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Story:The Madness of Magic Chapter: I Know Him

Hello again, Pix! Here's 3/5 prize reviews :) 


Alrighty well so I was very curious to see where the third and final chapter takes things, and I was pleasantly surprised! Somak the servant to an elderly, mentally failing King George, who also apparently happens to have magic?! AND TAKES THE LAST NAME SHACKLEBOLT FOR HIS ENGLISH NAME!?!? Pix you've outdone yourself here. Okay so the King takes various medications (magical and muggle, I'm assuming) to maintain the midmorning to midafternoon clarity he seems to have for official business. The Prime Minister here is a nice contrast to the Minister for Magic Artemisia Luftkin who runs her show with calm, cool logic to his fiery anger and quick judgement. I like how you've "made" King George go mad as well -- the combinations of various potions meant for various other conditions just has to end in a bad way. Something you did well too was intersperse the lyrics to the "I Know Him" song in a smooth way through King George's dialogue with others and with himself. The mass obliviation was written nicely as well, and I love the magic reveal that Somak has, along with the offer of a job with the British Ministry of Magic. Because then that's how we get Kingsley Shacklebolt in the future as Minister for Magic and I just love that you decided to form that connection!


As a whole, I quite enjoyed this story and honestly could not really tell the difference between the two of yours' writing styles very much at all because everything blended and flowed so smoothly together. This has me intrigued for more historical events that should get influenced by magical happenings (specifically MACUSA during this time) so I love that you really went for it for the FIc Fued contest and that you both had fun writing this! :)

~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:The Madness of Magic Chapter: What Comes Next?

Hey Pix, here for 2/5 prize reviews! (I thought this got posted like a month ago but I guess it didn't :( )

OKIE DOKIE SO I love Ms. Emily Rappaport -- she feels very much like Tina Goldstein from FBAWTFT does to me, which is great! She very much loves her job and wants to do the best she can. The little tinderbox as a communication device is ingenious here and makes sense for the time this story is set in. A DRAGON IN THE BATTLE OF YORKTOWN!? HECK YES!! Okay so dragons are always a plus for me (I love them so much) and this one just indiscriminately destroying the British fleet and a minimal amount of the French fleet just strikes me as perfect and also utterly hilarious since the British were the ones who had the dragon brought in in the first place. On that note, the antics that King George does are just phenomenal and so out of proportion with what's actually important that the comedy is good. THAT ENDING OMG! That was honestly totally unexpected, although I probably should have expected it considering that hundreds/thousands of muggles saw a huge dragon attacking a bunch of boats and everyone in the palace saw the hull of the HMS Terrible acting as a perch for the Ukranian Ironbelly dragon as well. Crowdy definitely was overstepping his duties to the King and 100% broke the Statute of Secrecy. Like, how stupid can you be, Minister?! Although I wasn't expecting it to be as violent as it was, but it also does make some sense because for the Wizarding community it is also probably wartime as well with their MACUSA counterparts as they try to interfere as little as possible while their British counterparts just blatantly have been flouting the Statute of Secrecy. I'm very curious to see how this ends and what the relationship will be like with the new Minister for Magic and King George. Great job as always on this one! :)

~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:The Madness of Magic Chapter: You'll Be Back

Hey Pix! Here for your prize reviews from my Soulmate AU challenge with 1/5! :)


Okay so my first impression right off the bat with the chapter titles was that you also loved Hamilton and had to pull those names from the King's songs so bless you for doing that because it gave me a good laugh! I also quite like the concept of the story because while it's known in canon that the muggle prime ministers met with the Minister for Magic during/before Harry's time, it's unknown how long prior they had these meetings. By throwing this meeting into King George III's era, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. Something else that I liked in the context of Hamilton was the way you wrote King George III's personality and inner monologue. It's ridiculous in the sense of it's a ridiculous situation to be in for him, with some random man proclaiming to be a minister of magic. 


Your creation of the Minister for Magic as Maximillian Crowdy, a proud Gryffindor who clearly did not want to have to have this meeting with King George III is a great character. His explanation of the British MoM and also that MACUSA has been a thing now for well over 80 years, before the British monarchy really had a hold on the US was well done. The outrage King George has is completely appropriate for a man of his station and who holds so much wealth in all of his various colonies. I also think you got the characterization of King George III right when he's thinking of ways to get the US colonies back under his control through the use of the wizards that live in secret there and also in Britain. It gives him dimension as more than a farce and shows that he does have a strong military mind, which is why he has been in power for so long. 


Overall, a great opening chapter to what I'm sure is a phenomenal three-part story. I really hope you have more Hamilton references in there!! :P

~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response:

Hey hey!!


This story doesn't get a lot of eyes, since it's not HP and all, but my partner and I had a great time writing it.  I'm glad you gave it a look-see.  Yes, those chapter titles came straight from the song.  King George was one of those monarchs who went mad, so we used that in context of the song, and tah dah.  This is what we came up with.  He seemed a little unhinged in the song, so knowing the history, it worked out well.


King George can't be all weird and still remain in power.  I'm glad you thought we balanced that in the fic.  I hope you get a chance to read the whole thing and give me your thoughts at the end.  


Thanks for the review!



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Story:The Madness of Magic Chapter: What Comes Next?

Hi, Pixi! I came from Gryffindor Review Tag. I couldn't resist stopping by when I noticed "a Dragon" on the summary!


Wow, you two wrote about the Muggle Colonial era and the wizards at that time. So exciting! I've written about the wars in Britain including France at Founders era, so I could learn a lot from your story!


So dynamic you let the dragon fire and vanquish the battleships, the American magical people must have been shocked to see the scene. I got excited when I read the spot. I guess the other huge magical animal or great power will be introduced from American side in the next chapter. It's ironical their aid (British magical power) ended in failure caused by (perhaps) French side. 


So spooky that the previous Minister of Magic seemed to be eliminated.

I like Emily's spyglass. I remembered your other story "Rabbit Hearts", Wren's magical camera.  :D



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Story:The Madness of Magic Chapter: You'll Be Back

I suspect he'll try to remind us of his love. Great use of the crossover plot point. This was really good.

Author's Response:

Yeah, I suspect that King George will try to remind the U.S. of his love, or more the lack of it. I'm glad you liked the chapter, and thanks for reviewing!


-Phoenix Potioneer

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