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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Departure



Way to start things off this chapter on a bang! It was a good first scene while Amelia's waiting for the meeting but then chooses to leave early. Kind of scary watching her get loopier and loopier and then just knowing someone drugged her. WHO WAS THIS PERSON WHO GRABBED HER? WHY DID THEY SAY THAT TO HER?? 


Past timeline Amelia and James are so cute here! It's kind of adorable to see them in a different setting outside of Hogwarts and dressed up and fancy! I love seeing Amelia with the whole Potter clan--meeting Harry and Ginny as James' parents instead of meeting Harry the Auror. I loved that he told her all about his summer at the ice cream! That was so cute! Lily was honestly the star of this family for me though! I can totally picture her and Ginny going back and forth about muggle medicine vs Pepper Up Potion and her stubbrnness about not wanting steam coming out of her ears! Truly amazing!


Some developments about The Cause in the past timeline too and I think it was BIG! Amelia realizing that they're after the Elder Wand is definitely huge! Also, could this be why they're after James-because Harry's the one who's it's master, yeah? I'm eager to see Amelia and James keep working through this.


WILD ENDING HERE!! I am SO excited to see what happens next. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO POOR AUNT SUSAN AND UNCLE MICHAEL? Also, like I get it, I understand she has her reasons, but Amelia is a little awful at the end here! Very rude to the people who raised you girlfriend! It's going to be an interesting one when she meets up with the Cause now that she's shown them she willingly accepts thei conditions! AHH such a great chapter Abby, so much excitement!!


written for magical menagerie and january rvg (go red)!

Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 05:58 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Detention

Hi Abby. Here to help catch a creature for The Magical Menagerie and to continue your lovely story!

I stand by what I said before about the double perspective. It really works out because we delve into Amelia’s days at Hogwarts and how her relationship with James progresses at the same time that we keep up with the present as Amelia remembers the past and deals with its repercussions.

I’m intrigued about this Cassius guy. I want to know more about him and to find out what will come/has come from Amelia’s testimony about him.

As I was reading about the earmuffs and the fact that they belonged to Luna, I was wondering if they were foreshadowing somehow for something to come in the story. But then James goes to be all sweet and give Amelia a pair of her own and I melted. I loved seeing them in detention together and really enjoyed their banter, so I’m very curious to see how you’ll develop their relationship ^^

Name: lovegood27 (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 05:22 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Pendant

Hi! It’s me again :)


Right, someone dead is visiting Amelia, who she doesn’t like. Did she summon him with the pebble, I still don’t know what the pebble is!


Oh, okay, I feel stupid now. The Resurrection Stone? I’m fuzzy on DH descriptions of it, but I always imagined it to look like a black diamond kinda, because of the movies haha.


I feel so bad for Amelia. She doesn’t have a good relationship with either, and the way her father speaks to her, taunting and belittling her is just awful. Judging by her thoughts, he was just as bad when he was alive- I’ll give him some credit for telling her about James (he’s alive!!). But at least Rita showed tiny hints of caring for Amelia, and it did seem like she’d left her with the Corners for her own good. Her father was making fun of her for being ‘protective over loved ones’...which kind of implies he doesn’t have (m)any, but I might be wrong. I’m interested, because Amelia refers to him as ‘my father’ but to her mum as just ‘Rita’ in the present tense parts of the story. Does she feel closer to her dad despite his personality? Perhaps there’s more to him than you’ve let on in this chapter. Either way, I’m eager to read more about him :)


Well, that Transfiguration lesson escalated quickly. Poor Amelia. I like how headstrong and determined she is, though. ‘You have eyes’ reminded me strongly of ‘there’s no need to call me Sir’ lol.


AHH. MORE CONFUSION. A triangular eye...the Deathly Hallows? (Or illuminati but I guess not). I need to know why it’s important!!


This was another great chapter, by the way! I liked the scene with her father as now we’ve met both of Amelia’s parents and you can see the contrast between the two and both interactions with them were interesting to read. I’m reading on, because all this mystery is going to be the death of me.

