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Story:Respect. Power. Life. Chapter: Chapter 4

Of course I knew it would end like this. And once again, what's more shocking is how quietly it all happened, like it was no big deal at all. Of course, it's obvious that it was, break something else. Promises made as a teenager, ridiculous in their naiveté. I love this sentence, so simple and so powerful, just like Peter's choice is. And even if I hate him for it, I feel like I can't completely blame him, when he's been offered everything on one hand and torture and death on the other. And yet, it is just so wrong, and I can't even...

This was such a great trip into Peter's psychology and a possible way he was tricked into the Death Eaters. I will admit, it's very different from my headcanon, but it was so convincing and so realistic and so well executed and so terrifying. Spectacular job, my dear!

Thank you so much for entering the challenge and for giving me this enthralling story!

Lots of love,


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Story:Respect. Power. Life. Chapter: Chapter 3

Oh, poor Peter... well, actually, he should just tell Dumbledore, if not his friends, what's going on. I do understand he's trying to protect his Mum, still... you can't keep something so big for yourself, it's just too much. How could Bellatrix know if he asked for help? Dumbledore would have a solution...

But yes, I suppose I would be terrified of talking to anyone about it too. What's shocking about this is how coldly he's considering everything, evaluating the chances of one side of the war against the other, as if morals had nothing to do with it. Being so practical in a situation like this... it's weird, but it makes sense? And the way he observes his friends, suddenly seeing all the flaws Bellatrix listed... come on, Peter! Get yourself together! They love you and you know it! Stop being so spiteful!

But I do understand his thought process... I don't like it, but I understand it... and I love how you ended this, with him reassuring his mother that everything was fine. I could so picture that moment, I loved it so much. I wish I didn't know what decision is going to take in two days, but sadly I know... :( I guess I'll move to the last chapter now...

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Story:Respect. Power. Life. Chapter: Chapter 2

I knew it was Bellatrix! Well, I wasn't completely sure, but I did have a feeling it was her... and wow, their exchange... I'm a bit shocked about how straightforward she was, but it is perfect for her character. And how quietly and naturally she threatened to kill him if he refused... Of course his first reaction was a dry no, but I loved how naive and childish his complaints were and how relaxed she was in her answers. I loved that she used all those arguments about how his friends never cared for him, which is what part of him surely believes already, even if he's denying it now. The way she's playing all the right cards, and then that threat of murder at the end... once again, I'm just curious to know what happens next, so I'll move to the next chapter immediately. Great characterization and dynamics, anyway, I'm really loving this so far.

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Story:Respect. Power. Life. Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey, there, Mel!

I'm here checking out entries for my Peter challenge! Sorry it took me so long to come here, btw, I thought it would be better to read all entries together... well, I'm here now! ;)

Interesting first chapter... I'm not sure why Peter decided to go to an appointment without even knowing with whom whilst in the middle of a war he's fighting... curiosity and an unusual for him overconfidence, I guess? I still think it was a bit crazy, but I will accept it. Curiosity can be a quite powerful thing (since we are talking about power) and he is a Gryffindor, after all, so...

I absolutely loved his thoughts, how he wishes for James or Sirius to be there to give him support at first, how bitter and disbelieving he is at the suggestion that he is powerful... it's all so very much like him. I especially loved the contrast between his low self-esteem and his pride, like when he used the word oxymoron. It's funny, because in one of my fics I described Peter's life as a "neverending series of oxymorons", so we are in synch on this (and I love figures of speech, btw).

Now I'm really curious about how Peter will react at the request. I really want him to just say no and leave, but since I know how things are supposed to go, I guess this isn't the case? Why are making me sad already? Well, guess I'll just move to the next chapter and find out.


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