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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 13 Aug 2018 03:57 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Freaking Casanova Chapter: Freaking Casanova



Ugh the way you write Bram makes him so, so relatable. His floundering crushes that make him silly with happiness? Yes. His complete inability to actually say the words “I’m gay” while typing it out, easy as anything, to someone on the Internet? Yes. His confusion regarding how tolerant his family would be? Uh, yeah.


You’re amazing. And I always love reading your stories. So, so much.


I also love that you’re filling in all the blanks left by the books. I love how fleshed out you’ve made Bram as a character, and how you’ve taken the little bit of information we know about him from the book and expanded it to give him all the dimensions in the world. I know that Becky Albertalli has already given her stamp of approval for the way you write Bram’s voice, but I’m also gonna say it – everything you write sounds exactly like Bram. And I love it.


Bram’s total confusion at his dad’s Casanova gift was amusing to me, especially after having read Simon to the end. You conveyed all of this so well, by the way. <3


ALSO POOR BRAM, BEING ALL CONFLICTED ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT TO TELL SIMON. Goodness. I ship these two so so much, you have no idea. Just the way Bram thinks about Simon is so, so sweet. I love that he keeps trying to drop hints. I love that he overanalyzes all the little hints that Simon gives him, accidental or not. I love Bram. <3


(I always leave so many hearts at the ends of paragraphs when I leave you reviews haha.)





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