Name: facingthenorthwind (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 06:17 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Final Hallow

Abby! I love mysteries because I can NEVER write them, so I'm SO excited to get my teeth into this fic, which is one I've had my eye on for ages but never got around to, you know? I was so excited when it fulfilled a Magical Menagerie category. :D Also I know you didn't make it, but gosh that banner is gorgeous.


Your first line -- "The owl evaporates in a puff of smoke" -- puts me in mind of 1984's "The clock struck thirteen": it establishes immediately that we're playing by different rules now. Even in the HPverse, owls don't evaporate, so it's very exciting to have that element of mystery right from the beginning.


I apologise in advance for the rest of my review, because I absolutely just panicked that our hero was called Amelia and she had an aunt called Susan and I was like OH NO THAT'S NOT AN OC but duh Emma of course it is, Susan's AUNT was called Amelia, so this Amelia is next gen. Which is also made obvious by the summary. And also the tags. I'm having A Day, Abby.


Aaah, her NEWT results! I remember opening my HSC results which, because I'm a baby, came out on the internet. :P I mean they were also partially in the paper, because Australia publishes a list of everyone who gets a certain mark in the national newspaper, but we were on holiday so we didn't get the paper. I swore and Mum didn't even tell me off for it. :P I'm intrigued about why she doesn't want to talk about her early NEWT more than I am intrigued about the existence of her early NEWT, though I am intrigued about that also.


Ooooohhhhh. I LOVE this "despite" and "concerning", it's such a good way to introduce all of this -- I'm both on Amelia's side because boo go away adults, she just got REALLY GOOD RESULTS, don't diminish that, but also…. I do want to know. And then her father is dead (?!) and something terrible happened to an ex (?!) and aaah the mystery increases!


I'm very interested in this line:

“Tell you what. You manage the counter while I get to cataloging the upper shelves today. I’ll even let you pick out the music station on the wireless...” -- it makes it sound like Amelia is managing Ollivander, not the other way around. Hopefully we get more Ollivander and Amelia interaction as the fic goes on!


THEY'VE KILLED JAMES? Look it's entirely possible that was in the summary, there was something about James Potter in there but my memory is shot so I have no idea. Oh Amelia why did you do that? I mean I can understand why you did that, but it would've been so much easier to just be like 'yes, I too am here for food, let's neither of us say anything about this because it's mutually assured detention if we do'.


Oh man and the end of this chapter is SUPER good -- how could Amelia possibly have had possession of the cloak and the wand? Who found the stone, and why did they send it to her? Ugh Abby this was EXCELLENT, I'm so glad I'm finally getting around to reading it.

Name: lovegood27 (Signed) · Date: 12 Jan 2019 11:56 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Jaguar

Hi, I’m back for more! :D She likes History of Magic?? To be fair, we only ever receive Harry’s biased view on it, and Professor Binns is probably the main reason it gets such negative opinions. ‘There’s so much to know’ sounds like quite a Ravenclaw thing to say (wow, I’m not stereotyping)...Amelia’s in Ravenclaw, right? We haven’t been told her house yet, but it seems like she’d fit both Ravenclaw and Slytherin (Victoria Montague? Just guessing)


Her mum?! What’s she here for??


Oh, Amelia must have got that NEWT in Ancient Runes early. But why didn’t she want to think about it before...is there something bad associated with it? (I forgot to ask that in my previous review lol)


Another cliffhanger! Why must you do this to me??


Well, I feel just as confused and have just as many questions as I did from last chapter. No clue what The Cause is still, but controversial if what Rita said is anything to go by. Also, I’m getting bad vibes from her and Amelia’s relationship. It’s overly formal, lots of tense moments...and the way you describing her as a hunting jaguar just gave me chills. She says she has her daughter’s best interests at heart, but she seems manipulative. Also, what has she sent to Amelia previously??


Another great chapter! I’m loving the super mysterious element but it’s also kinda agonising. Time for the next one! :)

Name: lovegood27 (Signed) · Date: 12 Jan 2019 11:17 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Final Hallow

Okay, why have I never read this before? Mystery, romance and next gen are my top three favourite things to read and this story has all three!


Firstly...you have left me with so many questions. What’s in the box Amelia received? Who is they? What’s The Cause? What has Amelia been in possession of? A Hallow? Which ones? What did she steal? Why has James been killed, what’s happening??


