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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 20 Apr 2018 10:03 PM · [Report This]
Story:As the Days Go By Chapter: 1. Rock-A-Bye Baby



!!! Farmgirl! You have a prologue to From the Ashes?! Yay! How is it that I'm just finding out about it now? (ok well I guess the answer to that is a fortuitous moment of author page creeping. But anyway. Aah! I'm so excited to find a "new" chapter because I really missed reading about Sadie! :D

This is an adorable introductory chapter to Jenny. She acted like such an 11-year old with the comment about "why do you want another kid, what about me?" So, I think you did really well writing her very true to her age, and exactly how an eleven year old would react upon finding out they have to share their Mummy and Daddy with a sibling ;)

The age gap is good, too. It makes sense because Jenny isn't mentioned at all by James' friends later on - they wouldn't have known her that well if she was that much older. Also, I understand James' parents were not young when they had him, so the fact that he has a sister eleven years older than him fits perfectly into that.

Jenny was adorable at the end of this too, when she doesn't want to leave because she's afraid James will forget her! She got very attached in a short time :)

I really loved this look into the backgrounds of these characters, it's so much fun to get to know them, and adds a whole new level to Sadie's story. Great job!

Author's Response:

LOL! Yeah. I kinda sneaked this one in didn't I. And I haven't added to it in ages, but it's here, waiting for more background when I feel like putting it up. And sorry you are just finding out about it. It's hard to advertise the prologue to a story that isn't that popular anyway. hehehehe. But, feel free to creep away at my author page! Makes me feel kinda honored! And I'm sorry you've been missing reading about Sadie. I have the next chapter almost ready to go, I just can't post it until I catch up on review responses.

So, you really liked the introduction to Sadie's mother? Yes! I was worried people would be like "HEY, you can't give James a sister! That's blasphemous!" hehehehe. And it's double fun that you thought I made her age appropriate! I work with 11 year olds, but that doesn't mean that I understand their confusing brains. 

The age gap was important if I was going to pull this off. I needed a reason why James could have a sister that was never mentioned and not have it be weird. I didn't want her to be "lost" or "disowned" or anything like that. Just not really in HIS story. And yes, I was totally playing with the rumor that James' parents were much older when they had him.

Aw, thanks! It was fun writing for someone else again. And I wanted to show that Jenny did love her brother very much.

Thanks so much for sleuthing out this fic! It was so fun to get another surprise review from you. :) 

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