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Story:Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office Chapter: Professor Dire

That chapter title sounds quite dire and ominous.


Of course the great Harry Potter would know that James stole his Marauder’s Map! The first part of this chapter had me laughing a lot. It’s a lot of fun seeing Harry as a parent, though I’m not quite sure why Albus seems to think that Harry wouldn’t ever tell Ginny about James stealing the Marauder’s Map. She got into a significant amount of trouble at school as well, if I recall correctly (Dumbledore’s Army being the most memorable example I can think of).


I also think it’s very sweet of Harry to gift his son with the Invisibility Cloak.


So, first day of classes! That’s always a lot of fun. And I’m assuming that in this new friend group, Rose is equivalent to Hermione (except Rose seems to have a little bit of a stronger interest in Divination than her mother haha), and the other two are Ron. And this Professor Dire is the equivalent of Professor Snape.


This is exciting! I’m really curious to see what these children get up to in the future.



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Story:Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office Chapter: Professor Dire

I knew it, Albust would get Invisibility Cloak! It would be Albus to get it, if Harry were to give it, not James, to Albus. I am happy to see James seems to be satisfied with the map, too. It's quite interesting Harry could guess James had pocketed the map from the drawer before leaving. And he could imagine how Albus would react for his owl letter. A good plot! It's great to see the famous magical artifact passed from a father to a son.


Agh, Peeves! I like the scene one of Al's pals used twins's product to escape from Peeves. 


Rose acts in the class just like her mother and Al doesn't like it. The other lesson scenes are also well written. Neville was kind to them even when they were late for his class. I like such a professor. :) On the contrary, Professor Dire is not soft to his students at all. He is an antagonist, isn't he? Like professor Snape and Harry. Or I guess it's Dire who has a relationship with those dark wizards, right?






Author's Response:

I know, I'm glad Albus got the invisibility cloak too! It is honestly one of the coolest artifacts and coolest Hallows. I agree with Hermione in that it is the best out of the three Deathly Hallows. I wish I had one.


Al's friend (David) who escaped from Peeves does have his clever moments.


Since Neville struggled in school, I can see him being a very laid-back professor. Dire... not so much. Whether or not Dire has a relationship with those dark wizards is up to you to theorize.


Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Story:Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office Chapter: Professor Dire

It's really exciting to come back to this story as I read some of it ages ago and loved it!

Haha! I loved Harry's letter, the "I sooo know you stole my map, but it's okay" :p And yay for getting the Invisibility Cloak! I guess Harry is perfectly aware that his kids are going to break all sorts of rules, so this will make it at least so they don't get in trouble as much for it :P

Poor Art, he really is having the toughest time adjusting! All the weird plants and the ghosts and Peeves (whom I was super excited to see in here haha).. it's cool because you're reminding the reader of all the magic in the wizarding world, kind of like how Harry first saw everything in the first book.

What a twist on things. A cheerful Potions Teacher, I can't even imagine what the class would be like. It just seems like such an alien idea. XD And a cold, calculating Tranfig professor, he's going to be one to watch out for. I wonder if the students will learn to just raise their hands when they don't know the answer, to avoid being called on? Kind of like reverse psychology.

Ooh, is Rose interested in Divination? I bet her mum would be thrilled. :p

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response:

Glad to see you've come back, and thanks for transferring your other reviews!



Harry knows his kids are going to break rules, because they're Potters, so his mindset is "Well, let me at least make it so they don't get caught". Harry doesn't really have the right to discipline them when he broke rules are the time. And he doesn't even have the "I was fighting Voldemort" excuse for a lot of them- for example, crashing a flying car into the Whomping Willow might have gotten him expelled if he hadn't been Harry Potter. And that crash was not helping anybody.



Art's obviously not adjusting perfectly, but that's because everything is so new to him. He'll figure it all out soon enough.



I know, cheerful Potions teacher! Such a difference from Snape. And I love your idea of students raising their hands when they don't want to be called on, beacuse Professor Dire is 100% based on a math teacher I had when I was 11, and that's what I did! Sometimes I would raise my hand so I wouldn't be called on. Obviously, when I was 11 I didn't know it was called reverse psychology, but it worked! When I had my hand up the teacher didn't call on me.



Haha, yeah Rose is interested in Divination, and I bet her mum doesn't like that too much. I think Hermione would be okay with it, because she doesn't want to hinder her daughter, but if Rose is talking about how amazing Divination is at the dinner table Hermione would not like that much.



Thanks for coming back to the story, and thanks for reviewing!

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