I was so tempted to just read on, because first chapter in and you’ve already surrounded me in mystery and suspense. Amelia seems to have a pretty dark past, and I’m really curious as to what happened...although obviously that’s the point haha.


I like her character! It’s a very original idea to have her be related to Florean Fortescue, seeing as he’s considered to be a pretty minor character himself. Aw, and she lives with the Corner family! But why does she have no parents (see, another question).


I was laughing hard at her telling the house elves to not give the Gryffindors tomorrow...abuse of power much? And then James came and stole some from her and gosh, I think I can see the beginnings of a romance ;)


Another thing I really liked is this whole two part story thing you’ve got going on. It doesn’t get confusing for the reader as ones in present and the other is in past, but it works to enhance the storyline and balance the moods out.


All in all, great chapter so far...now I’m probably going to go and binge read the rest lol

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Exchanges of Words


Hey Abby, here for the magical menagerie!


Okay. It’s been a little while since I read Chapter 10, WHICH WAS SO CRAZY I AM STILL NOT 
OVER IT, and where do you go from there? Like I don’t know how to feel about anything anymore. I’m  reading this so closely now to see if James is a NeoWald in fifth year, or any signs about anything. I don’t  think he is, but… I can’t be too sure of anything with this story anymore!


It’s absolutely devastating to see the Potter family falling apart as they process what they just saw. I’m  glad someone suggested the idea that he might not be there of his own will, as it hadn’t occurred to me,  and I really hope this is the case, but things would be much more complicated and heartbreaking if he  was, and I have a bad feeling that that’s what you went for…


“Scandalously yours” XD 


Thisis a good point to mention that I really appreciate the split timeline as it  keeps some levity in, with the letters and the start of their relationship in the past, when the present 
timeline is so dark.


Small typo here: in Amelia’s letter to James she describes “hoards of cousins” which should actually be  “hordes”.

II do think you did a really good job writing Amelia’s feelings of guilt. And while they don’t make sense  logically, because stuff like that never does – it comes across as very realistic. Of course it’s not her fault,  but she feels some responsibility because she was the one looking into the Hallows in the first place. Poor  Amelia :(


This was a great chapter!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 10:12 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Dilemma

Hi Abby!


“considering none of your relationships have outlasted yours with your toothbrush” I’M DEAD THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BURN, I LOVE AMELIA FOR THIS. Also, I was gonna review this as I went but instead just read the whole chapter in one go so I’ll add that honestly everything is so angsty for the rest of the chapter that this little moment of humour was really needed in comparison to the rest of it.


Gah, it’s been so long since we’ve seen Victoria. I kinda forgot how much I like her, tbh - but I’m glad that Amelia’s got *someone* in her corner, even if Victoria is also incredibly pissed off at her as well. If I got something that looked like a will from my best friend before she just disappeared, I’d probably be angry as well. But I love that Victoire immediately agrees to let Amelia stay in her flat, no questions asked. It shows just how much she still cares about Amelia and how good of a friend she is that she’s so willing to help out without being asked twice.


This whole last scene between James and Amelia was so well-written and so tense. I certainly understand so much of where James is coming from - it’s so heartbreaking to see people experiencing such hardship and either a) being powerless to intervene, or b) having the means to intervene but not being able to for some other reason. His frustration with the injustices of the world is totally warranted, and he certainly starts to take it out on Amelia, who isn’t necessarily disagreeing with him - but he wants someone to nod and agree with him the entire time, and she’s not  doing that, and he gets mad at her as a result. (As a side note, this is super relatable. I used to do that all the time and my boyfriend at the time would offer all sorts of solutions and I’d just end up getting mad at him because I just need someone to sympathise with me and agree dammit.) I can’t believe he just disappeared on her though, knowing she has no way of getting home. Amelia would be right to be angry at him for that though.


And oh no, that author’s note. Hasn’t poor James been through enough? Why must you hurt him even more? I’m not prepared for all the ways this fic is probably going to break my heart in the coming chapters.



