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Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 15 Jan 2019 04:58 PM · [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Better To Run While You Still Can

Hi!! I'm stopping by for Magical Menagerie and RvG - Team Red, and also because I adore this story so, so much I can't stay away!


I'm so emotionally invested in all your characters, I can't even tell you how much I love them all! Even the mean Slytherins - they're all so well-rounded and interesting. I like that Cassie seems to be a little more relaxed these last couple of chapters, even though her default seems to be guarded and anxious. It really shows she's growing as a character.


I loved Sirius's card: ‘To a miserable cow'. Cheeky sod. Still, Cassie didn't seem too offended so I guess they're making progress, eh.


There were so many scenes in this chapter that I loved, so many quotable moments...such as when Pyra notes that "subtle isn't a Gryffindor strong point, is it?" That is so true!

"The last Slytherin to enter was twenty-nine years ago... He was trying to set us on fire." She mused from her canvas. This was hilarious and just points out how students don't actually visit other Houses much at all. I did laugh out loud at that though. I probably shouldn't read this at work.


I loved that Pyra came to the Tower for the sleepover, it was a nice touch to have them all ‘officially' meet each other. I like how Emme thawed towards her after a conversation about the boys, rather than just hate her out of principal, it felt natural.


The ending was super dramatic and although, there didn't seem to be any other outcome for Mary, it was still really sad.

Great job, as ever! Tasha xx

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2019 10:02 PM · [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: The Black Lake

Deni!! I'm here for Menagerie and RvG - Team Red. 


Gosh I love this story, I really just want you to post new chapters every single day and give me my Marauders plus Cassie fix! I'm a bit behind too which means I can binge! Lovely!

The opening was hysterical - you know someone would have absolutely announced James and Lily's first date to the entire school. Jumping ahead to when Sirius tells Snape about their date was really something...I never really thought about what his reaction to them dating would be, weirdly! I liked how you did that.

I really love your dialogue. Both Cassie's chats with Remus at the beginning and Sirius in the secret passageway were really well done and all the characters have such distinguishing voices. They all have different paces too. Sirius is all over the place, full of energy and "whatevers" and Cassie is stern and serious, when she's talking to him anyway.

The Prank was executed brilliantly and I love that Cassie had a hand in it, she doesn't really get to let go much, so it was good to see her show the boys a thing or two. I love how the Marauders plan so much they actually have Dung as their dealer! Brilliant.

Tasha xx    

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 11:23 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: And in a Moment

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! THEY KISSED!!!!! I knew it was coming! I knew it!

Okay, sorry, pulling myself together...

Hello, Deni, dear! Here for the magical menagerie! ;)

Ah, Christmas chapters are my favourite kind of chapters! Especially when a lot of love stuff happens... and yes, there were sad bits, too, of course, but mostly I've had this stupid grin on my face through it all, so that's great! :D

But let's go with order... the dueling scene... that was so much fun! James the duck... ahahah! That's the best! You did a great job with the scene, it got the right amount of motion without being overwhelming and, of course, a lot of interesting developments... (no, Cass... you and Sirius were totally NOT flirting...) And poor Peter, of course he wouldn't stand a chance... (well... you know me... I always feel sorry for Peter...)

Euphemia Potter... it's so sweet that she offered to take Cassie in, just like she did for Sirius... she's just the perfect mother and I already love her, even if we didn't really see much of her. James is so lucky...

And then the Evans... it must be fascinating for someone like Cassie to stay at a Muggle house. Of course Petunia (and Vernon... oh, my, I really hate Vernon) would make a scene at the girls using magic...

And then New Year! I bet the Potters' parties would be glorious! It was so nice of Lily to invite Sophie, too. That girl truly needs friends right now... :(

And then you throw in that announcement from Lily! And my Jily shipper heart exploded! I love that her first reaction would be slapping him, that's so Lily Evans... but I'm glad she said it back in the end. Those two are so sweet and made for each other and I don't care if people disagree! James is wonderful, I dare anyone to say the opposite! I loved their kiss at midnight! <3

But then there is the Kiss we were all waiting for!!! Finally!!! It was such an emotional moment, and of course there is a lot of hurt there... but I'm so glad they have each other, that they've gone through the same experiences and can truly understand what the other is going through. It made me so sad when Sirius told her how he spent the first week just sitting on that bench... I have no idea what I would do if my family disowned me... of course it was James who shook him out of it. I'll say it again, James is wonderful!

But anyway... THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry... this review is a mess... but I loved this chapter so, so, so much! You are amazing, dear!

