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Name: danicasyer (Signed) · Date: 20 May 2018 05:49 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Not Entirely True Chapter: Truth Is Out


Can I just mention that before I get around to properly reviewing the story that I found this chapter really cute and also slightly surprising! Nonetheless I still enjoyed this story so far particularly this chapter!
Anyway, onward to the review!

The first thing I would like to point out is that I really loved how you wrote this story as a friendship story between Josh and his friend, Maddie! I loved that they were childhood and very close friends when they were younger but then they kind of never really hung out much until summer and they also had other friends. It was still nice how you made it realistic in that sense and while it can go one way or the other, I'm more happy they were able to maintain their friendship throughout which is something I enjoyed about this chapter.

Another thing that made me squeal with joy was probably the fact that while I felt the Wizarding World would have taken a place in the backseat for a bit that I loved how you kept the reader in the dark about where Josh and Maddie went to school. I knew Maddie probably went to normal school but Josh? I had no idea that he went to Hogwarts! I honestly thought it would of have been a normal boarding school at this point so it was great to see that it ended up that he gone to Hogwarts instead as that was an intriguing magical twist for me! xD

It was really lovely how you managed to. It's wonderful that despite Maddie's earlier disbelief was able to evaporate quickly and she accepted Josh as a wizard. What's more is hat I'm so glad that he was able to mention bringing her to the Quidditch World Cup! Ahhh who wouldn't want to go see a game of Quidditch? Definitely glad that he was able to get a job that lets him help organize the Quidditch World Cup! Also kudos for that awesome mention of Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter dating and how Josh admired Harry as his hero--enjoyed that moment a lot seeing as I love both characters as well as a huge shipper of those two as well! :P  I hope that Josh and Maddie get to meet both of them as well!

I read the introduction note about how this is your first story in english and I wanted to say that your english is lovely although I definitely understand your worry about writing a story in another language that isn't your first language since I can understand what that is like but I felt that you did such a great job with this story! 

I genuinely found the friendship between Maddie and Josh really cute and I'm glad that you were able to write about them being platonic friends so far although I don't know if you'll change your mind about it or not but I thought I'd mention that! I do admit that I kind of wish that we'll get to know or get to know them more soon though!

I really loved how you slightly mentioned Maddie's career with slight detail to it near the end to show that her job as a researcher wasn't doing much for her and a reason for her to go with Josh to the wizarding world: "Her job was to look for archived TV materials and newspapers that reporters needed for their daily footages"  and explained more about what she did so we get to know her character better since I had no idea what she did and the little quip between them about their jobs when they caught up as that sounds like a funny yet realistic conversation albeit the Quidditch and wizarding world aspect of it. 

Overall, this was a very lovely and cute chapter to read! I definitely cannot wait to read more of it soon!


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