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 06 Jan 2019 08:59 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Dilemma

Abby! <3 <3 <3

As promised, I'm here for the new chapter. :)

Poor James, indeed... this is so sad... and now I'm starting to see how he got where he got... I'm not quite sure what would be the right thing to do in a situation like that... the world can be such a cruel place at times... :(

And apart from the last scene, it hurt so much to see him so broken in general... he's going through so much and he feels so lost... :( and Amelia, too... it must be so frustrating for her... she's trying so hard to be supportive, but how can she if he keeps her at distance that way? But I understand James, too. Sometimes it's hard to open up, especially when we aren't completely sure about what we are feeling ourselves... right?

As for the present bits... I know I told you already, but I adore Victoria! She's such a great friend and Amelia is so lucky to have her. I love how, despite being legitimately angry, she doesn't hesitate to help. And I love how she worries about Amelia and wants to make sure that she takes care of herself. She's wonderful!

Now I really want to know how things will develop from here. How's the relationship between Amelia and James going to change? I feel like there's going to be a fracture between them now... and you said the funeral scene will come soon? I also wonder what the NeoGrindelwalds are up to, and if Harry will find James and how that will all work out... And I still don't know where the wand is, I kind of doubt that it's still in the Room of Requirements...

I really hope there'll be a new chapter for me to read soon. :P

Wonderful job as always, dear! <3

Snowball hug,


Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 17 Dec 2018 10:53 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Pendant

Hi Abby. Here for chapter 3!

Alright, so Amelia's father is dead. I wonder what exactly was the purpose of someone sending the stone to Amelia, especially if it was her mother. More so, Amelia seemed to know exactly what the stone was and its purpose.

And was it James that her father taunts Amelia about when he says she was probably expecting to see someone else? And if not James, then who?

Oh and it is the Ressurection Stone! I was wondering if it was the one or some kind of an alternative. I'm curious as to whoever sent it to Amelia came about it.

I still want to know more about Rita. It intrigued me that Amelia's father mentioned how Rita sent Amelia away to protect her. Does Amelia know about this? And what she being protected from?

So James is alive. I was wondering whether he was or not, but now I'm much more curious about what happened with James and what part Amelia's father played in it. Also why James would be mad at Amelia. Gaaah, so many questions!

I'm very much enjoying the secrecy and the mystery behind the plot, and I can't wait to find out more about Rita and The Cause. Also the necklace she gave Amelia, I'm guessing it perhaps has some magical abilities, perhaps protective properties and it wasn't given just for the sentiment? I guess I'll find out.

I can't wait to continue reading the story, Abby.

Happy holidays :)

- Susana

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 15 Dec 2018 06:22 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Circumstances for Promises

The conversation with Amelia and Harry was great and I could feel just how relieved he was to find out James was still alive, it was really heartbreaking. I really want to know just how much Amelia knows about these attacks, The Cause and this Cassius chap. I think her and Harry have already had conversations about this, which is why maybe she fears him so much? Maybe she knows more about James’ disappearance than she’s let on? And of the, where the heck is James? Has he been taken or has he gone off on his own? I honestly have absolutely no idea what the story is behind it, but it’s a really cool mystery. 


So James and Amelia are going on an adventure! I’m both excited and quite terrified for them to discover the Hallows - though she knows where they are!! Which means they must have done it? Surely they didn’t go into Dumbledore’s tomb? Oh my gosh!


I also really love Amelia. She seems…real. Not fawning over boys, she’s trying to figure out a really complex situation and I think that makes for a great character. I like how James is determined to help her too. I reckon they’re going to make a cute couple, whenever they around to it! Is that gonna happen any time soon? I’m getting impatient. 


Anyway, the NeoWalds are behind these attacks then. Is her mother one of them and do they have James? I realllllly think this is what’s connecting everything, though I can’t work out how runes fit into it all. I think it’s going to be a big part of it. Also, I love that it’s something other than Death Eaters, it makes it far more interesting to read about a different group.


Also, I love Hannah and Neville. I’m on a bit of a Neville kick at the mo and love when he pops into  these Next Gen stories!


 Great job!


Tasha xxx

For RvG December - Team Red!

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 15 Dec 2018 06:19 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Crushed

Ahhhhhhh I freaking LOVED this chapter! Totally called it - Harry Potter does not keep regular work hours, how very rude. Though those attacks seem pretty serious though, I hope we get to find out a little more.


