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Story:Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office Chapter: Rose Gets Detention

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Happy Review Hot Seat Day!!

Rose is getting just a touch overbearing, isn't she! I mean, stalking him at all times to make sure he's not alone. It's kind of her to look out for him, but I can understand why Albus is annoyed, hahaha.

“Who are you?” the leader of the group sneered -- For being a bully, this person is pretty thick. I mean, it'd take a decade of living under a rock to not know who Harry Potter's son is. Ahaha.

Woo! Roxanne is definitely a good person to have on your side! :P

Oh no, if the post is being watched then Albus can't tell his dad! He should have done it earlier! Gah! Well, now I guess he has a reason to stick his nose into things that are far bigger than an eleven-year-old should have to deal with. Or, he could devise a method of sending a letter without Filch reading it. I'm sure there are ways to do that. Send it via Thestral? :p

Awesome chapter! REading the next right away!

Author's Response:

Thanks for transferring the review!


You raise a lot of good points. Rosier not knowing who Albus is is kind of silly, and Albus really ought to have figured out another way of contacting his dad. Oh well.


Glad you enjoyed it!

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