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 12 Jan 2019 06:09 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Home

Back again for Team Leucrocota! :)

So, she watched as they killed Mary? I was starting to have that feeling, but having it confirmed now... oh, Merlin! That's awful! Oh, Cassie... I feel so, so bad for her... :(

It was such a nice thought from Lily and Emmeline to have Cassie over for the holidays (they could have told her in advance... but that's not really important...) When Leila showed up, though, I was scared and I sort of wished they never asked. I'm glad Cassie got out of it, but I'm still sad that all this is happening. What exactly was on that letter? I have an idea, but I wonder if there might be more than I imagine. And Leila is pregnant? I'm not sure how that makes me feel, honestly...

Okay, but... Sirius. I love him. I love how he's matured in this short time. I loved the thestral scene (I can understand what Sirius means about wanting to see them... they must be so fascinating... of course, no one would actually want to see them, but... complicated stuff... and I'm starting to have bad thoughts, so I'll shut up now...) I chuckled at the werewolves' bit... Sirius is such an idiot... but that's exactly the reason I love him so much!

I'm sure I'm forgetting to comment on something, but just, this was another great chapter! And I will be back soon (maybe tomorrow?)

Snowball hug,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 12 Jan 2019 05:24 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Quaffle, Whisky Chaser, Wand.

Hey, Deni! Here for the magical menagerie, team leucrocota! :)

Ah, a Marauder Era fic (or any HP fic, really) is not complete without a good Quidditch match, is it? You could have let Hufflepuff win for once, though... :P

Anyway, I loved the opening scene, with the late night practice. Poor Cassie, I was freezing for her (wonderful descriptions as usual, btw). And I absolutely adored your description of Lewis, I know he's a very minor character, but I loved how you gave us such a clear picture of him with a single paragraph. You are that awesome!

And the match in itself was great, too. Also, I think I mentioned this already, but I love James and his friendship with Cassie. I always enjoy seeing them together. :)

And Jily!!! Give me all the Jily, please! Those two are my life! It's so great to see them together, being happy and relaxed and... aww... they are just adorable... And Sirius approaching Cassie during the party... I'm loving the development of their relationship more and more.

But into the dark part (because you couldn't just give me a plain fluff chapter, no. You had to ruin it with Avery and the Death Eater clan... of course you had to, I just enjoy pretending to be angry...)

At first, I was scared by Eddie's appearence, after he'd been so malicious in the last chapters... but he was actually there to warn her... he still cares... and that simultaneously makes me feel sympathy for him and angers me even more...

And of course I'm worried for Cassie... and sad because she's losing her family like Sirius did, and that's just awful... she probably should follow Eddie's advice and not go home for Christmas... I'm scared of what she might find there... Also... One night when she was woken up and dragged out of bed to find a scared, beaten blonde girl lying on the floor of her dining room. Did I lose a passage here? I don't know if I want to know...

This story is so good! You are really doing a brilliant job with the development of Cassie's character, and your writing style is just lovely, but I'm sure I told you before.

Heading to the next now!

Lots of love,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Jan 2019 01:40 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Down Into the Dungeons

Deni omg I’m literally the dumbest reader ever, I totally missed that Eddie was the Edmung Avery (did I get his full first name right) from the beginning of the story. I think it was because I misread a section and I kinda thought ‘Eddie’s last name was Rosier, while I always thought the Edmund guy was someone else entirely. Okay, wow, I’m so dumb. Everything makes more sense now (not that it was ever confusing before, but things are even better now).


Anyway. Eddie just really had things wrong, didn’t he? Perhaps Cassie could have been more definitive in her ideas of their relationship (or maybe she wanted him to believe she liked him so that he would help her?) but wow that kiss really freaked me out there. Good thing it didn’t last long. Good thing she pushed him away.


Oh, Sirius. It’s just. Why would he be off doing…things with Sophie when there are way more dangerous things happening daily at the castle? Okay, I guess he has the right to continue doing anything that he feels like doing, but it’s not like these little flings are serious relationship!! Why doesn’t he focus more on what’s happening now!! Though I did feel bad for him when he heard the news about James and about his brother. That couldn’t have felt good, to know that you missed such an important fight.




Great chapter!!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:32 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Bloody Lines



Okay, first things first. Sirius’s reaction to her Patronus is so interesting. Slightly off topic, but I wonder if only people who’re able to see thestrals can have them as a Patronus? Or if the Patronus is assigned to you from birth, no matter what your experience with death is? Anyway. Just some worldbuilding questions for our dear Jo Rowling. Anyway, Sirius’s reaction makes me wonder what was so shocking to him. Because he seemed to know the situation that made her able to see thestrals, right? And did he witness the same thing as her? He can see thestrals, too, right?