It must have been a wretch giving Harry the Stone - what a rather inspired way of making sure no one else saw it. I really felt for her when she said goodbye to her grandfather, it was really sad and I love the dialogue between the two of them. She seems quite scared of her future, and honestly, really lonely.


“I’m proud of you, my dear,” he tells me. “You’ve done so much, and I know you’ll do more great things.”


“Are they great?” I ask thickly. “There are times I’m not sure…”


His dark eyes search mine. “Amelia, we all must live with the choices we make. Know your mind. Know your heart.”



I really just have to say, this is such a great story and I think you’re crafting the whole thing really well, weaving all the aspects of mystery, drama and romance wonderfully.


As much as I REALLY want each segment to be longer, I adore the time jumps. I’m really enjoying getting to know the characters back when they were at school and unravelling the mystery of the attacks and disappearances at the same time. I think it’s a good way of drawing the reader into the mystery plot, while still falling in love with the characters.


Fab job again!!


Tasha xxx

For RvG December - Team Red!

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 15 Dec 2018 06:17 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Mum's the Word

After Amelia’s dramatic scene in the Ministry in the last chapter, I thought for sure Harry Potter’d be at the door with lots of questions. You sure know how to tease this plot, I’m dying to unravel it all! Saying that, it could well be Harry banging at the door in the middle of the night, unless her mother has returned? Ohh I’m excited to find out!


I get the feeling that Amelia, although with family who clearly love her, feels a little like she doesn’t quite fit in there as she spends a lot of time up in her room. Or it just might be that she’s a teenager with a lot going on, and they’re never very forthcoming with information. Or it could even be because she’s been using the Resurrection Stone and it might be taking its toll on her, draining her emotions. I get the feeling summoning people from the dead might not have the best impact on anyones mental health!


I liked the scene in the library with James and Amelia. It seems like their relationship is developing organically and it seems they’re getting on well, which feels natural. The necklace totally has the Deathly Hallows sign right? I love that James reads in runes, it’s such a cool interest to have. 


Ahhh Amelia likes him! How sweet that she’s just realised it. 


Tasha xxx

For RvG - Team Red!

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 14 Dec 2018 09:06 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Ehwaz
Well this was just great! I loved the time jumps - though I do wish each section was a little longer just to give me more - but then it kept the pace up well, which can sometimes get lost in this narrative. I loved that we got to see Amelia post-Hogwarts and in the Ministry. Though I’m guessing there might be some job complications after having been escorted out on her very first day! That ending was fantastic! I loved the descriptions there and could really see her being restrained - great job!

I’m intrigued as to why she fears Harry so much. I would have thought she would have known him well enough, so something pretty big must have happened there? Anyway, knowing Harry, her little outburst will be enough to get his attention. You seem to be holding a lot back as Amelia has definitely had dealings with Auror Barrett before. 

Anyway, again I loved the James and Amelia scenes and seem like they really have clicked. I liked your “people began to notice” line. Is that because it’s a (shocker!) Gryffindor/Slytherin friendship maybe? I don’t know, but I really like where it’s going!

Cracking job on this story so far, I’m loving it!
For RvG December - Team Red!

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 14 Dec 2018 09:04 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Detention

After all my screaming questions about al the mystery so far, I was glad to have a chapter dedicated to getting to know James and Amelia together. I love their dynamic. She’s a lot more closed off and sarcastic and he’s a big cheery nugget. Though the whole Boggart conversation was hilarious. She is really funny and I think she and James are going to make a really cute couple whenever they get around to it - yes I’m shipping them already, so please don’t break my little heart!


Detention - with Neville! - was a cool way of introducing them to each other. Or re-introducing them as it unfolded that they used to play together when they were kids. Interesting. Also, Amelia’s family are friendly enough with Neville to be invited to his wedding! I’m really loving all these layers to this story. 


Jumping back to Cassius Vaisey. It’s very weird that she remembers seeing him at the wedding when she was a kid. It makes me wonder if she’s seen him more, or whether he just terrified her so much, she can’t forget him. Either way I know he’s bad news.


