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Story:Put Your Guns Away, It's Tea Time Chapter: The Day Before



Ineke has been raving about this series on Twitter for ages. I read it on AO3, but I was SO excited to see it uploaded here! (Welcome to HPFT!!! And Hufflepuff!!!) 


Let me begin with the most important point: GINNY WEASLEY IS MY QUEEN


You write her SO well! I love her humor, and her absolutely steadfastness in her own identity. She's clever and emotionally intelligent and super tough and also compassionate and i love her so much. Thank you for this precious gift. 


Although, to be fair, you write every single character brilliantly. Harry reads incredibly close to canon, which I always find impressive because let's be real, the chosen one is hella intimidating to write. Same for Draco, who was believably the same boy from the books, but also beievably transformed. Lily's fierceness and total lack of subtly were a fun contrast wth Albus' reserved demeanor. 




How can the whole world not know that he fancies the pants off of Scorpius? It is so obvious, oh my god. They are too adorable. Even from the first scene it's pretty clear; they're very touchy and whenever Scorpius smiles Albus pretty much starts floating. But also you conveyed their obliviousness and I can't wait to see them realize their feelings.


Of course, I think Albus does know, kind of, but he's still denying it. And while that seems absurd when it's so obvious to me as the reader, I know it's true to life because I have been there. <3 And I think Ginny knows because, as mentioned, she is the QUEEN. 


The whole description of them spending the night as a family with Scorpius was so funny and adorable and I do not think I could love it more. The Patronous casting was really cute, AND ALBUS SUCCEEDED WHEN HE THOUGHT OF SCORPIUS BEING THERE WITH HIM I WONDER WHY <3333 


Rose better get out, is all I ca say, because I need these sappy, adorable, attractive fools together forever from right this second. 


But my favorite part. My favorite, favorite part. Is when Albus and Scorpius tell each other they're attractive. Oh my god my heart. It's so sweet. So tender and vulnerable and I am melting. 


I'm sorry this review is basically just me squeeing a lot but your characterization is so fab, and the relationships you create between the different characters - every single set of them - are tangible and perfect. I really need to read the rest of the series ASAP! <3


xoxo Renee

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Story:Put Your Guns Away, It's Tea Time Chapter: The Day Before


Hiii Rachel!




You know as well as I do that I have never left a proper review on any of the chapters in these series before (nor managed a coherent livereview for that matter), but the time has come (again) that I am going to try doing just that again! No clue if it finally will happen after over twenty re-reads, but let’s try anyway shall we?




Okay, so, the first thing that struck me with this (and keeps striking me to be honest), was how not only you manage to throw us right in the story, let us feel the confusion on Albus’ part straight away while acknowledging it might be his fault that he has no clue why Ginny is there, but also manage to describe the tension, setting in one go, as well as completely nailing Albus from the get go, despite only having gone out from the scripts at this point. I always find that sort of thing to be a true sign of absolute talent, not to mention a testament to how well you understand the characters. It’s really well done.




But it’s not only Albus you nail. From the moment Scorpius tries to break the tension and you describe how utterly opposite Draco and Ginny are by the way they sit and look, it also becomes clear that it’s them, like they jumped from the pages itself and just sit there. I can totally envision it, them sitting there, the bookcases in the background where Albus is going to go to in a moment (does it show that I know this chapter almost by heart?) and it’s so well done. Not to mention that Ginny’s comment about how she narrowly went for the Keeper’s blood, never fails to make me laugh out loud (and piss off my cat who’s sleeping on top of me) in the progress. Because Albus is totally wrong about that – Ginny is that funny.




It’s so relatable though, the feeling like you want to die, especially cause I can see how embarrassing it can be for Albus for Ginny to behave the way she does, even if I think it’s hilarious. And you know, we all know Draco’s flair for dramatics, so I’m not even surprised one bit that he looks constipated, honestly.




But through all these lines, as well as the one about Ginny responding that she won’t get those three days back, also truly shows her sense of humour – something that has always been portrayed well during the series. She’s witty, on her toes, and it really, truly shines through. But still, she can also be serious, and perspective, as shown as followed when she notices how Albus feels about Scorpius, but also with how she adresses Draco to get Scorpius to come along. Sure, she also tries, and fails, to relieve the tension by making jokes about Draco coming, but that also shows that she also is a human and that not everything works, not to mention that it also truly brings out both Ginny and Draco in a very good way.