I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT I CAN’T WAIT FOR TO BE ANSWERED. I wonder if Sirius and Cassie will ever have a serious conversation together about something like this. That would be an interesting chapter.


Also, I really liked the last part of this chapter because Cassie, like, leapt straight into action. It was very impressive, and it made me admire her even more as a character. Hopefully her “eff the Dark Lord” thing will make it around the school to settle the debate about her Death Eater-ness once and for all. (And then maybe a certain overbearing prick will feel embarrassed.)


But there are so many tensions right now, it’s so stressful. I can’t wait to read what happens next!!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:13 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Silvery Wings



Okay, so back to the beginning of the chapter real quick. The whole debate over whether Cassie was a Death Eater or not was a little stressful to read through, especially since we, as readers, know for a fact that she is not (though whether she may become one is a different story). I appreciated that Lily was on her side! It couldn’t have been fun for Cassie to sit there and listen.


But I’m also wondering why Cassie doesn’t try harder to prove herself. The only reason I can think of is that she doesn’t feel like she should have to prove herself, because it’s not her fault that she was born in a Death Eater family – but still, people are born into different families and therefore have different responsibilities. And hers should be to stand up more firmly for what she believes, I think. Like, I can understand why Sirius and Sophie have doubts, and I think it’s largely because Cassie never really says what she’s thinking.


It’s interesting to think about!


And I’m a huge sucker for Patronus scenes. I always love seeing James’ Patronus come right after Lily’s, because of how similar the two are. And I was actually kinda expecting that Cassie’s Patronus would be a snake – but a thestral is much more mysterious and interesting. I guess there is a way for people who haven’t seen death to see thestrals, because of this Patronus form.




Another great chapter!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:02 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: A White Flag

Honestly, sitting down and hiding someplace and just avoiding everyone sounds like  perfect way to deal with things for me. Who would want to talk to people and have actual human conversations, amirite? Also, sometimes talking to people is just too stressful. Communication’s great and all but like, whenever I’m sad I just hole myself up like a hobbit.


All that was to say that Cassie’s behavior was relatable, if not the most advisable.


Pyra seems like such a sweetheart – I wonder what future roles she’ll play in the story! She seems to be of a rebellious sort, as well, given the fact that Cassie’s mother didn’t want them hanging out together, and with Sirius Black chasing after her, who knows? Anyway, these few glimpses I’ve seen of Pyra have made me like her very much already, so fingers crossed nothing bad happens to her!


Cassie’s love for flying is beautiful to read about. I love these couple lines: [“She glowed in the dying light. The sunset turning her skin a warm gold and bringing out the hints of hazel and the tawny strands in her hair.”] They’re quite beautiful. And that whole scene at the end with James trying to get her to stay by using her love of Quidditch was quite heartwarming – it was so nice to see him doing something so good for her that would also keep her home. And though I wonder if she’ll ever reach a point where she stays because she wants to help in the war, this is a good start.


I love this story!!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 09:05 PM · [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: And in a Moment






just screaming at this whole chapter in general.


the dualing scene is just so fun. I like change of pace as some chapters have been quite dark lately so it's nice to see them being quite silly. I love that she turned him into a duck and remus' scream was just perfect moment. Who doesn't like a bit of high intensity flirting from Cassie and Sirius. ha


ignoring Cassie and Sirius (which obviously I would never do) but the Jily feels in this chapter were so good. I've enjoyed them as little side romance. it's really sweet, it feels like a good contrast to Cassie/Sirius. [sidebar: SASSIE. OMG. that's the best.]. I just love lily told him that he was being stupid haaa!


I cannot get over the trope goodness, I thought you were going to do the midnight kiss and I was so looking forward to it! you tricked me but I LOVE IT. I feel like that is going to be a lot of fall out from this kiss but it felt kinda perfect like so personal but a bit of mystery too. it's all that unrolve issues they have but I'm so excited that they kissed. I just have this crazy need to know what is coming next you know? I NEED TO KNOW. how dare you leave me with this cliffhanger??


my favourite bit in this chapter Dark eyes almost glittering, easy smile, his thumb brushed against the exposed skin at her waist. I just like this because I feel it says so much about the relationship and it feels so very intimate which is kinda the perfect set up for the KISS. sorry, I can't get over it.

- Abbi xo

For: Magical Menagerie 


Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 08:49 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: And in a Moment

And I'm back, for more Magical Menagerie thingies! And very sad to see that this is the last chapter posted. Excuse me while I just cry over here.


