Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 20 May 2018 03:13 PM · [Report This]
Story:more interested in dragons Chapter: more interested in dragons

Hihihi, dropping by for the Claw Nargle Review Fest :) I was looking through the Claw tag on here, trying to find something to review, and this looked so good I couldn't resist :) 


(Also, I've always headcannoned Charlie as ace and homoromantic, so, yk, this is pretty close to my own headcanon :P) 


I actually really like that you ignored the fact that the definitions of things like bisexual and so on weren't really used in the 1980s (though normally I'm a bit of stickler for historical accuracy, haha), because it just, well, it worked better, yk? Especially in the context of coming out and telling your parents - and reactions which aren't, well, the best. And I kinda loved how Molly didn't react well at first, because she wants grandchildren and thinks that happiness is marriage and children - and later, with Charlie, admits that she didn't react well when Bill came out, that she let her own biases affect her judgement and so on. I suspect the war probably helped - because, yk, it makes you think about what's important in life, and to stop overthinking things and perhaps, in Molly's case, to realise that love is love is love and that if that's what's important to her, that and happiness, then what does it matter if it's a man or a woman or neither? 


But I loved how you showed her evolution, and Bill and Charlie's friendship as brothers - how they're close enough that they're the first each other tells. And how Arthur, who's always so laid-back in canon, just takes everything in stride, even if he does require an explanation :P 


Honestly, this was just a really sweet one-shot, you handled the coming-out issue so well, and your characterisation was just so spot on. Seriously impressive - I loved it :) 


Aph xx

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