The way Draco also struggles with the loss of Astoria, still, and how the events of Cursed Child have impacted him too show in how he wants to keep Scorpius with him. The past that is haunting them both still, despite freely talking about it in the prescence of the other when it matters, causing confusion and intrigue to arise in both Scorpius and Albus, really shows. It truly feels like you’re sitting with them, watching it unfold, eyes moving from one to the other, trying to follow it but also not wanting to intervene at the same time for fear it might backfire. It’s so well done. (Honestly I cannot stop singing the praises of this but then you already knew this so forgive me for it).




And Scorpius, finally relenting, trying to cheer his father up in a way only he can do, truly, the kind that breaks your heart and heals it at the same time, the way he makes you want to hug him and protect him from the world because he is just so pure. Honestly, I completely feel Draco here in wanting to keep him near me. No doubt about that.




What I have always wondered, though, is what undoubtedly made Draco change his mind about Scorpius going. Was it Scorpius willigness to stay behind and try and make him happy even if it meant sacrificing his own happiness? Or the convo that was held between then but where we never know what was said (though I really want to know. Is there any option to like ever tell me this??)? Regardless, it was a nice gesture and it really showed how far Draco is willing to go to make his son happy.




And then we have Ginny again. I will never not laugh at those Witch Weekly articles, even though I wonder why Ginny is wondering about the issue of tomorrow, while we find out in a bit that an article was already released. Did they throw out an emergency issue of Witch Weekly to discuss just that? It is interesting to think about, anyway.


Regardless, she does make an excellent point of having forgotten to tell some of the most finer details regarding all that they’ve been up to at school, because it was a hell lot.




Another thing that I’ve always wondered about – how come they live in Godric’s Hollow? Did they move there after CC? Because they did state that Albus had never been there. Still, it’s fun to see fanboy James in action (because I stand by my opinion that James and Harry are really competing for the number one fan of Ginny position), but in itself Harry’s comment that had been quoted was hilarious too. I can definitely see Harry saying that, the snark, the idea that whatever he says, Ginny is probably gonna do it anyway and that he loves seeing it happen in the process, and it’s just brilliant.




Albus being so moody so shows though. It is, in my opinion, a really good idea from how Sam portrayed his Albus (because Theo does do it differently) and it also clearly shows again how easily embarrased he is by his own family – something that is definitely so relatable for every teen about his age. It doesn’t help either that Ginny and Harry, as per ususal, have trouble keeping their hands off the other, or at least have trouble stopping to flirt and mind the people in the room, really. Or, at least, when it is in their own home, because that is truly a sickening thing to watch if you are a kid.




But of course Harry goes straight up ‘oh this is awkward’ while Ginny literally doesn’t give a damn about everything and just sits there like nothing’s happened. And then Lily who just freaks out and goes like bollocks on top of bollocks and I just cannot with that sentence because it keeps making me laugh. Especially because Harry is just sigh here we go again pls Lily watch your language I know you’re not gonna do it but still.




BUT THEN OF COURSE THEY CAN’T KEEP AWAY and it truly shows how little Scorpius ever noticed about PDA and Albus just sits there like: oh god why is this happening I don’t want to explain this like ever why is this my life.




The way the rooms are decorated also truly shows the difference between the Malfoys and the Potters. Potters are all about coziness and who cares if stuff is mismatched it has to feel like home, whereas the Malfoys have their rooms decorated to show their status and money. Like a front they have to continuously uphold, even in the comforts of their own home.




And then there is dinner. It truly shows everyone’s personalities as well, with the DADA talking and Ginny of course talking about Quidditch, but it also showcases their personality so well with how they react to one another, especially when Harry steps in to sort of defend Ginny’s honor even if she can manage to do so herself. It’s like: nobody insults Ginny when I’m near. Possessive, in a way.