Okay, first of all, there's something hilarious about them all trying to carry on having a conversation while trying to dodge/defend & attack, with the whole dueling bit. Talk about multi-tasking. Secondly, I do feel really bad that Cassie can't go home. It's just a crappy situation to be stuck in. However, much like with Sirius, it's probably in her better interest not to go home. You know...with all the talk about watching out for werewolves and Sirius butting in to duel against Cassie instead of Remus...I'm beginning to think that Sirius might be a little jealous ;). Just saying.


And things are getting a little sexy in dueling land. Sirius might've claimed she won the duel, but can we honestly say that Sirius doesn't consider getting Cassie on top of him a win? Haha! Dang it, James, ruining moments! That was totally an almost moment...gah! He's right though, that was some aggressive flirting if I've ever seen aggressive flirting. 


Awww! James told Lily he loved her...and she slapped him and yelled at him! It's super romantic. I'm sadly disappointed that there was no New Year's Sirius kiss, but at least there was a New Year's Sirius look. That's better than nothing. He could've been kissing someone else, which would have been not have been opportune. But still. Kisses! Write me kisses! 




YOU DID IT! I was just about to say that at last we got some quality time and cuddling in but hot dog there was kisses! 


You must write more. Right now. I think you're sleeping...so when you get up, write more...I need to know what happens with the kissing omg I'm dying. HELP. 



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Story:Yaxley Chapter: Home

Hey, hunny! I'm home! (:P I'm here for the Magical Menagerie event!) Also, happy review #100!


God, I love those two. This is everything about a love/hate relationship that I adore -- it checks all the boxes. I mean, they're awful to each other, and they tease one another, but when it comes down to it they really do care for each other -- and when they show it, they really freaking show it. And speaking of Padfoot (and werewolves from the previous chapter) I wonder if she'll ever find out their secret...and what her reaction is going to be! I'm really excited to find out.


Okay, I LOVE that she's staying with Lily for Christmas and that they're both going over to the Potter's house for New Years because that's where Sirius is at and we need some good ole Cassie x Sirius up in here! Maybe a New Years Kiss (please tell me there will be a kiss?!)?! But it IS amazing that Cassie does have such good friends so that she doesn't have to be alone on the Holidays, too. This isn't ALL about kissing Sirius. ;)


Ah, Sirius trying to take an interest in the Thestrals for Cassie's sake is completely adorable. And there's Sirius with the Werewolves again... jeesh. And we never even got the chance to hear what Sirius was going to say! I'm so mad right now, haha!And Leila is pregnant, isn't she? That's why disapparating makes her ill. ;) I told you I was observant. And, my god, Leila is horrible -- of course it matters that they killed her! It matters a LOT. And poor Cassie! Ugh, you're breaking my heart -- stop that. 


Ugh, I can't wait for more, so I'll be back in like 10 minutes, haha!



Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 08:06 PM · [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: And in a Moment

Hi Deni! It’s about freaking time I made it here to read and review this chapter (I understand the hype in the Twitter chat now, lol). 


Ok first things first I’m LIVING for the fact that James got turned into a duck and everyone just left him like that for a while. “Can we keep him like that?” asdghlksgfs ICONIC. (And totally what I would do to people when they’re getting on my nerves, haha.) It’s also a nice bit of lighthearted humour, which this chapter really needs after all the drama that happened last chapter.


But ahhh so much has changed since the last time Cassie and Sirius duelled, and this time there’s SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION OMG. They’re both incredible duellers and their teasing is so good and then she ends up taking him down with hand-to-hand combat instead of fighting and yesssssss IT’S SO GOOD. And then duck-James had to ruin it. Dammit, this is why they turned you into a duck, you know.


New Year’s Eve is always a good time and it’s definitely no exception here. Oh god, Sophie’s presence is so awkward given that she and Sirius used to be a thing (and, ya know, the new thing we know about what Cassie’s seen). But lol, alcohol can help even the most awkward of situations. And the scene where Sirius is talking with Sophie but looks over at Cassie and Cassie says ‘we’ll see’ - aghhhhhhhh. I just.


Also, dying at Lily’s response to James’ ‘I love you.’ Absolutely incredible.


I was half-expecting Sirius and Cassie to kiss at midnight, but figured they probably wouldn’t - and honestly, with the way the rest of the chapter goes, may I say that I am SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT because the way that it actually happens is SO MUCH BETTER?? Like, it’s just the two of them outside in the middle of the night and we see how much they’ve both grown up and gotten better with each other and then THEY KISS and it’s the icing on the motherfreaking cake.


Anyways, I need to know the aftermath so pretty please update this thing super soon. <3



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 07:38 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Quaffle, Whisky Chaser, Wand.

