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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 14 Aug 2018 01:09 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:pillar of salt Chapter: don't look back.

Hey O/!


I loved the imagery you weaved into the opening section, and I especially enjoyed how the physical running and the concept of running away are the same concept in this. The idea of colors being 'for someone' or apart of someone is really neat, too -- how the dull and murky colors best suit the main character more than the vibrant red of their hair. The idea of forget-me-nots truly screaming reminders because of their delicate color really lended to you imagery in this. It's quite relatable to try to run from something, only to have it haunt you relentlessly.


The flashback to Victoire and Teddy was tragic. It have been awful to know that, even though he wasn't drunk (like usual), he was (instead) unfaithful. It feels very obvious like a lie when Teddy is trying to feed her exuses for the lipstick and I feel incredibly bad for Victoire.


To be so far lost in your own head that you don't recognize a sob to be your own is a terrible place to be. I absolutely adore how you tied in Lot's wife and what would happen if she turned back, which makes your title for this absolutely beautiful. The obstacles preventing her from running away (the roots that trip her, the forget-me-nots that chant to her, etc.) feel extremely metaphorical in this instance, like they're representative of obstacles in her subconscious that refuse release her. This and her constant self-deprecation, feeling as if her family could never forgive 'what she's done' leads me to believe that something awful happened once Victoire discovered that Teddy cheated on her. 


What's worse is that she didn't mean to kill him, just to get him to release her, and pushed him down the stairs. It was an accident, though I can see why she would be terrified into fleeing. The idea that she is the one alive and she can't do anything to change what just happened is haunting as she dives into the woods.


The ending is perfectly tragic, where she finally does look back and darkness envelops her, the weight of what happened crashing down on her as she wishes she actually would turn into a pillar of salt.


Very beautiful and so well done!




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