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Name: Rhaenyra (Signed) · Date: 20 Dec 2016 12:09 PM · For: Marauders' Mayhem

Here to leave you a holiday review.


I can't resist a Marauder fic and am always struggling on how to write their pranks, so I needed to check this out. I know you said that you wrote it quickly, and maybe more detail would have been nice, but I was not disappointed. The inspiration from a Muggle legend of a Halloween haunted house with a magical twist was great. And putting it to the test against Sirius's parents was great.


I like how you made it clear that Peter was not an imbecile and was still involved at this point. The fact that he and Remus knew the term "zombie" but the purebloods didn't and had to relate it to Inferi was very smart. The mention of Padfoot as a grim was a nice tie in to PoA and the rat form animagi finally came in handy.


I felt bad for poor Kreacher in this and - to an extent - even Regulus and Orion. Wallburga really was a piece of work. It was nice to see her being made uncomfortable in her own home. Even if she was back to her usual pain in the neck ways by the end of the story.


- R

Author's Response:

Thanks Rebecca!! I'm still not convinced by this story but I think you hit the nail on the head - it needs more description. I probably should have mentioned we had a word limit for the challenge, and cutting it down was rather difficult. Put another way, this is probably a 3000 word story in a 2000 word body. Sigh. 


I was quite pleased when I came up with the idea for Grimmauld Place as a haunted house, as it did seem like something these boys would do. As for the zombie thing, I'm glad you liked it because I was pretty proud of that one - they are pretty much the same as Inferi so having the pure bloods not know that term was fun. As for the Blacks, well I do admit to just getting a vague idea and running with it, personality wise. Sirius talks about his mother much more than his father in the canon. This could be just because of the portrait in Grimmauld Place, but I did get the feeling she had a fairly dominating personality regardless. So that was how I chose to show that. 


Thanks so much for the review! 

Cheers Mel


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