Back for Magical Menagerie madness :P 


There's something really sweet about James and Cassie's friendship. It's really like a sibling relationship, the way they tease each other. And they make a great team as far as playing Quidditch goes -- James is a crazy captain, but I suppose it all pays off in the end. And I'm always nervous reading Quidditch scenes -- I'm afraid someone is just going to get knocked off their broom and break their neck. I don't think I'd ever be able to play Quidditch. However, this does lead to the victory party in which Cassie gets to drink with Sirius. ;)


Eugh, Eddie. You know, Cassie's in a terrible position -- she's definitely caught up in a game of whose-side-are-you-on-anyway that she doesn't even want to be playing in the first place, and that's awful. Well, now with her friend's death, I think she's finally really more leaning towards ANYTHING but Voldemort, but still. Also, being forced to either be pitted against your family and your friends...or your other friends...all in the name of that stupid war is god awful, and I really do feel for her. I wonder what Leila will have to say if she writes back to her. 


Anyway, another great chapter! I'll be back!



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 07:03 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Black and Yaxley



Sorry for my constant use of all caps, this story gets me very excited about everything. Like, wow. The animosity between Cassie and Sirius is extreme but so satisfying to read about, like you wrote a very good buildup to the scene where they’re dueling in the hallway. My eyes were fixed to the story the whole time, and I was very invested in what was happening. It was just such a good scene!


I feel bad for Sophie. I thought you did a good job setting up the dynamic between the four remaining friends in the Gryffindor girls’ dormitory, and establishing each of their personalities. I can’t begin to imagine what Sophie’s going through. And I understand that Cassie doesn’t want to get tangled up in the mess of the war, but her plan to leave and avoid everything isn’t great, either. How’s she going to feel, being in a haven by herself, while her best friends are fighting and dying in the war? And for her to run away, knowing that her best friend is a part of a group being targeted by the Death Eaters… It’s not fair, but she has more responsibility to stay and fight than anyone else, it’s just how it is.


So this thing about the snake…was her loved one killed by a snake, then? (Did we already find out who it was, and I just somehow missed it? Apologies if I did, haha.) It’s pretty terrible of Sirius to do this to her, though, no matter how much he might deride her for being cowardly and for not standing up to her family as bluntly as he did. Like, I understand his frustration, and the whole part where he was asking her if she really understood how real all this was, I was just like “omg that almost gave me goosebumps” because of how intense it was – but still. Calm down, buddy.




Great chapter!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 06:51 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: The Thestrals

Oh, gosh. I should’ve known that things wouldn’t be all fine and dandy between Sirius and Cassie. Like, could that guy back off for just a moment, please? It’s not like she’s going through nothing, and that she’s even a part of the Death Eaters, like he seems to be implying. What did she ever do to him? (Did she do something to him? Hm.)


You know, something that I found to be very interesting was this dynamic between Remus and Cassie. The fact that she described him as hot is exceedingly surprising to me, especially because I’ve never really considered Remus to be a character that could be considered hot. So the fact that Cassie thinks so…hm! Interesting. She and Remus seem to genuinely get along super well, and I think it would be fun, and maybe good for them, if they got together!! Eh? Eh?


(You’ve already written a lot of this story so don’t listen to me, I’m just speaking to myself at this point.)


But you’ve written a very lovely Remus, and I can’t wait to see more of him and his friendship with Cassie. I wonder if Sirius will get jealous in some way if she ends up with Remus – this is a total hypothetical, of course, but I kinda hope he will be so that he’ll realize how lovely Cassie is and stop being so mean to her. Don’t know if that’ll be his reaction, but anyhow. The more I think about it, the more I want a nice, healthy Remus/Cassie relationship.


Sorry, you wrote that carriage scene so well that I can’t get my mind off Remus.


Okay, thestrals! The fact that Carrie can see them is really interesting. Whose death has she witnessed? Why do these thestrals haunt her so much? (Other than being physical representations of death, of course.)


Also her friend Pyra sounds gorgeous. I hope we get to meet her.


Love it!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 06:46 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Scales

Hey, I'm back for more in the Magical Menagerie event! (And because I love you.)


Cassie's penchant for literally running away is both understandable and not going to help her at all. In that, of course, I mean, getting away, finding a place to think after everything that's transpired, makes total and complete sense. However, it feels like she's constantly running from her troubles, which is an awesome flaw that you've imbued her with, by the way. 


The scene with the Thestral in the forest is pretty cool, too. It's like a moment of calm that Cassie desperately needed. Of course, Sirius shows up, right on queue (and injured to boot). His quip about the werewolf...oh, this boy really knows how to walk a fine line on inside jokes, doesn't he? 


