Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 13 Aug 2018 08:49 PM · [Report This]
Story:Inconsistent Geometry Chapter: A Triangle with Only One Side

Hey there!


I’m popping by to leave you a review for Quodpot Match 3 because this story has no reviews on it!


I have to say that I found this story a bit confusing at first. I couldn’t figure out why the mc was talking so much about Agatha when he’s living with Baz. At first, I was worried he was planning to leave him for her. About half way through I realized what was going on. 


I like the bit about breadcrumbs from Baz. It’s sweet when he gives his hand a squeeze as a thank you. Those are the little moments you see between old couples. They don’t need words to communicate. 


Its interesting that theres this little love triangle going on between Agatha, Baz, and the MC. I wonder if that caused a lot of tension with Agatha since she was into both of them and they ended up together.


I like the bit about making truces causing you to fall in love. I giggled a bit after reading that. Hate to love is definitely a thing. I’ve witnessed it a few times.


Nice work!



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