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Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 17 Nov 2018 02:23 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Withering Chapter: Withering

Maaaan. Today is a day for crying, apparently. I read something earlier and my vision got really blurry and I hoped no one saw me. And then I read this, and again, vision blurry and hoping no one looks over. I knew I should have brought tissues with me. 


Okay, so I haven't read too many James-Lily-Harry at Godric's Hollow pieces, and after reading yours I clearly need to read more of them. When reading the books, I don't think most readers stop and think about what is was like for James and Lily to live in one house for an extended period of time that was indefinite. We get a little glimpse from Lily's letter to Sirius, when she asks him to stop by. So I'm glad you could flesh it out a bit more. 


It was endearing of Sirius to do research for them. He's a good friend. And I would never have thought to make the comparison of them to Holocaust victims, but I now see the similarities. And I mean that in no way to diminish the sufferings of Jews in the Holocaust. If anything, this has made me think more about Jews in hiding during the Holocaust. 


The line, "You know there's a possibility that, no matter what we do to prevent it, he'll find us," breaks my heart. It's so incredibly sad and hopeless. And it's even sadder because we know that Voldemort did find them. Blaaarg. Today's such a crying day. 


Reviewed for RvG November. Go GOLD!

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 15 Aug 2018 05:02 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Withering Chapter: Withering

Hi Gina! Leaving a review for Quodpot Match 2 :)


I’ve actually read the companion fic to this, and was searching for the angstier version and I’m so glad to have found this. I’m feeling so many emotions right now—the most painful of them being this sort of bittersweet happiness. The most heartbreaking thing to me about James and Lily’s death has always been that they were just so young—and I think here, you demonstrated exactly why that was so sad. They were in their prime when they died, just starting lives that were bound to be extraordinary; their displeasure and ennui at being forced to stay inside, to me, reflects their vivaciousness and vitality and all that life cut short so soon and so brutally. Ugh. It’s tragic. 


I loved your depiction of how stir-crazy Lily and James went. I think I’d always imagined that their last few months would’ve actually been somewhat peaceful and perfect—or at least, hoped that. But I think your depiction is so much more realistic; I can’t imagine not having the freedom to just walk outside, to take a breath of fresh air. And being stuck with a baby too—even one as cute as Harry! No wonder James wanted so desperately to go outside. Lily’s intense fear and anger at James for almost doing that broke my heart. 


I also really loved how their insecurities came to surface too. James thinking he’s a shit husband and father, wanting to do something desperately for Lily but being unable to—these feelings are things that are so human, and you’ve depicted them perfectly. I sympathize with James so much—especially knowing that his parents have died only recently, sort of leaving him to fend for himself in this situation. 


The final moment with James and Lily during their conversation about the afterlife was really heartwarming and filled me with a sort of hope. I’m sad that their last moments weren’t pure perfection—but I’m happy that they can find that joy in the afterlife. And yet, I feel like a piece would still be missing eternally, because they wouldn’t have Harry with them. So basically, I’m left feeling happy and wanting to cry at the same time—and incredibly impressed by all the emotional nuances you’ve incorporated into this piece, which isn’t very long at all. 


Superb job, Gina, I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it! <3 

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 30 Jun 2018 07:57 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Withering Chapter: Withering

Transffered from the olf hpff, 20th August 2015:


Hi, Gina. I tried to review this as Team Gold but Kaitlin was faster so anyway, I’ll leave a review. (Kevin also cheers us @Review Races.)


 I sometimes avoid reading the story about James and Lily, because I know they are going to die in the end, it’s sad to read through. But when I finished reading your story, I didn’t regret that I stopped by. It’s written very beautifully. You wrote about their stuffy occluded situation that they’re forced to be trapped inside the hiding place. I could understand how James felt irritated the predicament and how they escaped from Voldemort with nothing but the old clothes on their back with Harry. It's very heartbreaking to read James asked Lily about their afterlife.


 The cheering part here is the scene when he tried to humor Harry. The description that they cling together is well written and it moves us to tears. You set the relationship between James and Lily persuasively. James wanted to act impulsively, he couldn’t bare the blocked up situation. Lily played a part to reprimand him like she used to do that before. I was afraid that the act triggered tragedy that Voldemort found them. But I was greatly relieved to know it didn’t. You secured the modest family gathering moment for them now.



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