And poor Cassie, having to have witnessed people die. It's bad enough that there was one, but to have more than one absolutely breaks my heart. But Sirius being able to calm her down and make her take deep breaths, and telling her not to blame herself -- THAT makes me absolutely giddy. He can be so sweet when he's not being an abominable git, and when he's sweet, it absolutely melts my heart. And Sirius taking care of her after, too -- they're laughing. OMG I ship them so freaking hard. Besides, the quip about Cassie staying to get some sleep had me snorting. 


And I do think that the final resolution of fighting back both completely makes sense and will give them all something to look forward to (to work for) in their despair.


Another great chapter, dear!



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Story:Yaxley Chapter: Faded Yellow

WHAT TWO BOYS ALREADY. Cassie, you attractive girl, you.


Okay, so I will be honest with you – I don’t know much about this story other than the fact that Cassie is a Yaxley, and that you have a kickass banner (Kris is extremely talented, isn’t she), and that it takes place during the First Wizarding War. I probably should have read the summary/tags more carefully but I was just so excited to get to this story, you don’t even understand. But Sirius Black’s the one, isn’t he? And Cassie’s reaction to him just totally reawakened my dormant fangirl!


I love this line very much: [“The polished, perfect appearance starting to lose some of the gild.”] It’s so pretty.


Okay. Edmund Avery gives me a bit of a stomachache. I don’t really know why, he seems perfectly charming and kind to Cassie, but it’s the fact that she went to him to put her best friend on the immunity list. Like, what kind of power does he have that he can do this? It’s a little frightening to me. And the fact that he’s very touchy with her, what with the whole chin-lifting thing and whatnot, makes me worried that he’s going to try to drag her down with him. BUT WE’LL SEE, WON’T WE.


I also love that little microwave prank that Cassie pulled on Petunia. That was very amusing. And I also liked that conversation that she had with Lily in the beginning, which highlighted the seriousness of the war going on around them, despite the frivolity and celebration of the Pureblood families in the previous chapter. All in all, another excellent chapter! Also I totally reviewed this chapter backwards, oops.





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

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Story:Yaxley Chapter: Antique Furs on a Malfoy



There are so many things I love already. There’s just something about fanfiction and the way there’s already a sort of connection between the author and the reader because it’s like, hey, we’ve both read this amazing Harry Potter series before, so now we’re investing more of our time in this world by writing/reading stories about it! People always make fun of me for reading fanfiction, but gosh I’ve missed it so much.


And your story was the perfect thing to read getting back into it! Cassie is already a very intriguing character – you’ve already set her apart from the other members of her family by making her distaste for these high class parties clear, as well as her general disagreement with the ideology of Voldemort. Her conversation with Regulus was also super illuminating; she was teasing and kind and didn’t seem to entirely blame him for his plans after school. I thought this line was kind of amusing: [“…he would probably have been quite good looking if Cassie hadn't met his brother.”] It’s funny to think that even when he’s not here, Sirius still kinda outshines his brother in looks.


I also liked how Cassie was quietly appreciative for her house elf. I think it said a lot about the temperament of the family that she felt the need to whisper her thank yous to Lala.


And!! Lily Evans is her best friend!!! I knew she wasn’t a fan of the whole anti-Muggleborn rhetoric but I didn’t know to what degree it was, but now I know a bit more about it. Granted, being friends with a Muggleborn doesn’t necessarily mean you’re totally against that sort of idea (look at Snape), but it’s a start. Gosh, I’m so excited to see where this whole story takes me.


Great beginning!!





[Written for the Magical Menagerie event.]

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:02 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Better To Run While You Still Can

Heya, Deni! I'm here doing Magical Menagerie things! 


Cassie's dream/memory was beautifully written, if I do say so myself. Plus, it gives off this vibe that Cassie simultaneously belongs everywhere (with every group) and nowhere (with nobody) all at once. The way she values her privacy (that is being ever-encroached upon by people), I'd say that she'd prefer the latter most of the time. I can't blame her for wanting an escape though. 


Oh gosh, I can't imagine waking up to all that noise (even if they were a conglomerate of Happy Birthdays)! Plus, coming out of her rather disturbing dream was probably jarring in itself, even before she was bombarded with happy things. And Sirius's note had me rolling on the floor laughing -- Sirius calling Cassie a "miserable cow" in a loving way seems to be the epitome of their relationship so far. 


And something FINALLY broke for Sophie. Finding out that their missing friend was actually dead. Of course Cassie wishes she wasn't right. But the question here, of course, is -- if Cassie isn't running away to the Astronomy Tower...where IS she going? Out? That can't be good! I'm terrified!