Aw and I loved the birthday present at the end. As sweet as it was, I feel so sad for her. I want to know where James is as much as she does at this point!


Tasha  xx

For RvG - Team Red!



Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 14 Dec 2018 08:20 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Pendant

Oh thank Merlin JAMES ISN’T DEAD! I’m so happy. I really thought you might’ve offed him before I’d got a chance to fall in love with him and I’m so glad he’s alive. But where is he? And what the heck is The Cause? I’m trying to fathom this all out and even though I’m already screaming these questions, I love it. All I want to do is click on that next chapter button, but I’m restraining myself so I can shout a load of waffle in your reviews!


Amelia’s a Slytherin! I’m really into reading about likeable Slytherins at the moment, especially when they’re written as genuine people who don’t just scowl at everyone all the time. I really like her.


So dad is just as charming as mum then? He seems like SUCH a creep. He did something to James at a dinner party? From his snarky comments he doesn’t seem to like James much, he just referred to him as “Harry Potter’s son”. That's a story to come, I'm guessing.


Oh and I love the letter written in Runes and then it bursting into flames! I reckon Runes are going to be important in this story.


Also, I get the impression that James isn’t just a boy she fell in love with or was friends with, there’s something else going on. The ending to this chapter kind of gave the impression that she NEEDED him to be alive. I’m so excited to find out where this is going.


Tasha xxx

RvG December - Team Red!

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 06 Dec 2018 04:53 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Dinner Party







Ok, so back to the beginning so this is like maybe mildly organized and not just a hot mess of nonsense? THE CAUSE IS WATCHING HER!! Like, that's cool, that was the goal and all, but like also, that has to be kind of creepy! It feels VERY OMINOUS to have all the leaders off the wizarding world in one place, except also, if all the leaders are in one place, that's the PRIME OPPORTUNITY for the NeoWalds to attack a different location, one that would leave just as much of a mark and is conveniently less guarded because all of the leaders of the wizarding world are together in one place. I WATCHED 24 ABBY, I KNOW HOW THIS GOES!!!


Obviouslsy, Susan and Michael are concerned for Amelia's wellbeing (and rightfully so), but she is not having it. And like, as a stubborn Gryffindor, I am HERE for Amelia's rebellion and sticking to her convction, but as a 25 year old who has the beenfit of hindsight and can tell you how stupid 18-20 year olds are, LET THEM HELP YOU AMELIA! THEY ONLY WANT WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU!


Ok, it's birthday time! OH MY GOD ABBY! WHAT??? IT started off so nice and pleasant and then thatt??? What?!?!? HER FATHER ARRIVES?? HE'S AWFUL! I'M SORRY, BUT HE IS! Truly not the way to drop in on your daughter on her birthday, dude! He knew alll along that she existed and wanted her mom to turn her into an obscurius? That would have been wild! The whole thing is wild! And now they know how much she and James know! I'm so curious if that's why they went after James! Is he only a oart of the cause to protect her? Is he under the imperius after all? I STILL NEED TO KNOW!


Lastly, that scene at the end was very cute, even though poor poor James!! It was honestly so James to care more about the "I love you" than his dislocated shoulder and I loved it so much! GREAT WORK ABBY I CAN'T WAIT TO KEEP READING!!


-for december rvg (go gold!!)

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Hogsmeade

ABBY!! MY GOD THIS CHAPTER, SO MUCH! Here to spread some holiday cheer and also for December RvG! 


I don't even know where to begin! I loved the parallels in this chapter between the two Hogsmeade visits! The line about Lily laughing again was so sad! It's such a powerful one to show how James' dissapareance affected everyone else--because we can clearly see what it's done to Amelia.


This meeting with Koch sounds crazy and I WAS SHOOK when I realized Albus was there. Truly, I spent the WHOLE CHAPTER just hoping that he was doing the same thing that Amelia was, and this was one of his ways of coping. Their confrontation at the end was reallly interesting and I kind of feel like they're both over their heads with thie NeoWalds. 


I loved the introduction to both Albus and Lily in this chapter! I thought Lily's introduction in the past timeline was especially great, because of the way you described her! It was brilliant, it really gave me a great idea of how she is. It was so nice of Lily to try to include Amelia in James' birthday! It shows a lot of the change in Amelia thta she was willing to help out (because I agree, I don't think she would have a few chapters ago) but that she's still got that shy(?is that the word i'm looking for?) part in her, where she's more comfortable off to the side once they actually get to the party. 


