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Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 24 Apr 2018 03:10 AM · [Report This]
Story:Laundry Day Chapter: The Washing Machine

Hi there! I’m (finally) here to leave reviews for the Domesticity Challenge. Thanks so much for entering; this was honestly such a delight to read!


I think what struck me the most about this story was how innocent and sweet it was. To me, it was a perfect snapshot of Harry and Ginny’s relationship, of all the reasons why they really work as a couple. I loved the sense of equality you conveyed in their relationship, how they split up the duties, how Harry wasn’t patronizing in any way (not that he would be; that’s one of the reasons I basically completely reject The Cursed Child from canon, but that’s a story for another day haha). I really liked how calmly and how well Harry explained how to do the laundry; it sort of reminded me of his days teaching other students in Dumbledore’s Army. (I honestly believe that Harry is best suited as a professor!).


I loved that Ginny was also so honest with why she didn’t know how to wash her own clothes. I feel like in most fanfics and in society in general, women are expected to just magically know how to do these domestic chores and take pleasure in doing them; I liked that Ginny sort of rejected that idea. I think that really fits with her character—someone who is bold and won’t stand to be defined in any particular way.


I loved the simplicity of this moment, too. I think you really did well with the theme, taking something that can often be really dull and monotonous like doing the laundry and turning it into a depiction of Harry and Ginny’s relationship. I especially liked Harry’s sentiment about how relaxing folding is; I do the laundry at my house so I can attest to this being true. But also, to me, that line reflects why this story works: you’ve turned something that’s usually boring into something that’s sweet and relaxing.


I also loved the less innocent moments, Harry and Ginny’s fiery kisses. I’ve always felt that they had really powerful chemistry, and I think you conveyed that really well. Their banter was also really natural and super cute; after reading this fic, my heart is light and I can’t stop smiling.


My only constructive criticism would be that sometimes the emotional tone of the story felt a little flat. It’s really hard to get that right; I think having a little descriptive imagery to paint a picture of the setting would help in that. You could describe where Harry and Ginny live, too, and make that another microconcept for their relationship. But all in all, this was very well done, and I really enjoyed reading it! :)

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