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Story:Yaxley Chapter: And in a Moment

Deni! Here for the Magical Menagerie and January RvG (team GOLD).


Can I just say how amazing a duck James Potter would make? Why on earth is his Animagus form a stag? He would make the perfect mallard! I love how nonchalant the whole affair mostly was. Sure, everyone was a bit surprised at his transformation, but they kept going, especially Sirius, who definitely has ulterior motives here. 


Sorry, Cassie, but you were flirting... in a bizarre and somehow very appropriate way.


You also created some really great tension with how you wrote the duelling scene. You have such a knack for having multiple things going on at once. Cassie and Lily are in conversation about one thing while Cassie is off duelling James (and then Sirius). Cassie's attention is a little more directed towards Sirius in their duel, but there's a lot of what Cassie and Sirius aren't saying aloud here. Sure, they're trying to one up each other, but they're also testing each other out, in a way (aka sexual tension). Great, great work here.


I like how you transition through Christmas into New Year. It felt like a natural progression. You also layer in complex social dynamics: Sophie's presence, Emmeline noticing the tension between Cassie/Sirius (and then, hysterically, breaking them up), Lily/James "I love you' (adorable), and Cassie's trauma (no, Cassie, don't drink so much whiskey!). All of this is great build up for... 


THAT FINAL SCENE. Oh my goodness! What a scene. It's like: Ah, this is what we've been waiting for (even though both of them have shown some... ugly sides). I love how Sirius can relate to Cassie and that Cassie has someone there who has an inkling of what she's feeling. And then they start KISSING. My shipper's heart!!!


Well done, Deni. I cannot WAIT to see what comes next... ;)

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Story:Yaxley Chapter: And in a Moment



I love this chapter so so much! You did such a great job buuling up to this AMAZING moment at the end because it feels like the whole chapter (well the whole damn story really, but this chapter builds up this particualr moment really well) just builds up to this. I honestly thought they would kiss after the countdown, especially when he slides up next to her and throws his arm around her but NO we wait until the end and it's SO MUCH MORE AMAZING!


I adored the first scene where Cass turns James into a duck and just like leaves him there for like three duels while she chats with Lily. It's good to see her talking about leaving home but I'm sure this won't be the end of things (even with her whiskey bottle later in the chapter). But her duel with Sirius is the star of this scene! So much tension when they're bantering and then when she sweeps the leg and they're just looking at each other


not flirting cassie ok uh huh sure


I had quite honesstly forgotten Soph and Sirius used to be a thing so my reaction when she showed up was very similar to Cass's of uuughhhh and even more so when Soph was standing there twirling her hair being very obvious with Sirius at the nye party. So much satisfaction when Sirius came over to Cass and tossed his arm around her for the countdown!


JAMES AND LILY'S I LOVE YOU MOMENT WAS THE MOST JAMES AND LILY THING EVER OMG like it was so perfectly them, i swear i wouldn't expect anyting less from lily. that she tops if off with shortly rushing off to tell cass and emme about it only makes it that much better!


OK WE'RE BACK TO THE END YEAH? DENI. DENI! I CANNOT WAIT FOR CHAPTER 15 AFTER THIS! omg it was the perfect ending! All this build up to this amazing moment! Of course Sirius is the perfect person for her to talk to, becuase he's the only person who's been through this too! He's the only person who can possibly understand how she feels right now! except there's cass calling him out for ditching her and ruining their friendship all those years ago AND THEN HE'S KISSING HER! DENI I AM DYING! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME AND IT'S BEEN LIKE TWO HOURS! 


lovely chapter cannot wait for chapter 15 (assuming the suspense doesn't kill me before then) amazing job xoxo


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Story:Yaxley Chapter: Home

Sirius gets her. He can understand her. They were brought up in similar families and were cultivated from the same culture. Because of that, Sirius understands the social dynamics and consequences that Cassie has to deal with. The others don’t get that. But on the flip side, Sirius’ reaction was to buck the system and go full-on rebel. The conflict that has been threaded through this story is that Sirius couldn’t understand why Cassie didn’t buck the system like him. Sirius is actually a hardliner. Accepting the system = death eater. Rebel against the system = not death eater/good person. And there’s no middle ground. Cassie has been determinedly being a pacifist. Of course that changed when her friends were attacked. 


That forced Cassie to pick a side, the right side in Sirius’ perspective. And then Sirius began to understand that Cassie’s childhood experience was different than his. She had to witness horrors that he didn’t. They both changed. Which created an opening for a budding romance <3 <3 !!!


