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Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 10 Mar 2018 01:19 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Different Chapter: Different

Hi, Jill. As I have watched bbc Merlin and I was impressed by the relationship between Gaius and Merlin at first, honestly I enjoyed this story. I remember it was Gaius who appeared first on the drama, episode ‘. I recognize he is one the most important characters in the story. So I got pleasant to know you wrote about him. You didn't betray my expectation. Your description is perfect for him, Gaius who is an old potioneer and Merlin's protector. I could imagine how he tried hard to take care of Merlin in spite of his physical condition and how he was sure about it, he loved the lad. 


I was relieved to find you set a space for Merlin to breathe after being bullied. Thanks to Gaius, Merlin felt relived and he felt that he could do better for prince Arthur, he could do something different from the other boys. We, readers feel easy reading Merlin would get confident in himself. 

Author's Response:

Hi!  Thanks so much for this review!  I also love Merlin and Gaius's relationship.  I find myself writing a lot of stories that kind of focus on it.  It's nice for Merlin to have someone that cares about him AND knows about him.  

Your compliments are so kind!  That you think I got both characters right, and loved their interaction.  You are awesome!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 06 Mar 2018 10:41 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Different Chapter: Different



It's so wonderful coming back to read your writing. I always feel so comforted by your writing style, it's always so clear and descriptive and expressive without being too wordy. From the very first words, I could practically see Merlin's weariness right in front of my eyes, and you painted the tenderness that Gaius holds for him so beautifully.


When Gaius came to the realization that this protectiveness that came over him was like a parent's, I was just like, "AWW." My heart grew five sizes hahaha. And even though Gaius never truly explicitly states this, his love for Merlin is so evident by the way you write his thoughts regarding our adorable boy. Even reading about how he treated the wounds was cathartic in a way, because the amount of love I could see in his actions was just so soothing and lulling and relaxing, and I just love reading stories like this, of a father/son relationship of sorts.


I thought you handled the theme of bullying really well, too. Though most bullying cases are more emotional than physical, I thought that the bitterness and self-loathing within Merlin was extremely accurate. It really broke my heart, when he kept insisting that he was less than everyone else, and that there was no way people would ever be able to like him. Thank goodness for Gaius's kind and nurturing words, and thank goodness for Arthur (for being there for Merlin, even if Arthur has absolutely no ideas how to express his friendship hahaha). I really liked the mentions of Arthur.


And I just absolutely adored how this whole story ended on a hopeful note. This was touching and very sweet, and I really appreciate that you sent this story in my direction! <3



Author's Response:

Eva!  Thank you so much for coming by this little story.  It's so nice to have your amazing reviews again!  


Do you really think that about my writing?  Gah, I'm dying.  THANK YOU!  I worry so much that my writing is bland or confusing.  That I dance around things and never just say them the way I should.  You've really made my day by writing this.


You know, I have now written three stories that focus in some way on Gaius's relationship with Merlin.  I'm not even sure why, but apparently this fascinates me.  Just the thought of this old man and this teenage boy somehow forming this father/son relationship and filling the holes in each others' lives.  So, I'm glad you found that coming through in the story as Gaius cared for Merlin.  It makes me happy.


I agree that often bullying is more mental than physical, which is so sad in it's own right.  I do think, though, that back in Merlin's time, bullies would not have hesitated to do both.  And yes, poor Merlin.  He does not deserve such treatment, nor should he think so little of himself.  But, that's why he has Gaius and Arthur and others - to remind him that he's worth just as much as everyone else - sometimes more.


Thank you!  I have thought of a little sequel to this, so when I eventually write it and put it up, I'll let you know in case you want to come back and see where it goes next.  And as always, THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING REVIEW!!!


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