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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 13 Aug 2018 05:17 PM · For: That Voice of His



I've always held at least a bit of sympathy towards Narcissa -- it always feels like she's very much forced into situations that she doesn't necessarily want to be in due to her blood-status and marriage. So, it makes perfect sense to me that she would have to bury her emotions when she was forced to bear witness to Charity Burbage's murder. I really appreciated that you showed her 'weakness' (or, in reality, a very normal reaction to having witnessed such a grisly scene) once she thought she was alone.


I love the angle you played with this, having Yaxley find her in a moment of distress while Lucius is holed up with embarrassment. Plus with the very real possibility of Lucius being killed during this time, it completely makes sense that Yaxley would play on that fear. Narcissa would then be alone, which would put her in an incredibly vulnerable situation. 


That in tandem with his previous kind advances toward her completely validates his angle at this point of the story. He seems to really care about her, like he's waiting out their marriage until he might be finally able to make her his wife. So, it's actually a really sweet moment when he tells her that he won't let anything happen to her and attempts to comfort her. It strangely makes me sympathize with Yaxley, which I never thought I would do.


Anyway, this was really nice to read -- it put a whole new spin on Yaxley for me! 


(Reviewed for Match One of the Quadpot Challenge | Theme: Infidelity)





Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 12:33 PM · For: That Voice of His

Quodpot Match 1 - Friends to Lovers

oh, such an interesting concept - narcissa cheating (or at least thinking about cheating) on lucius! i admit i never really gave that idea much thought, she always seemed to me too dedicated to her family to even think about cheating. but it's totally understandable with how lucius ended up being/behaving.

the little backstory you gave about yaxley and her was enough for me to ship them. the way he held her and the way you described narcissa's reaction to was short but it really gave us insight into both of their feelings. i almost wished it ended differently, especially since lucius ended up a coward :P

but that would be out of character for naricssa, though i had a fleeting image running through my mind of yaxley murdering lucius and the two of them running away together, though obviously the way you wrote him and his personality would never allow for that.

it's always lovely to read about death eaters having another side to them - i love characters who are not black and white, you know? in real life everything is grey anyway so it makes sense in stories as well. maybe george rr martin ruined me and i can't really relate to characters who are absolutely good or absolutely bad? thw world doesn't work in absolutes.

i enjoyed reading this and i think you did a great job of both entertaining the idea of cheating but not actually acting upon it though still showing us how the story might've played out differently!


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