Some things I like about your story is that you’ve given Cassie a goal unrelated to the war. It’s her literal and symbol hope and light for a life free of war. I also like the whole thestral thing. It’s something that’s unique and others don’t have (yet...). 


The conversation with with her sister was sad and final. But it needed to happen. The two negative influences in her life were her bad Slytherin friends and her family. She’s now distanced herself from both. Good for her!


looking forward to the next chapter! RvG December Go Gold!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 24 Dec 2018 03:52 AM · [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Home

Hi Deni! Crossing a whole host of items off my to-do list here because a) I’m filling an item on Kaitlin’s wishlist by reviewing a prefect’s story, b) I’m counting this for December RvG, and c) I totally would’ve reviewed this anyways.


I now understand your comment on Twitter about not being able to write anything light and fluffy in this story because this totally started off as a light and fluffy Christmas holidays chapter and then it WASN’T. Like, AT ALL. ZOINKS.


It starts off so nice though, with Cassie getting the news that the Magpies are coming to watch them and getting so incredibly excited about it, and then finding out that she’s actually going home with Lily for the holidays. I loved that little moment with the girls, and the “when did you decide this?” “november.” “and you didn’t think to tell me?” because omg is that so relatable, and also it was just a cute little friendship moment.


And I also loved Cassie’s little interactions with Sirius both at the start of the chapter and then down by the lake - they’ve come such a long way since I was screaming about him in all caps in these reviews and questioning why the hell you’d labelled this a friends to lovers fic (it’s starting  to make sense now, lol). Their conversation was cute - “can’t blame him really - I don’t like you either” “that’s a lie and you know it” - and then Cassie’s comment about avoiding werewolves was obviously super ironic and of course Sirius was internally cracking up about it.


But then the hammer freaking drops, and the end of this chapters was ABSOLUTELY WILD. Because like, first of all, Leila is quite a character (and pregnant, it seems), and also because HOLY SHIT CASSIE WAS THERE WHEN MARY DIED. So the story she told Sirius, about why she could see thestrals and making it seem like it had happened years ago — was that a lie? Or has she witnessed this same sort of thing multiple times? (I can’t decide which one’s worse, honestly.) But oh gosh, I can’t imagine having to watch that —  being forced to watch that — and then go back to school and act like nothing’s wrong and that you don’t know where Mary is like the rest of the girls. Why do I get the feeling that the fact Cassie was there won’t stay a secret though? It seems like such a big moment that I feel like it’s going to get out eventually that she was THERE when it happened and it’s gonna create SO MUCH DRAMA. Because a) she didn’t tell anyone, and b) she didn’t do anything to stop it - and I don’t think a lot of her friends understand the position she was in when it happened. So yeah, that’s my prediction for now - this is somehow gonna get out and it’s gonna be a hot mess.


As always, I loved this and can’t wait for more.



Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 23 Dec 2018 07:34 PM · [Report This]
Story:Yaxley Chapter: Home




So I'm really enjoying how you're building up the relationship between Cassie and Sirius. I'm not really into slow burns but I really enjoying this aspect of the story. I feel like they've got a really nice chemistry in their interactions now, I love the part when it's like 'you're weird' then 'I'll take that as a compliment.' exchange between them both. 


I love that Cassie is going to given the chance to shine now that scouts are coming to watch her. How exciting for her. I love how excited she was and keeping that excitement until the end of the class then explodes! I really like how James mentioned that is was McGonagall. I just like it because it's like a nod to her love of Quidditch. 


Cassie's friends are the best how they have just decided that she isn't going home and have it all planned out for her. they're watching her back, it's amazing how they have her back. I love the female friendships that you've created in this story. 


Brilliant imagery used when she is finding the Thestrals, I love the idea of red hood in the herd of dark Thestrals. I thought when you say that Cassie relates to them was really poetic I guess? It seemed perfect and just said so much about Cassie's character and the way she views herself. Brilliant piece of character development I suppose. I liked Sirius rather cheeky comment about 'best avoid werewolves' 




this was insane, it's terrifying. I'm heartbroken for Cassie but its just horrific that she was even there. How could she be part of this? I'm so interested to explore this further because it's just a huge revelation for me. We knew that she had faced that type of thing in the past but for her to seen Mary. Recognised her. That's another level of horror. The world that Cassie lives in is more messed up than I could really imagined. AMAZING JOB. The angst runs so deep.


For Cassie to arrive and says she's ok is a huge show of character. I do love that her friends waited for her. I can't imagine how they'll react once they know more about Cassie's history. It's going to be sensational. 


- Abbi xo




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