Anyway, another lovely chapter Abby! This just keeps building and building and I am SO EXCITED to keep working through it (my goal is to catch up by the end of the month)! GREAT JOB!


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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Heir of Ignotus








Okay, so I saw some of it coming. The kiss under the invisibility cloak was SUPER cute and also pretty obvious that it was about to happen because come on, how long can two people who are attracted to one another stand under one cloak together while they're enjoying the thrill of rule breaking? And it was so sweet that they finally kissed and that he trusted her enough to show her the cloak and I have loved all of the buildup of their relationship (or whatever it is at this stage) and IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE BECAUSE ALL OF THIS CHAOS IS JAMES' FAULT AND HE IS WORKING WITH AMELIA'S MOTHER AND WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY IS THIS, I FEEL SO BETRAYED. Like it retroactively casts a shadow on how beautiful the scene right before it was. How long has he been on the side of the NeoWalds? What is his reasoning for being with them? Gah, I have even more questions now than I did before omg this chapter was so intense and AMAZING


Also, I have this weird suspicion after they were talking about how her pendant is a family heirloom and the Invisibility Cloak is an heirloom of James' family, like... are they actually related? I guess they would only be REALLY distantly related, but I just suddnely have this feeling that Amelia is related to one of the other Peverell brothers. Or like, Grindelwald or something, I suppose.


Anyway. This chapter was so good!

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Mum's the Word

I started my binge! I was going to read straight through but I saw a word that seemed out of place so wanted to point it out - it only stood out because everything else is otherwise so polished, but anyway, at one point James says "A Slytherin nonplussed over blood status" which kind of felt odd to me as I think you meant that Amelia doesn't care, but nonplussed is like... perplexed or confused? maybe worth revisiting that sentence as I don't think that's what you meant.


And because I don't want to leave you a review that's just CC, here's a short summary of what I loved about this chapter before I go on to the next one:

1. Everything

2. Michael and Susan not knowing how to help Amelia when she doesn't want help is so heartbreaking

3. I still absolutely love Amelia and James bonding over the runes, also James was 100% reading runes in his spare time because he's a nerd and that makes me love him even more

4. aw I really like her getting to 'meet' her grandfather even though she probably shouldn't be using the Resurrection Stone, but it's really nice that she can talk to him as she never got the chance to meet him for real

5. I feel like Amelia realized her feelings for JAmes like 10x faster than any protagonist in any fanfic ever, 10 points to Slytherin.

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Ehwaz

Hi Abby! I'm here for your wishlist :D


It's really interesting that the person Amelia fears most is Harry Potter. It's such a very different reaction than the starstruck admiration most people have of him in next gen fics, and I imagine this has something to do with him knowing about her involvement in the Cause? Or he was disapproving of James and Amelia's relationship (that I don't actually know happened, but I assume?) Or he's just really intimidating. Could be any of the above.


It's okay James, I thought that joke was funny too :P


V curious on the history between Auror Barrett and Amelia. That was such a frosty encounter that i swear it actually got colder in this room.


I live for this banter between James and Amelia as they're working on the runes.


That last scene was super interesting too because it's the first time I've seen Amelia kind of lose it like that, yelling at the security in the Ministry. I mean, the earlier scene in the chapter she kind of loses that icy exterior around James, but she still appears in control, whereas here she's making such a scene. I am even more curious now about what happened before and what Auror Barrett and Harry know about it. And how HArry will react to Amelia shouting about Peverells, or whether someone else will pick up on it?


This was a great chapter! I'm so impressed with how you're slowly unravelling this mystery, giving just enough so that I want to just devour the whole story in one afternoon because I'm really bad at waiting patiently :P

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Jaguar

Oh. Oh! Is it the Resurrection Stone? I thought it had something to do with the Hallows, but that would mean she stole the other two? What?!! And Harry LOST the Stone in the Forest. Oh my days, this is exciting!


