baby Remus so well. (I realize he's not a baby in this story, but to me, any character under the age of thirteen is a baby, haha.) I really got the feeling that you know exactly what you were talking about when it comes to writing children, from their adorable quirks of speech to their easily distracted tendencies. And baby Remus exhibited all of that, and I was just so ready to reach through the screen and just squish his cheeks, he was so cute. (When he recited his name through the animals? I was about to die of cuteness. He's just too cute in this story omg.)


I felt really bad for Hope. Her husband did something morally wrong, and so she and Remus had to deal with the consequences. Instead of living the carefree life they deserved, they had to be extremely careful all the time, and I can definitely understand why she would take Remus out to the post office. She obviously wanted to leave the house, and she probably wanted Remus to leave the house for once, too. I just feel really, really bad for her, because I honestly don't believe it's her fault at all.


But let's talk about Lyall. He evidently loves his son a lot, but gosh, I was really mad at him this chapter. I wouldn't go so far as to blame Lyall entirely for his son's condition -- the blame rests fully on Fenrir Greyback, who actively made the decision to harm Remus -- but his prejudice did lead to this mess. And he has the nerve to blame his wife? Right.


I really liked the way you chose to depict Remus' parents, though. They were real and fleshed out and wonderfully written.


Remus, though. Poor baby. I'm just so sorry to him, that all he wanted to do was look at the moon, and instead he was mauled by a heartless werewolf. He was so pure, from the way he was reading (my heart just melted into a puddle of gold, he was so cute) to the color he picked for the card to the way he asked questions. I've never read a story about baby Remus before, and to me, this is just the perfect story. I really, really, really love this.


About this story's relationship with truth, I think you managed perfectly. Each time Hope debated between lying to keep her son's innocence, or telling the truth so that he would actually know what was going on, I was just feeling worried. Because I know that's a dilemma that parents go through, where you have to figure out at what point you start really telling the truth. But the most heartbreaking one was at the end, when Remus himself grew up a little and began to realize -- truth or lies?


That ending killed me. I'm just. an emotional wreck right now.


Loved it. <3



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