But then there is also his insecurity, especially when it comes to Albus and his opinions, and it truly is heartwarming to see how happy he gets from the compliments about his treacle tart. It makes me want to hug them both and tell them with pride how far they’ve gotten and how well they’re doing right now.




Another thing that forever surprises me is why Harry and Ginny didn’t go flying together, though that probably has a lot to do with Scorpius, but why Ginny also joined like an hour later.


But Harry has such a soft spot for Lily too, in the way he relents after Lily basically guilt tripped him, though Ginny gives a briljant ultimatum which constantly leaves Harry uncomfortable and Ginny more and more irritated as they go on. It also truly shows how Ginny is a lot like her mum at times, and how she doesn’t agree with everything and is sometimes truly, if not most of the time anyway, the most responsible and least reckless of the lot.




Lily being the most annoyed of them all truly shows how much she wants to shine and how much she wants to be powerful and decide things herself, even then, and even if it isn’t responsible with it at times. But it also shows her determination that she’s got a lion for a patronus (honestly how did you decide on all of them, anyway, especially since an elk isn’t the animal most people think about at any given time?). Plus the fact that both Scorpius and Albus got a bird probably shows how compatible they both are.




I also like to add that it’s truly a testament to how oblivious Albus is that he doesn’t realise what Scorpius feels for him with the entire conversation of how beautiful the other is. Honestly, it may be me, but that’s not a general conversation I ever heard males talk about before unless they were queer. But, y’know, whether that’s true or not I’ll leave up in the air.




Anyway! I hope this is coherent enough and trust me when I say that reviews on the other chapters will follow as soon as I can get a bit more coherent about those too!




And another welcome to this site, really!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!! Honestly your livereviews are a blessing so this was like a cherry on top!! Pretend a heart is here, I'm afraid the website will get angry at me if I try to do a heart (on AO3 it will cut off your comment if you use the little arrow to make a heart...I think it messes with the html lmao). 

ANYWAY I'm going to try and respond to your questions!! I've forgotten loads since I first wrote this tbh but I do have answers to some of them! 

1. They're in Godric's Hollow because I made a mistake lmao I forgot that he said in the play he'd never been there until I'd already chosen Godric's Hollow. I think I went back in PYCIR and tried to fix it by saying they live in a little community outside of GH but I can't remember...I'm going to go check!! "Scorpius could see the quaint warmth of Godric’s Hollow twinkling just ahead. The pub they’d frequented nearly every week the past month was still a hub of activity, with blurry shapes entering and exiting the wooden doors at a surprising rate for such a small village. The Den wasn’t strictly part of it; it existed on the far outskirts, isolated in the stretch between Godric’s Hollow and a neighboring village, but it was close enough to be the easiest address. And, luckily, close enough that he and Albus could frequent it often." -- so I tried to backtrack and fix it a bit while still staying consistent with PYGAITT but the damage had already been done lmao

2. Draco ultimately changed his mind about the trip when he saw how much Scorpius desperately wanted to go and saw that he was willing to sacrifice his own happiness for Draco's. Draco didn't want his son to be unhappy on his behalf. 

3. Re: the nightly broom ride that Harry skips-- I had him sit it out to show how much he wanted to talk and spend time with Albus and Scorpius! Ginny joins their convo after she's done flying because, well, she wanted to be part of it rather than just go off to bed whilst everybody else was bonding :)

4. I don't remember why I ultimately chose the patronuses I chose tbh-- I know I spent a lot of time on animal symbolism pages to come up with Scorpius's and Albus's, and I knew I wanted theirs to be similiar but not identical (which is why they both have birds), but I can't remember what made me choose a sparrow etc. specifically. I chose an elk because I wanted James's to be similiar to Harry's and the first James's, but not the same, and I liked the fact that elk are uncommon. And Lily was just always going to be a lion, though in retrospect, I wish I'd chosen a dragon! I liked her having a 'masculine' patronus, too, with the male lion and not a lioness. 

5. Re: Albus and Scorpius's convo about being beautiful and Albus's 'obliviousness'-- he's not so much oblivious as in denial. He doesn't think he's worthy of being fancied so he doesn't even let himself consider it! 

Thank you for the lovely review, all your help, and all your support!! 

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