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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2019 07:58 PM · [Report This]
Story:Double Trouble Chapter: 2. All's Fair in Love and War

For the Magical Menagerie review event


Yay, Fred Weasley is totally still alive! I was super excited to check this out. I’m definitely going to have  to find the first chapter of this for some more fun reading. Your brief A/N at the beginning made it very  easy to just jump right into this story having not read the previous one. Anyway, so right from the  beginning of this you have written the Weasleys PERFECTLY, as no surprise to anyone anywhere. All of  the Weasleys, even Aunt Muriel who I can’t remember actually showing up in the books but if she did,  this is absolutely what I’d have expected she would be like. Also, bahaha I’m not even surprised to find  that Fred and George melted a sofa and subsequently got written out of Muriel’s will and that now she is threatening to do so again XD The dynamic between the twins and Muriel was just so much fun to read.


Of course Mrs Weasley has a lot of words to say about this. Her long list of complaints about no  guests/reception/what people will think/ whatever the matter is with Bill (unknown, but apparently Mrs  Weasley is upset about it :P ) and then hugging them because despite all the twins’ dramatics she is happy  for them, was so classic Mrs Weasley.


I love that the idea to do this prank surprise party/wedding was actually the girls’ idea. Even though they  don’t show up in the story much, it’s clear that they are good matches for the twins and I like them  already! 


This was such a fun story, I really enjoyed it! <3

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 27 Dec 2018 10:05 AM · [Report This]
Story:Double Trouble Chapter: 2. All's Fair in Love and War

Hi! I’m here from your holiday wishlist because I noticed this little guy had less than 2 reviews, so I figured I’d go ahead and rectify that. 


I haven’t read the first part of this (at least, not recently - I participated in this same writing collab when it happened ages ago, so I honestly might’ve read this back then, who knows), but I think you did a wonderful job explaining the premise and filling in the details so that the story still made sense as a standalone piece.


You’ve written both Fred and George wonderfully - their characterisation feels so on point, and I love how often they bounce off of each other in conversation. And, of course, Molly and Aunt Muriel were both written perfectly as well - these characters all felt super real and true to their canon characterisations.


A surprise wedding with Belly-Dancing House Elves sounds just like something that Fred and George would do, and the fact that their wives were the ones who came up with the idea is all the proof I need to know that these two girls are absolutely perfect for them.


And of course the cake would explode (and in Aunt Muriel’s face, no less) - I’d expect absolutely nothing less from our favourite pranksters.


This was such a cute, fun read - thanks for sharing this!



Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 11:54 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Double Trouble Chapter: 2. All's Fair in Love and War

Hi Jill! I'm here to leave a review for Quadpot (Match 3). 


I love Fred and George fics, and this one was so funny. You've done such great justice to the twins, who are honestly rather difficult to write! You nailed their sorta witty humor with their conversation with Aunt Muriel at the beginning of the chapter, and their quirkiness—how they refuse to bend to rules or conventions. I don't think belly dancing is so ridiculous at weddings, hehe, I'd love to make all the guests at my wedding belly dance :P I think that's wonderfully inventive and a bit bizzare and very Fred-and-George-y. And the pun! Perfectly in-character for our holey saint, George. 


The best part of this fic for me was how well you portrayed their dynamic. I'm a twin so I'm always a bit critical of depictions of the twins; of course, not all twins are the same, but there's a certain closeness that is universal in all twins, and I think that you've really captured that perfectly. I loved how Fred and George finished each other sentences, how they always seemed to know exactly what the other was thinking. 


Another little thing that I appreciated greatly: I like the Fred's middle name is Gideon and George's middle name is Fabian. I'm always fascinated by the relationship between Fred and George and Fabian and Gideon, and I think that's a cool and very IC way for Molly to pay tribute to her dear brothers.


Great job! This fic has left me smiling super widely, and I'd love to read the first installment! 

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