Anyway, this was a great chapter. I really liked meeting Amelia's mother, she seems...delightful. At the end when she called for McGonagall was actually quite chilling - iike she is in control and manipulating the situation. So The Cause is an activist group then - that is very different to what I was expecting.


This was very interesting: "Am I in trouble, Professor?" I asked, wondering if I needed to put up a defense.

I thought that said quite a lot about Amelia. Maybe she's used to hiding behind a mask, or trying to avoid letting people in? i'm not sure, but either way, I can't wait to find out more about her.


You do a really great job of showing and not telling, which is fab. You're also really great at teasing plot rather than handing it out on a plate. I have no idea where this story is going to go and that is what makes this so addicting. Can't wait to read more!


Tasha :) Here for the November RvG x

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Final Hallow

One chapter in and I've already added this story to my favourites. I'm honestly surprised I've managed to pause reading chapter two so I can review this.


This is such an intriguing opening chapter. I liked the time jumps and Amelia seems very interesting. Firstly, because she used such a weird excuse to hide that she was doing exactly what James was doing in the kitchens. Like she didn't want to let her guard down, maybe? But also, she's a little bit sassy and I love that.


There is so many questions this chapter throws up even before I've thought about getting to know Amelia as a character though. What is The Cause? What was she sent and who by? Those closing paragraphs have me guessing...but I could be very wrong, so I'll leave my theories for later!


And James is dead? How can there be such a cruel twist half way through chapter one? I've never, ever seen this. Usually such a reveal is left for act 3... which must mean this is going to be an 'edge of my seat' kind of tale. He seems like a cheeky one as well, so I'll be sad if I don't get to know him.


I can't wait to read more of this!


Tasha :) 

For November RvG.



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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: A Place Not Far From Here

Hi Abby! Here with your requested review and for November RvG (woo Go Red)! Excited to be back and get started reading this chapter!


I love what you say in the end note about this being a quieter chapter but A LOT happens. Like, it's not super action packed at all, but there is so much in here that I feel is significant and it's even titled the same as the story! It defintiely seems to be some kind of turning point or like at least a significant shift in views or momentum for Amelia, in both her past and present.


The note from Amelia's mother is insane! I'm honestly not sure who I was expecting it to be from but I was surprised to find out it was from her! After leaning it was from her, the content doesn't surprise me at all. Especially the part about not warning Amelia off the blood runes! The lady is bonkers! Poor Amelia for dealing with all this right after almost dying!


I continue to adore the scenes with her and James. I love the scene where they're practicing dueling here and Amelia is just able to identify the something has changed but isn't able to put her finger on what. It's so wonderful watching her fall in love with him in the past timeline.


I hope Neville gave Amelia the kick she needed to get things together. She has defniitely been a bit reckless in her quest to find out what happened to James and needs to spend some time thinking about herself and what she needs to do. Neville was truly the perfect person to have this talk-he's got all the experience of losing a childhoood too early and he's definitely a great person to confide in. I'm glad he was able to bring some of Amelia's spark back out! I hope that she can keep it there and is able to use it to figure things out in a way that's more like herself and a little less reckless!


Another wonderful chapter Abby! Can't wait to see what happens with Amelia coming up. I believe her intenetions are good, but she's just lost herself a little, trying so hard to get what she's looking for! I'm curious to see what she thinks about herself!

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

You are such a tease! Harry and Amelia got so close to discussing what happened at the funeral! Some things were revealed: the duel, Amelia dueled, and that James was taken after the duel and that Amelia thinks it’s her fault. So officially, as far as Amelia and Harry know, James was taken, which implies that it was against his will. Unless that it was all an act. But I’m leaning away from that theory. 


I really liked the scene with Harry and Hermione and Amelia. I really like your voice for adult Harry and Hermione. And I’m really curious now, and Amelia touched on it, that it’s a huge deal because both Harry and Hermione left the international conference for this. It doesn’t look good. So the raid, the raid going wrong ish, and Amelia’s involvement is more important than than the international conference. Dang. I really really really want this chapter from Harry’s perspective. 


Amelia’s occlumency is really interesting. Who tried to read her mind? Why? Why now? Questions, so many questions.


And what was James wondering?????


For RvG November. Go GOLD!

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